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Scala Tops Indivis Yearbook’s Rankings as the Leading Digital Signage Software Company

Scala, a US-based company and a leading provider of digital signage software, proudly announces its position as the top-ranking company in the industry, according to the highly anticipated annual rankings by Indivis Yearbook. With more than one million licenses worldwide, Scala solidifies its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction.

The Indivis Yearbook, a renowned publication specializing in technology and software evaluations, will soon release its official rankings of digital signage software companies. However, a pre-release report shared by Scala has already positioned them as the clear frontrunner.

Indivis Yearbook shot as posted by Scala

In a closely contested race, Magicinfo software from Samsung secured the second position, while Uniguest, a trusted provider of interactive guest engagement solutions, earned the third spot due to their dedication to delivering seamless experiences and strong market presence.

Navori Labs, a Switzerland-based company specializing in advanced digital signage software, claimed the fourth place, driven by their focus on cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions. Poppulo by Four Winds Interactive secured the fifth position, recognized for their captivating digital signage solutions and commitment to driving customer engagement.

Furthermore, LG CMS Cloud earned the sixth position, highlighting their dedication to delivering cloud-based digital signage solutions that enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.

More details on The Indivis Yearbook, including comprehensive rankings and additional insights, will be announced shortly, providing a deeper understanding of the industry landscape and showcasing the exceptional achievements of these leading digital signage software companies.

IBASE Launches Robust Fanless 5G Digital Signage Player for Outdoor Environments

Taipei, Taiwan – IBASE Technology Inc. (TPEx: 8050), a leading provider of industrial computers and digital signage players, is pleased to announce the launch of the SE-603-N outdoor digital signage player. Engineered with cutting-edge features, this player combines the power of 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with exceptional performance, reliability, and security, enabling seamless 4K media playback on up to three independent displays.

The SE-603-N offers a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including M.2 E-Key (2230) for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or capture card options, and M.2 B-Key (3052) for 5G connectivity. With Intel® processor integrated graphics, the player delivers high-quality graphics content and supports HDMI 2.0, DVI-D, and DP (DP++) outputs, allowing for flexible display configurations.

Designed to ensure maximum security and reliability, the SE-603-N features TPM 2.0, vPro, and a watchdog timer. Its fanless design enables silent operation, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments. Additionally, it can withstand a wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C, making it suitable for use in various rugged environments.

Equipped with iSMART energy-saving and Observer remote monitoring technologies, the SE-603-N provides convenient power on/off scheduling, power resumption, and remote management functions. It also supports OOB (Out-of-Band) capabilities, allowing flexible remote device management and reducing maintenance costs for computers that cannot access the operating system over the network. The PDPC functionality enables control of peripheral device power, ensuring smooth operation of external devices. The SE-603-N signage player is available now.

Key Features of the SE-603-N:

  • iSMART intelligent energy-saving & Observer remote monitoring technologies
  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ / Celeron® U-Series Processors
  • 2x DDR4-3200 SO-DIMM, dual channel, Max. 64GB
  • Intel® Processor integrated graphics device
  • Supports OOB (Out-of-Band) and PDPC (Peripheral Device Power Control) functions
  • 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x DVI-D, 1x DP (supports DP++)
  • 1x M.2 E-Key (2230) for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or capture card options
  • 1x M.2 B-Key (3052) for 5G options
  • TPM 2.0, vPro, and watchdog timer
  • Wide-range operating temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
  • Ruggedized, fanless, and all-solid-state design

Reference: will show its digital signage platform on iiyama’s booth at DSS Europe 2023


Barcelona –, the Barcelona-based technology company, is excited to announce its participation at Digital Signage Summit Europe 2023 (DSS Europe), where it will showcase its innovative digital signage software platform in collaboration with its partner, iiyama. The event, organized by ISE and Invidis Consulting, will take place in Munich, Germany on July 5-6.

As a leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home industry, DSS Europe provides the perfect platform for to demonstrate the usability, engagement, and interactivity of its acclaimed digital signage solution. Visitors can find at the booth of its partner, iiyama (#15), where they will experience iiyama’s All-in-one Solution digital signage screens, renowned for their effectiveness in various sectors including retail, hospitality, education, entertainment, health, and corporate environments.

