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E Ink and AUO Partner to Revolutionize Retail with Large-Size Color ePaper Displays


E Ink and AU Optronics (AUO) have announced a strategic partnership to pioneer the development of large-size color ePaper displays, a move set to transform the landscape of retail display technology. This collaboration combines E Ink’s expertise in creating full-color ePaper modules with AUO’s robust software, hardware solutions, and TFT backplane technology. The initiative is poised to offer a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional retail advertising methods, particularly in smart retail environments.

AUO’s Smart Retail Business Group has been instrumental in driving the adoption of digital transformation in retail through technologies like digital signage and electronic shelf labels. Historically, the retail sector has relied heavily on paper posters for in-store advertising, which, despite their prevalence, offer limited flexibility and contribute to higher operational costs due to their static nature. The partnership aims to leverage the capabilities of E Ink’s Spectra™ 6 color ePaper, which is celebrated for its vivid colors and energy efficiency, providing a digital solution that rivals the aesthetic quality of printed posters.

Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink, highlighted the strategic focus of the partnership, emphasizing the adaptability and environmental benefits of ePaper technology. “Our technology not only mirrors the visual appeal of traditional print but also significantly reduces power consumption and environmental impact, making it ideal for retail advertising and public display applications,” he noted.

Andy Yang, General Manager of AUO’s Smart Retail Business Group, discussed the logistical and economic challenges associated with paper-based advertising, such as production, transportation, and installation. “Our innovative ePaper solution addresses these challenges effectively, offering cost reductions and supporting global sustainability efforts by reducing waste and lowering carbon emissions,” Yang explained.

The environmental advantages of switching from paper to ePaper are significant. E Ink’s studies have demonstrated substantial CO2 savings with the adoption of ePaper displays compared to traditional paper usage. This is particularly relevant as companies globally are increasingly prioritizing sustainability in their operational practices.

AUO plans to introduce a comprehensive cloud-based platform solution at the Touch Taiwan exhibition. This solution will integrate various digital signage technologies, including advanced electronic shelf labels, to enhance service delivery across AUO’s extensive network of over 30,000 client nodes worldwide. The focus on developing low-power, high-efficiency display solutions using ePaper technology underlines AUO’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in smart retail solutions.


Sony Installs AI Vision Tech in 7-Eleven Stores for Enhanced Ad Analytics


Atsugi, Japan – Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has implemented its new edge AI-driven vision detection technology in 500 7-Eleven stores across Japan, aiming to transform the effectiveness of in-store advertising through advanced analytics.

This innovative technology employs the IMX500 intelligent vision sensors to automatically track and analyze customer interactions with digital signage. By measuring how many customers stop to view ads and the duration of their engagement, Sony’s solution provides crucial data that can significantly enhance advertising strategies without compromising customer privacy.

Key Features of Sony’s AI Vision Detection System:

  1. Privacy Protection: The system focuses on privacy by collecting only metadata from the interactions, ensuring no personal identification is possible through the data collected.
  2. Compact Edge Devices: Designed to be space-efficient, the IMX500-equipped devices fit seamlessly into the limited space of convenience stores, making them unobtrusive yet effective for real-time data processing.
  3. Powered by AITRIOS™ Platform: The edge devices are integrated with Sony’s AITRIOS platform, which facilitates efficient device management and robust AI operations, enhancing scalability and reducing operational costs.
  4. Data Efficiency: The local processing of data on edge devices and the minimal transmission of metadata to the cloud help maintain low network loads and reduce storage requirements.

Impact on Retail Advertising:

With this technology, 7-Eleven aims to refine its marketing strategies based on detailed insights into how customers engage with digital advertisements. The ability to measure ad effectiveness precisely allows for the optimization of marketing content, leading to better customer experiences and increased sales.

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About Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation:

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation, leads in the development of imaging and sensing technologies. The company’s innovations continue to enhance the capabilities of electronic devices globally, ensuring technology remains both intuitive and impactful.

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Schindler and FRAMEN Launch Digital Ads in Hotel Elevators


Schindler, in collaboration with digital marketing firm FRAMEN, is transforming the landscape of in-elevator advertising by introducing high-quality digital screens across 150 upscale hotels in the DACH region. This initiative, set to expand to 220 hotels by 2025, aims to leverage elevator rides as a novel advertising channel, providing a captive audience for high-impact digital campaigns.

