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Samsung Debuts Ultra-Low Power Color E-Paper at InfoComm 2024

Samsung is finally entering the e-paper display market with the introduction of its Samsung Color E-Paper (EMDX model) at InfoComm 2024. Known for adopting the latest technology ahead of competitors, Samsung’s entry into the e-paper market has been anticipated for some time. This innovative product blends digital ink with full-color e-paper technology, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional promotional methods.

The Samsung Color E-Paper operates at an impressive 0.00W1 when displaying static images and uses significantly less power than conventional digital signage when changing images. This energy efficiency makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, the Color E-Paper can be remotely controlled, allowing managers to set schedules for automatic wake-up and sleep times, further conserving energy.

Weighing only 2.9kg and measuring 17.9mm in width, the 32-inch screen with QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution and a 60,000-color gamut is designed for flexibility and ease of installation. It can be mounted on walls, tables, or ceilings without additional mounts, making it suitable for various locations. This versatility helps businesses deploy the Color E-Paper in multiple settings to engage their audience effectively while reducing operational costs.

The Samsung Color E-Paper includes a dedicated mobile app for easy content creation and management. It also supports the Samsung VXT solution, enabling real-time monitoring and remote management of multiple displays. The VXT CMS Canvas provides a variety of templates optimized for e-paper displays, simplifying content production across different sectors.

Equipped with two USB-C ports for charging and data transmission, the Color E-Paper also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It features 8GB of flash memory, an interchangeable bezel for customizable frame colors, and VESA standard wall mount compatibility, offering enhanced connectivity and customization options.

The Color E-Paper panel utilizes E Ink Spectra 6™ technology, a pioneering color solution designed for in-store advertising, indoor signage, and replacing paper posters. This technology boasts an enhanced color spectrum and advanced color imaging algorithm, improving marketing and advertising effectiveness.

Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink Holdings, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration with Samsung: “This partnership showcases our dedication to innovative display solutions. By combining E Ink’s cutting-edge color e-paper technology with Samsung’s expertise in signage, we are poised to deliver low-power color displays that revolutionize digital promotion and communication while enhancing sustainability.”

American Dream Mall Launches Massive LED Display “The Ultimate Display”


American Dream mall in East Rutherford, NJ, has introduced “The Ultimate Display,” a state-of-the-art LED mega-display designed by SNA Displays. This innovative digital installation is part of a larger effort to enhance the mall’s digital presence. The EMPIRE Exterior LED display features over 180 degrees of visibility and multiple sightlines from major highways, including the New Jersey Turnpike, Route 3, and Route 120.

The display wraps around the Nickelodeon Universe theme park, extending 556 feet, nearly the length of two football fields. Its tallest edge stands at 45 feet, featuring a 12-millimeter pixel pitch and approximately 10.8 million pixels. This extensive digital project is a collaboration between American Dream, SNA Displays, and Infuse Digital. Infuse Digital specializes in modernizing and monetizing commercial real estate with advanced digital displays, securing advertising sales and sponsorship investments.

Brian Williamson, director at Infuse Digital, highlighted the display’s potential. “The Ultimate Display provides an incredible platform for brands. Our partners at American Dream and SNA Displays delivered a high-quality product in a challenging environment. This addition significantly enhances our digital inventory at American Dream.”

Located near prominent venues and major roadways, The Ultimate Display is one of the most visible and recognizable LED installations. Supported by a robust content management system and 24/7 asset monitoring from SNA Displays’ managed services team, this digital signage network ensures high performance and reliability.

“With nearly 40,000 square feet of interior and exterior LED/LCD signage, American Dream offers unparalleled experiences, wayfinding, messaging, and revenue-generating advertising opportunities,” Williamson added. “The new LED mega-spectacular, one of the largest in the U.S., makes the digital display network at American Dream one of the most complex and wide-reaching of any retail site in the northern hemisphere.”

Located minutes from Manhattan, American Dream features various attractions, including over 250 retail stores and restaurants, an ice-skating rink, mini golf, SEA LIFE® Aquarium, the first indoor ski slope in the U.S., DreamWorks Water Park, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center, and the Nickelodeon Universe® theme park, all within a three-million-square-foot complex.

About SNA Displays

SNA Displays is a leading manufacturer of LED video displays, serving various sectors including sports, commercial real estate, retail environments, and more. Known for their quality, expertise, and dependable service, SNA Displays has created some of the world’s most recognizable LED installations. Learn more at

About Infuse Digital

Infuse Digital enhances commercial real estate with advanced LED and LCD displays. The company manages all aspects of digital asset management, from design and development to sponsorship and advertising sales. Discover more at

Bluefin Launches New Intel-Powered Digital Signage Solutions

Bluefin International, a leading innovator in digital signage display solutions, has announced the release of its new Bluefin Ocean series. Powered by Intel technology, this latest addition to the Flex-OS line offers enhanced versatility and performance for a wide range of digital signage applications.