The integrated solution eliminates the need for external players and offers numerous benefits, including screen segmentation for improved display productivity, the creation of video walls, menu boards, and mega banners to produce captivating effects, as well as audience interaction through IoT technologies such as sensors, NFC, QR codes, and cameras.

Furthermore, attendees at DSS Europe 2023 will have the opportunity to witness the power of’s platform through its popular feature, applets. These HTML5 applications deliver unique, interactive, animated, dynamic, and customizable content on the digital signage screens.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partner, iiyama, for their unwavering support and trust in our digital signage platform,” said Toni Viñals, CEO of “We warmly invite all visitors to explore the technological advancements of our software, which enables seamless audience interaction, including tactile screens, IoT devices, and AI analytical functions.”

Join and iiyama at DSS Europe 2023 to witness the future of digital signage. Visit booth #15 to experience their cutting-edge solutions firsthand.


Laab Architects Revolutionizes Connect Hall at Hong Kong Stock Exchange with Dynamic Digital Screens


Hong Kong – Laab Architects, a pioneering architectural firm, has unveiled its groundbreaking redesign of the Connect Hall at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, emphasizing the transformative power of digital screens and visionary design concepts.

In today’s digital era, an exchange extends far beyond physical trading floors, necessitating efficient global information dissemination. Recognizing this paradigm shift, Laab Architects has conceived a new Connect Hall that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art digital screens and captivating digital signage alongside innovative room configurations.

At the heart of the redesigned Connect Hall is an auditorium boasting a captivating visual experience. Anchoring this space is a vast LED wall, meticulously embedded between navy blue wall tiles, which showcases a mesmerizing array of high-resolution animations. The LED wall, consisting of over 20,000 pixels, offers a canvas for renowned calligraphy master Wah Gor from Hong Kong, who brings digitized Chinese calligraphy to life. Moreover, the LED wall serves as a dynamic platform for displaying real-time stock market information, ensuring seamless global connectivity.

Adjacent to the auditorium, the Connect Hall features an array of pocket rooms with gracefully curved walls, ingeniously optimized for versatility. These rooms are designed to host various events, including press conferences, ensuring an engaging experience for participants. The curved walls not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also enhance acoustic quality, enabling multiple events to take place simultaneously without interference.

Laab Architects’ commitment to digital innovation extends beyond the auditorium and pocket rooms. The entrance foyer welcomes visitors with a captivating digital experience, as a stock ticker wraps around the space, keeping guests informed with the latest market updates. A curved mirrored ceiling adorned with shimmering lights creates an enchanting ambiance, captivating the imagination of all who enter.

The completion of the Connect Hall redesign project represents a remarkable achievement for Laab Architects. Collaborating closely with AEC as the acoustic and AV consultant, and Isomatrix as the lighting consultant, the project showcases Laab Architects’ commitment to reimagining spaces with cutting-edge technology and captivating digital screens.


GoodNews Coffee Enhances In-Store Experience with Digital Signage Platform


The Grab&Go coffee shop chain digitizes its stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris to offer a 360º experience to its customers

Madrid, Barcelona, Paris

GoodNews Coffee, a pioneering Spanish startup, has revolutionized its in-store Point of Sale (POS) systems in Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris by partnering with, a leading provider of digital signage solutions.

Recognizing the preferences of its primarily young customer base, who are well-acquainted with cutting-edge technologies, GoodNews Coffee was determined to digitize its stores as a major transformative step. Jan Barthe, CEO of GoodNews Coffee, explains, “Our target audience is mainly young people, who have grown up with new technologies and their adaptations, so it was clear to us that digitizing our stores had to be one of our big changes.”

After careful evaluation, GoodNews Coffee selected the digital signage platform to replace its traditional illuminated menu signs with a more interactive and visually captivating system. Barthe highlights the seamless communication and perfect synergy between the two brands, stating, “We chose because it met all the requirements we had according to our needs and, from the beginning, the communication was very simple and easy, so we saw that the match between the two brands was perfect.”

To facilitate this transformation, GoodNews Coffee has integrated multiple LCD monitors managed by the powerful software into its Points of Sale. This empowers the company to effortlessly showcase menu boards, creative visuals, and engaging marketing campaigns. Barthe commends the intuitive nature of the platform, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the inclusion of previews that allow content review before deployment. He adds, “We would also highlight the user interface and the response time/speed when uploading content. The training provided at the beginning was more than enough for us to get to grips with the application.”