Utilizing elevator screens, Schindler and FRAMEN offer advertisers a 60-second slot that includes three 10-second advertisements interspersed with 30 seconds of hotel-specific informational content. This format not only entertains and informs hotel guests but also ensures advertisers can capture guest attention in a unique, undistracted setting.

Strategic Engagement and Targeted Advertising

The confined space of an elevator naturally limits distractions, making it an ideal setting for engaging with guests. The content displayed on these screens includes weather updates, activities around the hotel, wellness promotions, and dining options, all aimed at enhancing the guest experience while providing targeted advertising opportunities. Time-targeted advertising syncs with key hotel activity times—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—maximizing exposure and effectiveness.

Benefits for Hotels, Guests, and Advertisers

Gottfried Jung, Existing Installation Director at Schindler Austria, highlights the dual benefits of this approach: “Integrating digital screens into hotel elevators not only enriches the guest experience but also opens up new marketing avenues for advertisers and additional revenue streams for hoteliers.” This sentiment is echoed by Antonello Romano, Senior Growth Manager at FRAMEN, who notes the diverse target audience, including holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts, accessible through this advertising medium.


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Berlin, FRAMEN is a provider of digital display solutions across various commercial settings, including hotels, gyms, and coworking spaces. The company’s technology enables seamless content management on all standard digital screens, facilitating effective communication between advertisers and their target audiences. Advertisers have the ability to programmatically book, launch, and manage their campaigns using the FRAMEN Ads Manager, which also allows for real-time performance evaluation. Simultaneously, location operators can monetize their screens by offering content through the FRAMEN Screen Manager.

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Taggify Debuts New Digital Advertising Platform at ALOOH 2024


The ALOOH 2024 forum, held in Mexico from April 17-19, featured the introduction of a new Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising platform by Taggify, a prominent player in the outdoor advertising industry. The platform was showcased at the Latin American Out-of-Home Association’s sixth annual forum, themed “Between Two Worlds.”

Taggify’s new tool aims to address the complexities associated with DOOH advertising by integrating advanced programmatic technologies and artificial intelligence. The platform facilitates campaign management processes including creative approval, monetization, and performance reporting, thereby aiming to enhance operational efficiency and overall campaign effectiveness.

The forum highlighted 45 presentations that focused on the intersection of technological innovation and environmental sustainability within the outdoor advertising sector. Taggify’s leadership, including CEO Santiago Mendive and COO Julio Chamizo, detailed how their platform simplifies the digital advertising landscape by allowing for real-time bidding and efficient media buying. This enables precise audience targeting with reduced resource wastage and leverages both first-party and third-party data for improved campaign analysis.

Further advancements in Taggify’s platform include the integration of artificial intelligence to streamline DOOH campaign planning and execution. This feature is designed to accelerate the setup process for regional advertising campaigns, enabling quicker response to market dynamics and facilitating more adaptive advertising strategies.

The event also included a notable virtual interview with Tom Goddard, President of the World Out-of-Home Organization (WOO), and David Wheldon, President of the World Association of Advertisers (WFA), offering insights into global advertising trends and challenges.

Additionally, the ALOOH 2024 forum served as a venue for celebrating innovative achievements within the OOH advertising sector, with an awards ceremony highlighting exceptional campaigns and technical prowess. The annual event promotes regional cooperation and innovation, providing a comprehensive look at emerging trends and setting a roadmap for future developments in outdoor advertising.

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VIOOH Launches Programmatic Ads with Beijing Metro, Expands DOOH in China


VIOOH, a global leader in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising technology, has announced a new partnership with Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising Co., Ltd. This collaboration introduces real-time programmatic advertising capabilities to Beijing’s metro system, marking VIOOH’s expansion within China’s DOOH market.

The integration of VIOOH’s platform with Beijing Metro’s extensive network offers real-time trading on 267 digital screens across more than 76 metro stations. This partnership allows advertisers to leverage the VIOOH Trading Manager platform, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of DOOH campaigns throughout Beijing’s metro lines, which accommodate over 8.15 million daily passengers.