The digitization efforts undertaken by GoodNews Coffee have significantly enhanced the overall in-store experience for its valued customers. The visually appealing and easy-to-read digital menu surpasses the limitations of traditional signs. Moreover, the platform enables GoodNews Coffee to deliver captivating video communications that highlight new product launches and surprise customers with time-sensitive flash promotions. Barthe enthuses, “This digitization improves the whole in-store experience for our customers; in the end, we’ve made our menu more readable and much more visual than the signs we had before.”

Additionally, the digitalization initiative has resulted in a remarkable return on investment for GoodNews Coffee, with increased turnover observed across all Points of Sale since the implementation of the digital signage solution. Encouraged by these positive outcomes, GoodNews Coffee is expanding its footprint by opening new stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam, where it will continue its successful partnership with

Toni Viñals, CEO of, expresses sincere appreciation to the GoodNews Coffee team for placing their trust in their innovative platform for digitalization. Viñals states, “We are proud that a young and modern company has recognized the potential of digital signage to enrich their premises with dynamic and attractive visual content that helps them to engage and interact with their audience through any type of screen.”


MOTUM and Sharp/NEC Partner to Create Groundbreaking 3D Movement Analysis Laboratory

Neu-Rum, Austria – MOTUM, the Human Performance Institute, has revolutionized the field of movement analysis with its state-of-the-art biomechanical laboratory. In collaboration with Sharp/NEC, MOTUM has implemented cutting-edge LED technology to develop a groundbreaking 3D visualization solution. This partnership has resulted in a showcase project that combines innovation, precision, and excellence in the realm of diagnostics, movement analysis, and performance optimization.

MOTUM is renowned for its commitment to research, development, and delivering exceptional services. By working closely with trauma surgeons and sports therapy experts, MOTUM provides top-tier advice to elite athletes in disciplines such as football and golf.

The primary challenge for MOTUM was to create a large-scale, three-dimensional visualization system that accurately captured athletes’ movements in real time. The institute’s goal was to replicate real-life game scenarios and external focus situations, enabling the analysis and optimization of authentic movement sequences. Dr. Gerda Strutzenberger, Head of Lab and Scientific Lead at MOTUM, emphasized the importance of building a laboratory closely resembling the field for accurate results.

To address this challenge, MOTUM sought expertise in technology and partnered with Gendo GmbH and Sharp/NEC. Oliver Bauer, Regional Sales Manager Austria at Sharp/NEC, acknowledged the extensive demands of MOTUM’s application scenario and the need for a comprehensive visualization solution that effectively presented biomechanical data.

The solution emerged through the selection of NEC LED FE series (1.9 mm pixel pitch) screens. These LED walls offer vibrant colors, exceptional brightness, wide viewing angles, and scalability to adapt to any space. The slim and attractive design aligns perfectly with MOTUM’s modern goals. With a service life of up to 100,000 hours, the FE series guarantees long-term durability and efficiency. The modular design facilitates quick and easy replacement of damaged pixel cards.

MOTUM’s 5×3-meter LED wall in the laboratory has become a centerpiece and a captivating focal point. The implementation of Mixed Reality technology enables the visualization of 3D diagnostics, movement analysis, and performance optimization. Additionally, MOTUM has explored other sub-projects utilizing Sharp/NEC visualization solutions, including the development of a separate golf area for swing analysis.

Stefan Mair, Managing Partner at MOTUM, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, highlighting the project’s pioneering nature and the creation of an industry showcase. The successful management of this complex project, involving multiple stakeholders and international partners, amid the challenges of the pandemic, has been attributed to the outstanding coordination provided by Gendo.

The MOTUM and Sharp/NEC partnership has propelled the field of movement analysis to new heights. Through innovative LED technology and a commitment to excellence, MOTUM continues to empower athletes, help individuals achieve optimal movement, and prevent injuries, ultimately contributing to enhanced performance.


World-first Audio Experience at Danang Fireworks Festival Unveiled With Cinewav


Da Nang, Vietnam – The 2023 Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2023) has returned after a three-year hiatus, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. Sun Group, the main sponsor, has partnered with Global 2000 International to introduce a groundbreaking audio experience in collaboration with Cinewav. For the first time at an international fireworks festival, spectators throughout Da Nang can enjoy high-quality synchronized audio through their smartphones, enhancing their experience of the dazzling fireworks displays.

DIFF 2023, held from June 2 to July 8, offers visitors the opportunity to download the Cinewav app and access the audio ticket for each scheduled firework event free of charge. By simply pressing ‘Play’ and using their earphones or headphones, audiences can immerse themselves in a clear and captivating soundtrack that perfectly complements the visual spectacle.

Mrs. Pham Tu Cau, Vice President and CEO at Sun Group Central Vietnam, Executive Office of Central Region, expressed her excitement about this new addition to DIFF 2023, stating, “Cinewav is a game-changer for large-scale events. It will provide visitors with a new and exhilarating experience while showcasing international talent, attracting tourists, and promoting the local economy and businesses.”

Nadia Shakira Wong, the managing director of Global 2000 International, emphasized the festival’s record-breaking fireworks designs and innovation, making DIFF 2023 a must-see event. The theme “Light Up a Borderless World” sets the stage for spectacular displays by the world’s top pyrotechnic teams, including local and international participants. Each team creates awe-inspiring fireworks choreographed to bespoke melodies and soundtracks, evoking strong emotions and wonder among the audience.

Andrew Howard, Director of Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics from Australia, described the profound impact of synchronized audio on the fireworks experience, stating, “Cinewav ensures that a broader audience can tune into the music soundtrack and enjoy the powerful music scores alongside our mesmerizing pyrotechnic displays.”

With Cinewav’s innovative technology, DIFF 2023 breaks barriers by offering a city-wide audio experience, allowing spectators to enjoy the magic of synchronized fireworks and music throughout Da Nang. The festival extends beyond the fireworks displays, featuring a range of cultural programs such as the Danang Electronic Carnival, an online beauty photo contest, M-Pack Carnival, and a street food program.

For more information about DIFF 2023 and to download the Cinewav app, please visit the festival’s official website.

Rise Vision Wins “Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year” in 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards


Rise Vision, a leading provider of digital signage solutions for educational institutions, has been honored with the prestigious “Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year” award in the 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. The recognition highlights Rise Vision’s commitment to enhancing school safety through its innovative audiovisual technology.

Rise Vision’s groundbreaking audio experience was unveiled at the Danang Fireworks Festival, marking a world-first integration of audio with a fireworks display. The synchronized audio, powered by Cinewav, enabled spectators throughout Danang to enjoy a captivating soundtrack in perfect harmony with the mesmerizing fireworks.

In addition to this audio innovation, Rise Vision has implemented a Classroom Alerts feature that seamlessly integrates with emergency management systems such as CrisisGo, Singlewire InformaCast, Share911, and Runva. This integration ensures that in the event of an emergency alert, the display automatically switches from a teaching tool to broadcast the emergency message, providing students and staff with crucial response time.

James Johnson, managing director of EdTech Breakthrough, commented, “Rise Vision’s digital signage offers a powerful tool for enhancing school safety. By delivering clear content, vivid imagery, and multimedia presentations, Rise Vision enables campuses to effectively communicate emergency information and improve response times. We are proud to recognize Rise Vision as the Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year.”

The EdTech Breakthrough Awards aim to honor excellence and innovation in various educational technology categories. This year’s program received over 2,400 nominations from more than 16 countries worldwide, highlighting Rise Vision’s exceptional achievement.

Brian Loosbrock, CEO of Rise Vision, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, “Being named the ‘Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year’ by EdTech Breakthrough is a testament to our dedication to school safety. Our digital signage technology plays a crucial role in communication and the efficiency of emergency alert systems. By leveraging digital signage to disseminate essential emergency information, we can help reduce response time and ultimately save lives.”


JCDecaux Makes Grand Entrance into Kuwait with Exclusive Jazeera Airways T5 Contract


KUWAIT CITY – JCDecaux, the global leader in outdoor advertising, has officially marked its entry into the Kuwaiti market with an exclusive advertising contract for Jazeera Airways Terminal 5 (T5). The commencement of this commercial partnership to redefine advertising at T5, Kuwait’s premier low-cost airline hub, while elevating the passenger experience to new heights.