This strategic move comes as part of VIOOH’s efforts to broaden its programmatic media offerings in China, following its earlier success with Shanghai Metro. The company’s expansion into Beijing enhances its portfolio and provides advertisers with sophisticated targeting and data analytics capabilities.

Calvin Chan, CEO of VIOOH China, commented on the launch, stating, “Our latest partnership with Beijing Metro not only broadens our reach but also enhances our ability to provide advertisers with precise, data-driven targeting solutions in one of China’s busiest metro systems.”

Theresa Wong, General Manager at Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising, also shared her views, stating, “Our collaboration with VIOOH represents a significant advancement in our advertising capabilities, connecting us with a global network of advertisers and elevating the standard of digital advertising in Beijing’s metro.”

VIOOH’s initiative is set to transform the programmatic DOOH landscape in China, offering advertisers innovative ways to reach their target audience through advanced technology. The move is expected to influence future advertising trends in China, where the demand for programmatic DOOH solutions is rising steadily.

According to VIOOH’s research, there is a growing inclination among media professionals in China to increase their investment in programmatic DOOH, motivated by the precision and effectiveness it offers in reaching target audiences.

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PPDS Introduces Philips Cast Server for Enhanced Hotel TV Experience


PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Philips Cast Server. This cutting-edge solution is tailored for the hospitality industry, enabling a seamless, secure casting and streaming experience directly on hotel TVs. Designed with the needs of modern travelers in mind, the Philips Cast Server simplifies the way guests access and enjoy their favorite digital content from platforms like DAZN, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Innovative Integration and Seamless Connectivity

The Philips Cast Server is compatible with Chromecast-built-in™ Philips MediaSuite and the recently introduced Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series. This device integrates smoothly into a hotel’s existing IP network, allowing guests to cast content from their mobile devices directly to their in-room TVs without the need to connect to a separate WiFi network.

Enhanced Guest Experience Through Simple Pairing

A key feature of the Philips Cast Server is its QR code pairing process. Guests can easily connect their devices by scanning a QR code displayed on the TV screen, facilitating a quick and secure connection. This feature enhances the user experience by providing instant access to a wide range of streaming services without the complexities of traditional login and connection procedures.

Customizable Features and GDPR Compliance

Built on PPDS’s exclusive CMND platform, the Philips Cast Server offers extensive customization options for hotels. This includes the ability to modify on-screen elements like backgrounds and images to align with hotel branding, and adjust the user interface to various languages, making each guest’s experience highly personalized.

Security is also a cornerstone of the Philips Cast Server, ensuring GDPR-compliant data handling that protects guest information while providing valuable insights into usage patterns for hotel management. This data helps hoteliers understand guest preferences and tailor services to enhance satisfaction.

Flexible Licensing for Hotels of All Sizes

Available globally across EMEA, North America, and Asia, the Philips Cast Server comes with a flexible licensing model that caters to hotels ranging from small to double extra-large capacities. This scalability ensures that hotels can provide enhanced digital experiences in rooms regardless of their size.

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Peerless-AV Unveils Neptune Full Outdoor Smart TVs with Sunproof Technology

Peerless-AV, a renowned manufacturer of outdoor display solutions, has expanded its product lineup with the introduction of the Neptune™ Full Sun Outdoor Smart TVs. This latest addition, building on the success of the 2022 Partial Sun Series, features 55″ and 65″ models equipped with a complimentary commercial-grade Outdoor Tilting Wall Mount, enhancing outdoor entertainment options across North America.

Engineered for durability and performance, the Neptune Full Sun Series is designed for easy installation in a variety of outdoor settings, including residential patios and commercial venues like restaurants and stadiums. These TVs are capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C) and are constructed to resist environmental elements such as rain, snow, and debris.

Featuring 800 nits of light output, the Neptune Full Sun Series delivers bright, clear images even in direct sunlight. The TVs utilize high TNI panel technology, which enables them to withstand high ambient temperatures, thereby extending their usability in challenging conditions. This technology contrasts with typical indoor LCD panels that are prone to heat stress under continuous sunlight exposure.