Jazeera Airways Terminal 5: A Pinnacle of Private Airline Success

Terminal 5, inaugurated in 2018, stands as a testament to Jazeera Airways’ pioneering spirit. It is the first terminal in the region to be wholly owned, constructed, and operated by a private airline. Since its inception, Jazeera Airways has achieved remarkable milestones, experiencing exponential growth in both its network and passenger traffic. In just a few years, the airline expanded its reach to include 68 new routes and carried over 10 million passengers, witnessing a staggering surge from 1.8 million passengers in 2018 to 3.6 million in 2022.

Undoubtedly, Jazeera Airways is committed to revolutionizing the aviation market in Kuwait. Their ambitious plans include doubling their fleet and extending service to more than 80 cities by 2026, signaling a bold and promising future for the airline.

2023: A Year of Skyrocketing Traffic for Jazeera Airways

In 2023, Jazeera Airways continues its impressive journey, with passenger traffic projected to soar to a remarkable 4.8 million. This staggering growth has positioned the airline as a key player in Kuwait’s aviation landscape, presenting a golden opportunity for industry leaders like JCDecaux.

JCDecaux: Bringing Premium Advertising to Terminal 5

JCDecaux, the world’s leading outdoor advertising company, is uniquely poised to make a significant impact at Jazeera Airways Terminal 5. With its rich experience and global footprint, JCDecaux offers premium advertising solutions to brands looking to connect with their target audiences.

Currently, JCDecaux boasts 116 media assets strategically positioned throughout the terminal, including captivating digital screens and iconic static locations. These prime advertising spaces provide brands with the perfect opportunity to engage their ideal customer base and create a lasting impression.

In a rapidly growing market like Kuwait’s aviation sector, JCDecaux’s arrival signifies a new era in advertising at Terminal 5. This exclusive contract with Jazeera Airways paves the way for innovative and visually stunning campaigns that will undoubtedly capture the attention of passengers and create memorable experiences.

As Jazeera Airways’ visionary plans unfold, JCDecaux stands as a steadfast partner, ready to support the airline’s journey towards transforming Kuwait’s air travel market. With the power of outdoor advertising, brands now have an unparalleled opportunity to shine in the vibrant and dynamic environment of Terminal 5.

JCDecaux’s arrival in Kuwait is a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional advertising solutions across the globe, ensuring brands leave an indelible mark on their target audiences.
For more info visit:

Vivid Sydney 2023 Shines Bright with Barco UDM-4K30 Laser Projectors

Sydney, Australia – Vivid Sydney 2023, the renowned festival of light, music, and ideas, presents a world-first deployment of Barco UDM-4K30 laser projectors, creating an unparalleled visual experience. TDC, a leading provider of visual technology solutions, has mounted over 150 state-of-the-art laser projectors throughout the festival, marking the largest installation of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The festival showcases the Beauty of our Natural World through visually stunning artworks displayed on iconic landmarks such as the HMAS Vampire, Customs House, ASN Clocktower, and the Sydney Opera House. Powered by Barco’s cutting-edge technology, the 30 UDM-4K30 laser projectors deliver pristine pixel perfection, immersing visitors in a world of vibrant visuals.

Michael Hassett, Founder & Managing Director at TDC, expressed his excitement about achieving a world-first in laser projection, stating, “Barco’s technology offers exceptional brightness, low latency processing, and a robust design. It is the only projection system that meets our stringent requirements for color uniformity and return on investment. We are delighted to see our operational suggestions incorporated into the UDM-4K30, making Vivid Sydney the first showcase of its capabilities.”

Gill Minervini, Vivid Sydney Festival Director, emphasized the festival’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience by partnering with technology experts like TDC. She commented, “Experiencing the vibrancy and fragility of our natural world is of utmost importance, and we are thrilled that visitors can now immerse themselves in the artworks at a deeper level than ever before.”

TDC has achieved remarkable milestones at Vivid Sydney 2023, demonstrating the scale and excellence of their video solutions and design:

  • Over 3.5 million lumens of projected light illuminate the festival each evening.
  • Unprecedented levels of projection generate a staggering 1 billion total pixels each evening, surpassing the 230 million pixels achieved in 2022.
  • Projection coverage has increased by over 25% while consuming less power compared to 2022, saving over 150 kilowatts per hour (kWh), equivalent to the average consumption of an Australian household.
  • As an early adopter of clean energy solutions, TDC recently installed a 100 kW solar system at its Sydney head office in Alexandria.


aFX Global Unveils Immersive Soundscapes in Dali’s Masterpiece


Sydney, Australia – aFX Global, a leading provider of immersive audio experiences, captivates audiences with the mesmerizing sounds of Dali’s iconic masterpiece, The Persistence of Memory.

DALÍ ALIVE, an extraordinary journey into the world of art, transports visitors into the surreal and imaginative realm of Salvador Dalí, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

Presented by Grande Experiences, Australia, in collaboration with The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, DALÍ ALIVE is an immersive exhibition spanning over 13,000 square feet. Featuring floor-to-ceiling projections and two-story high digital galleries, the exhibition incorporates groundbreaking spatial audio technology and content curated by aFX Global, renowned for their expertise in immersive audio.

Des O’Neill, co-founder and sound designer at aFX Global, describes the soundscapes in DALÍ ALIVE as vibrant and vivid, mirroring the intensity of the artwork. O’Neill explains, “Our goal was to create custom spatial audio for each surface and curate an evocative musical score that harmonizes with the stunning visuals. Through close collaboration with Grande’s creative team and leveraging the innovative technology developed for previous projects like the flagship LUME Melbourne, we were able to showcase the remarkable possibilities of integrating immersive spatial audio systems with art masterpieces. The result is a breathtaking fusion of color, motion, and memory that exemplifies our capabilities.”

To ensure a seamless technical execution, aFX Global provided consultation on system design and selected Barco IOSONOinside software, along with a hardware solution that connected dozens of speakers in a spatial audio loudspeaker array.

DALÍ ALIVE premiered globally in October 2022, offering visitors a remarkable glimpse into Dalí’s life, from his formative years in Spain to his profound influence on Surrealism and American culture. The traveling exhibition delves into Dalí’s ongoing quest for self-expression and his struggle to confront mortality, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.


TDC wins Best Technical Achievement Award


Sydney, Australia – TDC – Technical Direction Company, a leading technology solutions provider, has been honored with the esteemed Best Technical Achievement Award for their exceptional work on Vivid Sydney 2022. The award was presented at the Australian Event Awards 2022, held in-person aboard The Jackson luxury superyacht in Darling Harbour, Sydney on Wednesday, 23 November 2022.

The Australian Event Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the events industry, recognizing outstanding contributions and advancements. TDC’s remarkable achievement not only included winning the Best Technical Achievement Award but also earning the distinction of a National Nominee for Best Achievement in Marketing or Communication. Furthermore, TDC’s cutting-edge TDC LiveView real-time out-of-home city-wide digital signage and monitoring system was acknowledged as a National Nominee for Best Innovation, New Product, or New Service. This marked the second consecutive year that TDC received recognition as a National Nominee at the Australian Event Awards, with this year being their triumphant win!

Distinguished judges of the Australian Event Awards commented, “The innovation and delivery by TDC to enhance this event was first class… The new laser technologies really lifted the color and resolution of the displays this year, and it’s fabulous to hear that this has been achieved with a reduction in energy consumption. The technical achievements were multiple and excellent. Congratulations on a fabulous event.”

In their monumental effort for Vivid Sydney 2022, TDC delivered an unprecedented array of cutting-edge technology. This included large-scale laser projection mapping, LED screens, wayfinding solutions, and their super-powered custom-built media server technology. These advancements facilitated the seamless integration of over 27 visually stunning installations and projection artworks throughout Sydney.

“For eleven years, TDC has partnered with Destination NSW to bring Vivid Sydney to life. It’s a continually evolving production, and we remain committed to innovation,” stated Michael Hassett, Founder and Managing Director at TDC.

Every Pixel Matters to Us

A team of thirty dedicated and talented TDC crew members worked tirelessly on every technical aspect, from conceptualization to completion. “Each TDC team member takes pride in their contribution, as they strive to create a remarkable event year after year. The Australian Event Award holds great significance for us, as it recognizes our dedication and achievements. We were privileged to be amongst a prestigious lineup of shortlisted nominees and award winners,” added Michael Hassett.