The series boasts advanced display features, including 4K, full UHD resolution with high dynamic range, which enhances the realism of the images. The IPS panel provides consistent color and image accuracy from various viewing angles, while the anti-glare treatment minimizes reflections, ensuring visibility in brightly lit conditions.

Integrated with webOS Hub, the Neptune Full Sun Outdoor Smart TVs offer access to a variety of apps and streaming services, bringing versatile content options to outdoor settings. The inclusion of LG ThinQ AI Home Dashboard facilitates the control of compatible smart home devices, adding to the convenience of the user experience.

Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President at Peerless-AV, commented on the release, stating, “The introduction of the Neptune Full Sun TVs marks an important evolution in our outdoor TV offerings, specifically engineered for direct sunlight environments. The Full Sun Series enhances our portfolio with its robust performance and longevity in outdoor entertainment.”

The Neptune Full Sun Outdoor Smart TVs are available for purchase in 55″ and 65″ models, priced at $2,799.00 and $3,499.00 respectively. They can be purchased through,, and authorized retailers including ABT Electronics, B&H Photo, and Best Buy.

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Sony Expands BRAVIA Professional Display Lineup with New 98-Inch Flagship and Residential Models

Sony has recently unveiled an impressive expansion of its BRAVIA Professional Displays lineup, introducing a new flagship 98-inch model, the FW-BZ53L, which features advanced Deep-Black Non-Glare technology. This launch not only adds a larger size to its existing BZ30L series but also introduces the FWD series 7, 8, and 9, enhancing cinematic experiences in residential settings.

The introduction of the FW-BZ53L in Sony’s professional range marks a significant upgrade in visual technology, offering minimal glare, exceptional picture quality, and high brightness suited for any professional environment. This model is particularly designed to address the challenges posed by high ambient light conditions, making it ideal for use in retail showrooms, educational institutions, and corporate settings.

Christopher Mullins, Head of B2B BRAVIA Product Marketing at Sony Europe, highlighted the model’s user-friendly and versatile design. “The demand for digital signage is increasing rapidly as businesses and educational organizations continue to invest in technology that facilitates in-person experiences, modern hybrid working, and online learning,” Mullins stated. The new displays also align with Sony’s commitment to sustainability, utilizing recycled materials and featuring energy-efficient designs.

Key features of the 98-inch FW-BZ53L include a Full Array Local Dimming backlight for improved contrast, a bright display capable of 780 nits to ensure visibility in various lighting conditions, and advanced motion clarity technologies. Additionally, it supports 24/7 operation and offers a Pro Mode for customization, making it a robust choice for continuous professional use.

Sony also introduced new models in its FWD tuner range: the BRAVIA 7 (FWD-XR70), BRAVIA 8 (FWD-XR80), and BRAVIA 9 (FWD-XR90). These models are designed for high-end home theater installations, boasting improved brightness, sound quality, and colour volume. Enhanced with Sony’s 3-year Pro Prime Support service, these displays promise optimum support and reliability for residential customers.

HYPER Media Partners with Vistar Media to Enhance pDOOH Advertising in New Zealand


HYPER Media, the leading retail digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media owner in New Zealand, has announced a strategic partnership with Vistar Media, a global leader in programmatic DOOH advertising technology. This collaboration will make HYPER’s extensive network of over 500 premium DOOH screens across various high-traffic retail locations programmatically accessible through the Vistar Media demand-side platform (DSP).

The screens are located in prime retail spots including Mobil, Liquorland, Briscoes, Rebel Sport, Bargain Chemist, and Epay Convenience stores, providing advertisers a robust platform to reach diverse consumer groups. The partnership with Vistar Media comes as HYPER approaches the first anniversary of its programmatically accessible DOOH inventory, marking a period of substantial growth in programmatic trading over the past 10 months.

Chris Burton, HYPER’s General Manager of Media, emphasized the effectiveness of programmatic DOOH, noting its capability for precise audience and geographical targeting. “The audience and geo-targeting capability of these platforms is perhaps best suited to networks like ours,” Burton said. He highlighted the unique shopper profiles, missions, mindsets, and the niche context of the environments HYPER caters to, which offer compelling opportunities for highly targeted and impactful campaigns.

Sandra Scott, Vistar Media’s Sales Director, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, underscoring the significant expansion of retail media worldwide. “This collaboration grants our buyers access to a diverse array of retail assets nationwide, ultimately enhancing their ability to connect with their audiences in the right place at the right moment,” Scott stated.

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Neoti Launches World’s First PANTONE Validated dvLED Display, the UHD Pro XF+

Neoti, a leading innovator in dvLED video display technology, recently announced a significant achievement—their new UHD Pro XF+ has become the world’s first LED display to earn both PANTONE™ Validated and PANTONE™ SkinTone™ Validations. This prestigious recognition marks a notable advancement in achieving color accuracy in LED displays.

The UHD Pro XF+ leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure authentic color reproduction that adheres to PANTONE’s rigorous standards for color fidelity. With a 26-bit color depth and equipped with InfiniteColor technology, this display maintains consistent color uniformity and fidelity over time, setting a new benchmark for the LED industry. It is designed to support immersive 3D performance and multi-image framesync without inducing viewer fatigue.

Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing at Pantone, Iain Pike, praised the collaborative efforts with Neoti, emphasizing that the validations are a testament to Neoti’s capability to authentically reproduce PANTONE colors and skin tones. This achievement allows Neoti to demonstrate their commitment to delivering true color fidelity to their customers.

Derek Myers, CEO of Neoti, stressed the importance of adhering to high color standards in the LED industry, comparable to those in the printing sector. “Our goal is to display content with precise color fidelity consistently over time,” Myers stated. The UHD Pro XF+ is engineered to meet these stringent requirements across all applications.

The display’s unique design integrates both the display and controller, engineered by the same team, to enhance color output using an advanced color space engine. This technology also enables the display to achieve the deepest black levels and smooth gradients, even at very low brightness levels, suitable for various lighting conditions.

Neoti is set to showcase the UHD Pro XF+ at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas and at InfoComm 2024 in June. A special press conference, including a product unveiling and a Q&A session with experts from PANTONE and Neoti, is scheduled to provide deeper insights into this new technology.

Founded in 2006, Neoti has established itself as a global leader in video display solutions, offering a wide array of products for industries ranging from broadcast and government to retail and entertainment. The company is dedicated to upholding its core values of putting people first, leveraging technology expertise, maintaining total commitment, and providing world-class support.

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Firefly and Hangry Media Launch Innovative Digital Top Screens in Madrid


Firefly, a prominent US-based media company, has recently expanded its innovative advertising solutions to Madrid, Spain, in partnership with Hangry Media. This collaboration introduces Digital Top Screens, a new digital advertising medium designed to transform the metropolitan landscape of Madrid and offer brands an effective way to engage with their audience.

Innovative Digital Advertising in Madrid

With the introduction of Hardware-as-a-Service (HAAS) and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) models, Firefly brings to Spain a sophisticated advertising platform that combines visibility with impactful brand interactions. These digital screens enable advertisers to manage campaigns in real time and adjust strategies based on comprehensive data analytics, ensuring a high level of audience engagement.

Firefly’s International Growth

The launch in Madrid represents a significant step in Firefly’s international expansion strategy, building on its previous successes in diverse global markets including a notable partnership in Abu Dhabi. Firefly’s presence now spans across five countries, demonstrating its commitment to bringing advanced advertising technologies to new markets.

The introduction of Digital Top Screens provides several key benefits to the city of Madrid:

  • Technological Advancement: These digital screens contribute to the modernization of Madrid’s urban spaces, aligning with the city’s forward-thinking initiatives.
  • Enhanced Tourist Experience: As a leading tourist destination, Madrid can utilize these screens to offer interactive and engaging visual content that enhances the visitor experience.
  • Economic Growth: The collaboration between Firefly and Hangry Media creates new economic opportunities by generating additional revenue streams for local transportation services and the advertising sector.
  • Targeted Advertising Insights: Utilizing Firefly’s advanced SAAS technology, brands can gain precise insights into consumer behaviors, allowing for more targeted and effective advertising campaigns.