TDC’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled technical excellence has solidified their position as a leading force in the events industry. Their outstanding achievements at the Australian Event Awards 2022 serve as a testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation.

Video highlights:

IBASE Shines with Six Consecutive Wins at the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Taipei, Taiwan. – IBASE Technology Inc. (TPEx: 8050), a global leader in industrial computers and embedded systems, has once again emerged victorious, claiming two prestigious awards at the 31st Taiwan Excellence Awards. This remarkable achievement marks IBASE’s sixth consecutive year of securing the esteemed accolades, bringing their total Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products to an impressive 24. Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) under the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taiwan Excellence Award is a rigorously assessed honor that considers various criteria such as research and development, design, quality, marketing, and Taiwan production. Among thousands of competing products, a total of 186 companies and 348 products were recognized, with ICT products leading the field at 42.3% followed by machinery and components at 23.6%.

IBASE’s consistent success can be attributed to their comprehensive product lines, robust R&D capabilities, and swift new product development. With over two decades of industry experience and expertise, IBASE has established a foundation of innovative core technologies. The two award-winning products are the MPPC1201PC Fanless IP65 12.1″ Railway Panel PC and the SE-103-N 3x 4K Outdoor Slim Fanless Digital Signage Player. The MPPC1201PC, powered by the latest Intel Atom® x6000E processor, holds certifications for EN50155:2021 shock and vibration as well as EN45545-2 EU fire safety railway standards. Featuring IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection, a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 70°C, robust M12 waterproof connectors, and 24V~110V wide voltage power input, this panel PC ensures reliable data transmission even in challenging conditions. Additionally, it offers mPCI-e and M.2 E-Key 2230 slots for 4G and WiFi modules, making it an ideal solution for train control systems, traffic monitoring, and fleet management applications.

Designed for harsh outdoor environments, the SE-103-N digital signage player exhibits the advanced features synonymous with IBASE’s lineup. It incorporates iSMART/Observer/iCONTROL energy-saving and remote monitoring technology with power on/off scheduling and power restoration. With compact dimensions of 260mm x 181mm x 25mm, this book-sized player is built with industrial-grade components and specifications, ensuring reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C. Equipped with an integrated TPM (2.0) for enhanced security, support for EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to prevent screen convergence issues, display status monitoring, and HDMI-CEC for seamless display control via HDMI ports, the SE-103-N provides exceptional functionality. It also supports one M.2 B-key (3052) for 5G/LTE module and three HDMI 2.0b ports capable of connecting to three 4K screens with a maximum resolution of 12K. These features make it an ideal choice for smart retail and drive-thru applications.

IBASE’s unwavering commitment to technological excellence and their ability to consistently deliver innovative solutions have positioned them as a frontrunner in the industry. Their impressive achievements at the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards underscore their ongoing dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new standards.


Empowering Non-technical Staff at Pickering Christian School with Rise Vision


Case Study: Rise Vision – Pickering Christian School, established in 1985, has been dedicated to providing Christian education to children in the Pickering/Ajax area of Ontario, Canada. Originally a branch school, it has grown into a thriving educational community on a purpose-built 26,000-square-foot campus. At the heart of its mission is the commitment to “Educating the Whole Child” through the transformative model of “Profound Learning.”

Deb Poggensee, an experienced Administrative Assistant at Pickering Christian School for 29 years, plays a crucial role in supporting the school’s mission. Despite lacking formal technical training, she handles diverse responsibilities, including assisting parents, teachers, students, and volunteers. Additionally, Deb has been entrusted with managing the school’s digital signage, which requires effective communication and a touch of creativity.

Facing the challenge of limited options for user-friendly communication tools, Deb discovered Rise Vision digital signage. With its intuitive interface and minimal technical requirements, Rise Vision became the perfect solution for Deb’s busy schedule and self-taught communication skills. In 2018, the school’s Development Director made the decision to implement Rise Vision, bringing a remarkable “wow factor” to Pickering Christian School.

The latest case study highlights the benefits that Rise Vision has brought to Pickering Christian School, particularly for non-technical staff. By harnessing Rise Vision’s capabilities, the staff has unlocked new value and found inspiration for schoolwide implementation, resulting in a more engaging and dynamic learning environment.