About Hangry Media

Hangry Media, founded by three IE Business School MBA graduates, has quickly established itself as a leader in Madrid’s media communications industry. The company is known for its innovative approach to advertising that seamlessly integrates mobility with creative marketing strategies. Web:

About Firefly

Founded by Kaan Gunay, Firefly is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and operates a network of digital screens across major US cities. The company is dedicated to delivering targeted advertising solutions that leverage real-time data to maximize brand impact and consumer engagement. Web:

ZetaDisplay Announces Acquisition of Beyond Digital Solutions Ltd


ZetaDisplay AB, a pioneer and leader in digital signage solutions, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Beyond Digital Solutions Ltd, a well-regarded digital solutions provider based in the United Kingdom. This strategic move is set to enhance ZetaDisplay’s influence across the European digital signage market by establishing a stronger foothold in the UK.

The acquisition was completed on April 9, 2024, and was financed through equity from ZetaDisplay’s parent company, Hanover Investors. This move is part of ZetaDisplay’s broader strategy to increase its market share and service offerings across Europe.

Anders Olin, President and CEO of ZetaDisplay, stated, “This acquisition is a strategic move to broaden our market capabilities and enrich our portfolio of digital signage solutions. By incorporating Beyond Digital Solutions, we aim to leverage their market knowledge and technological expertise to better serve our clientele in the UK and beyond.”

Beyond Digital Solutions Ltd is recognized for its innovative approach to digital signage solutions, particularly in sectors such as retail, hospitality, and public transportation. Through this acquisition, ZetaDisplay intends to utilize Beyond Digital’s technology and expertise to enhance service delivery and client engagements.

This integration is anticipated to contribute positively to ZetaDisplay’s EBITDA, reflecting the company’s focus on growth through strategic acquisitions that promise enhanced profitability and operational efficiency. “We are excited about the potential this acquisition holds for enhancing our financial performance and reinforcing our leadership in the digital signage industry,” commented Claes Pedersen, CFO of ZetaDisplay.

About ZetaDisplay

ZetaDisplay is a leading specialist in digital signage, committed to transforming digital communications with sustainable and innovative solutions. Operating in multiple European countries and the US, ZetaDisplay aims to drive the future of digital communications for businesses worldwide. For more info visit:

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Plan B Media Partners with Vistar Media to Advance pDOOH Advertising in Thailand and Singapore


Plan B Media, a premier provider of out-of-home (OOH) media services in Southeast Asia, has teamed up with Vistar Media, a global leader in technology solutions for OOH media. This collaboration aims to transform the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising landscape in Thailand and Singapore through innovative programmatic solutions.

Programmatic DOOH advertising leverages advanced technology to automate the process of buying and selling ad space in real time. This approach enables advertisers to effectively target and deliver contextually relevant messages to consumers, thereby optimizing the impact of their advertising efforts.

Franck Vidal, Director of Southeast Asia Sales and Partnerships at Vistar Media, commented on the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Plan B Media in Thailand and Singapore. This partnership is a significant milestone for Vistar’s expansion in these markets and represents a key development for the programmatic DOOH industry in Southeast Asia. We look forward to delivering exceptional DOOH campaigns for advertisers through this initiative.”

The alliance allows Vistar’s comprehensive network of agency and demand-side platform (DSP) partners worldwide to access over 500 premium digital screens located in 7-Eleven stores throughout Bangkok, as well as numerous outdoor DOOH billboards. Starting with convenience stores and billboards, the partnership is poised for expansion into additional venue types in the future.

Palin Lojanagosin, CEO of Plan B Media PCL, emphasized the strategic advantages of the collaboration, saying, “Integrating Vistar Media into our extensive network of large format and retail digital screens provides brands with unmatched flexibility and enhances the effectiveness of omnichannel marketing strategies. This forward-thinking approach is reshaping how brands engage with their audiences across various touchpoints, both online and offline.”

The partnership aims to synchronize DOOH advertising with other digital channels, including mobile, connected TV, social media, and online display ads. This cohesive strategy is designed to create a seamless consumer experience that enhances engagement and brand recall throughout the customer journey.

With real-time access to Plan B Media’s premium DOOH inventory, Vistar’s data-driven insights, expertise, and tools are set to empower global advertisers to connect with their target audiences more effectively and produce measurable results.