“We are excited to present the case study featuring Pickering Christian School’s success with Rise Vision,” said Rise Vision Executive. “This collaboration showcases how our user-friendly digital signage platform can empower non-technical staff, providing them with the tools to inspire and guide their school community while delivering an impressive ‘wow factor’.”

To delve deeper into the success story of Pickering Christian School and explore how Rise Vision has transformed their communication strategy, access the full case study titled “Empowering Non-technical Staff at Pickering Christian School with Rise Vision for Inspiration, Guidance, and a ‘Wow Factor’.”

Download the case study at:

IBC2021 in-person event has been cancelled


IBC announces that the in person IBC2021 event has been cancelled. The move follows growing concerns about the COVID-19 situation in The Netherlands, which has deteriorated over the past week, and feedback from the IBC exhibitor and visitor community.

Read the full statement at

IBC2021 will now take place on IBC Digital and will include a comprehensive content program, a platform to view the latest products and innovations and the opportunity to meet and connect with the industry.

Calibre LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 recognised by the industry with Two Global Awards


Yorkshire, UK, November 2021: Calibre UK was once again recognised by the industry with two Best in Market awards from Future Publishing for the company’s LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 130-inch all-in-one LED display.

LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 won the Best in Market Award for the Digital Signage category as well as the Best in Market Award for the Installation category.

Best in Market was a new category in the awards program that coincided with the in-person InfoComm 2021 event produced by AVIXA audio-visual and integrated experience association held from 23-29 October 2021 in Orlando, FL. The awards judges are expert independent AV/IT managers, directors, and engineers, as well as industry consultants and integrators.

Calibre LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 was designed with the user in mind providing them with an exciting new visual adventure and endless creative possibilities.

The LEDFusion Pro A130C-15 all-in-one LED display uses high-quality 4-in-1 LEDs and the Calibre UK UltraX image engine ensuring that image details, contrast, and color performance are taken to the highest level. It has a new circuit design eliminating brightness interference and ghosting effects, an energy saving design for extra mobility and an international standard power supply. Additional features include grand area calibration, a 10,000:1 super contrast ratio, 22bit+ gray scale mapping technology, precise color booster technology for near 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. The installation of LEDFusion Pro A130-15 model can be completed by 2 people in under an hour.

“Thank you to the judges,” said Steve Su, Senior Director at Calibre UK. “It’s an honor to receive such strong industry recognition from our peers and industry professionals. The Best in Market awards validate that we are on the right track with our product development and we are already working on delivering some exciting new updates and innovations very soon!”

About Calibre

Multi-award-winning British company Calibre is a pioneer in image processing technology. Over the past 30 years, it has achieved world recognition with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and was one of the designated brands for video processing in the Olympic Games. Calibre is a market leader with innovation, providing image scaling and processing technology for use in broadcast and television, large venue projection and LED videowalls.

Rise Vision and Airtame Webinar on Improving Student Engagement


Join the Webinar “See How 4 Schools Are Planning to Improve Student Engagement In 2022 With Rise Vision and Airtame” on December 8th to learn different ways to use technology to increase student engagement in schools.

This online panel discussion promises to be informative, with education professionals including Directors of Technology and Communication Directors who are experienced in using digital signage and wireless screen sharing to improve student engagement at school.

With a Q&A session, this webinar is perfect for principals, IT staff, communications professionals, teachers, and district administrators who want to improve how their schools and districts are using technology for student and classroom engagement.

You’ll learn new ways Rise Vision digital signage and Airtame wireless screen sharing support students, teachers, and administrators, and be able to implement this in your school. It’s a totally free event, and if you’re curious about digital signage, it’ll be worth checking out.

Link to register for the December event >>


Rise Vision is a digital signage software provider. Since 1992 we have been obsessed with helping our customers have great looking displays.Today, our primary focus is education and the over 3,000 schools we currently serve. To deliver on our promise of making sure digital signage isn’t difficult we provide new templates every week – over 425 so far – to keep a school’s displays current and engaging.


Airtame offers a wireless screen sharing and collaboration platform that allows users to instantly display content from any personal device to any shared screen. The platform is used to promote interactivity and collaboration in meetings, presentations and classroom settings, as well as for digital signage in retail stores, corporate environments, conference facilities, hotels, and other venues. Airtame has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Budapest.