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Hitachi Achieves Paperless Operations with E Ink’s eNotes

Hitachi, Ltd. has successfully implemented paperless operations at its Omika Works manufacturing facility, utilizing the innovative ePaper technology from E Ink, the global leader in ePaper solutions. This collaboration leverages E Ink’s advanced eNotes technology to enhance workflow efficiency and quality management, marking a pivotal development in industrial digital transformation.

E Ink’s ePaper Technology Powers Hitachi’s Digital Shift

E Ink, recognized globally for its pioneering ePaper solutions, has provided its eNotes technology, developed by subsidiary Linfiny Japan Inc., to integrate seamlessly with Hitachi’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Tatsuya Hiroki, Senior Director of the Quality Assurance Division at Hitachi Omika Works, noted the critical role of ePaper in transitioning away from traditional paper-based systems. “The use of ePaper, which is durable, low-energy, and closely mimics the feel of paper, has facilitated a smooth transition to digital processes without disrupting existing workflows,” Hiroki stated. This technology not only supports paperless operations but also improves the accuracy and efficiency of quality control processes.

Digital Transformation at Omika Works

In 2023, Hitachi invested in substantial IT infrastructure improvements at Omika Works, including new internal networks and server capabilities, to support the broad adoption of eNotes across its operations. This enhancement allows for the digital capture of all workflow information, enabling real-time tracking of progress and quality, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer from seasoned workers to new staff. Enhanced security measures such as data encryption, device locking, and remote reset options ensure that the system adheres to the highest standards of compliance and data integrity.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Goals

E Ink is committed to achieving substantial environmental goals, including sourcing 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 and reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. As of 2023, the company has already achieved 35% renewable energy use across its operations. “Our ePaper technology, which does not require power to maintain a display after content is shown, offers excellent visibility and minimal power use, aligning with traditional paper,” said Naoki Sumita, President of E Ink Japan Inc.

About E Ink

Based on technology from MIT’s Media Lab, E Ink Holdings Inc. (8069.TWO) is the leading global provider of electrophoretic displays, utilized in a wide array of applications including eReaders, retail, and transportation. E Ink’s products help businesses achieve their sustainability goals with displays that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its participation in the Climate Pledge and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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Loop Media Partners with Adnimation to Boost CTV Ad Revenues


Loop Media, Inc., a distinguished provider of multichannel streaming services on Connected TV (CTV) platforms, has announced a strategic alliance with Adnimation Ltd., a frontrunner in digital publishing growth and a Google Certified Publishing Partner specializing in CTV. This partnership aims to augment ad revenues for Loop Media by leveraging Adnimation’s advanced CTV Fusion tool, a blend of technology, expertise, and exclusive access to Google’s video advertising demand for CTV.

Loop Media, renowned for its curated selection of music videos, sports highlights, news, and premium entertainment across more than 150 CTV out-of-home (OOH) channels, is poised to enhance its advertising revenue streams through this collaboration. By integrating Google’s premium demand with its existing channels, Loop Media seeks to foster increased competition, thereby raising fill rates and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPMs) within its CTV network.

The strategic partnership harnesses Adnimation’s suite of monetization tools, designed to simplify the ad revenue increase process for publishers across CTV apps, websites, and mobile apps. Through Adnimation’s technology and expertise, Loop Media gains access to Google’s Programmatic Access Library (PAL) SDK, enabling the sharing of audience targeting signals with Google Ad Manager. This facilitates reaching highly targeted audiences, thereby improving campaign performance and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Early results from the partnership have been promising, with both companies expressing optimism about the potential for future growth and innovation. Brian Bloodgood, Head of Sales at Loop Media, emphasized the partnership’s success in diversifying CTV demand sources. Similarly, Maor Davidovich, CEO of Adnimation, highlighted the significant mutual benefits anticipated from this collaboration, pointing to the effectiveness of Adnimation’s CTV tool in enhancing ad revenues for CTV publishers.

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Jet Line Collaborates with Gemius to Enhance Outdoor Advertising Insights


Jet Line, an outdoor advertising agency based in Poland, has recently announced a collaboration with Gemius, a research firm, to enhance the measurement of outdoor advertising’s reach. This partnership will utilize data from the cross-media Mediapanel survey, a unique media measurement in Poland that covers internet, radio, and television audiences, to now include Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising results as well.

Jet Line’s digital OOH screen network is equipped with ARA sensors that monitor audience data and demographics in real-time for each advertisement displayed. This move aims to provide advertisers with more accurate and detailed audience insights. Additionally, Jet Line has launched a “proof of play” tool, which integrates with Gemius’s gDE system for monitoring online campaigns. Unlike traditional methods that rely on data from the screen operator, this tool ensures that impression reports are generated by an external entity, aiming to offer more reliable data.

Michal Ciundziewicki, CEO of Jet Line, stated that this agreement with Gemius would enhance their ability to provide reliable data on OOH and DOOH advertising audiences, thereby helping clients to more effectively plan and execute their campaigns with a better understanding of the audience.

DOOH advertising is becoming more attractive to advertisers due to increasing advertising spending. However, measuring the audience for DOOH presents challenges. Jaroslaw Pawlak, Head of Mediapanel research development, expressed satisfaction with Jet Line’s recognition of the Mediapanel survey’s value in estimating DOOH audience sizes and its advertising potential. He noted that including Jet Line’s media measurements in the Mediapanel would improve the representation of DOOH’s reach and its comparative impact against other media studied.

Jet Line also conducts audience research for its Motorway 12×4 billboards, a project developed in cooperation with two polytechnic universities and a research agency. This research aims to profile the audience exposed to these billboards and analyze the frequency of exposure, applicable to any OOH space that meets the network’s standards.

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NAB Show 2024: Innovating Media with Creator Lab and PropelME


The NAB Show 2024, taking place from April 13-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, promises to be a groundbreaking event for professionals in the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries. As the world’s leading live event for technological innovation in these sectors, the NAB Show is set to explore the latest trends shaping the future of digital storytelling, including artificial intelligence, streaming, virtual production, live events, the creator economy, and advertising.

This year, the NAB Show introduces two significant initiatives: Creator Lab and PropelME, each designed to foster innovation and provide unique opportunities for creators and startups in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Introducing Creator Lab: Empowering the Creator Economy

The Creator Lab is a novel addition to the NAB Show, aimed at supporting the burgeoning creator economy. This initiative offers a highly interactive platform for attendees, featuring hands-on workshops and networking events led by industry experts. Topics of discussion will include the role of AI in production, video utilization for corporate messaging, and the creation of a resilient infrastructure for content ecosystems. With Jim Louderback and Robin Raskin at the helm, Creator Lab is poised to offer an unparalleled experience for participants.

PropelME: Launching Startups into the Spotlight

PropelME, is a digital forum specifically designed for startups, culminating in a live experience at the NAB Show. This initiative invites trailblazers and tech innovators to apply for an opportunity to showcase their solutions in a dynamic environment that only the NAB Show can provide. PropelME represents a significant step forward in connecting creative ideas with technological advancements.

A Convergence of Creativity and Technology

Chris Brown, the executive vice president and managing director of NAB Global Connections and Events, highlights the importance of these new programs. “Creator Lab and PropelME epitomize the spirit of innovation at the 2024 NAB Show, offering a dynamic space where creativity and technology intersect,” Brown stated. These initiatives underscore the NAB Show’s commitment to guiding attendees through the changing media landscape and introducing them to the technologies and companies that are redefining entertainment.

Educational Opportunities and Networking

The NAB Show remains a hub for learning and connection, structured around the core themes of Create, Connect, and Capitalize. Attendees can look forward to engaging conference programs and workshops, such as the Devoncroft Executive Summit, Post|Production World, Streaming Summit, and more. These sessions are designed to provide invaluable insights into the latest industry trends and innovations.

The NAB Show where its focus on next-generation technology and superior audio and video experiences, the NAB Show is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead in the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries. For more information, visit the NAB Show website

About the NAB Show and NAB

The NAB Show is the premier conference and exhibition for the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries, produced by the National Association of Broadcasters. It serves as the ultimate marketplace for discovering new technologies and networking with global visionaries. The National Association of Broadcasters is the leading advocacy association for America’s broadcasters, advancing their interests through legislative, regulatory, and public affairs efforts.