Key Features of Bluefin Ocean Series

Versatile Operating Systems: The Bluefin Ocean series supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs of digital signage CMS companies, enhancing IoT capabilities with hardware virtualization and real-time computing.

Advanced AI Capabilities: Equipped with Intel technology, the Bluefin Ocean series excels in AI-driven applications. It offers faster AI inference, accelerated deep learning, and efficient media transcoding, making it suitable for cutting-edge digital signage solutions.

Real-Time Data Processing: The Bluefin Ocean series meets third-party software requirements for AI, analytics, and edge computing. It provides near real-time access to valuable customer data, including dwell times, heat maps, and POS integration, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.

Ultra-High Definition Content: These displays support a wide range of codecs and formats, delivering ultra-high-definition visuals. They are ideal for captivating audiences in retail stores, museums, and control rooms with stunning visual content.

Interactive Displays: The Bluefin Ocean series supports touch-enabled 4K LCDs alongside two standard 4K displays. This ensures high-performance digital signage, POS systems, and automation applications, enhancing interactivity and user engagement.

Scalable Solutions: Powered by robust processing technology, the Bluefin Ocean series can deliver intelligent, immersive experiences on a large scale, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Enhanced Security and Management: Designed for use in secure environments, the Bluefin Ocean series incorporates advanced security technologies. With the Intel Processor N97, these systems offer excellent performance and security, protecting against a wide range of threats.

Long-Term Value: Bluefin is committed to providing high-quality displays with processors that have longer production lives, ensuring long-term value and reliability for their customers.

Bluefin Intel Ocean Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Processor N97
  • Max Turbo Frequency: 3.60GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • Instruction Set: 64 bit
  • TDP: 12W
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics
  • Gen 12 video decode engine
  • Decoding: HEVC/H.265/VP9/AV1 4k@60fps
  • Memory: 8GB LPDDR5 4800MT/s
  • Storage: 128GB onboard eMMC 5.1
  • TPM: 2.0
  • Real-Time Clock
  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Linux 64-bit, Chrome OS Flex

“The Intel Processor N97 expands our Bluefin toolbox, enabling clients to work on a broader range of operating systems and deliver new levels of dynamic content,” said Frank Pisano, CEO of Bluefin. “As part of the Intel Partner Alliance, we are able to create immersive and interactive experiences while maintaining energy efficiency and long-term value for our customers.”

For more information, visit

About Bluefin

Based in Atlanta, Bluefin collaborates with numerous brands to create custom digital signage solutions for retail, restaurants, and corporate branding globally. Offering a variety of screen sizes, frames, finishes, form factors, and accessories, Bluefin provides tailored solutions to fit any budget and installation parameters.

signageOS Announces Full Support for Google ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex

signageOS, a leading provider of digital signage infrastructure, has announced full support for Google ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex operating systems. This expansion enhances signageOS’s extensive compatibility, including over 50 hardware platforms and operating systems, and spans hundreds of different SoC displays and external players. By incorporating ChromeOS, signageOS offers businesses greater flexibility in managing their digital signage devices across a broader range of operating systems.

This integration provides numerous benefits for customers using ChromeOS devices. signageOS’s support for ChromeOS integrates with the Google Workspace API, ensuring compatibility within the Google ecosystem and facilitating easy provisioning. This enables businesses to use familiar tools and workflows, such as Bulk Provisioning, to enhance productivity and minimize the learning curve for new technologies.

Additionally, signageOS enhances Chrome Device Management with advanced digital signage-specific features for ChromeOS devices. A notable feature is ‘Power Scheduling,’ which allows users to set on/off schedules for displays connected to ChromeOS-based players. This optimizes energy consumption and extends the lifespan of both the players and displays by ensuring they are active only when necessary. These enhancements provide Google ChromeOS users with additional tools to streamline the management of their digital signage devices, making operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, the ChromeOS support includes out-of-the-box control of connected displays, managing brightness, input sources, volume, and other settings. Users benefit from a unified platform for managing ChromeOS devices alongside other hardware through a single interface. Leveraging ChromeOS’s security, simplicity, and speed, users can expect a reliable and efficient digital signage experience while utilizing signageOS’s comprehensive tools.

“We are excited to bring advanced, digital signage-specific features to ChromeOS, providing our users with increased flexibility and control. This integration allows businesses to efficiently manage their digital signage devices with the power and simplicity of ChromeOS, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing the value of their digital signage investments,” said Lukas Danek, Chief Product Officer of signageOS.

For more info on signageOS visit:

Digital Signage Awards 2025: Open for Entries


The Digital Signage Awards 2025 is set to honor outstanding achievements in the digital signage industry. Known for its independence and impartiality, this international competition has been celebrating innovation, creativity, and excellence for over fifteen years. The awards invite entries from June 1 to September 30, with the ceremony scheduled for February 3, 2025.

The competition includes 24 categories, featuring two prestigious Gold awards. These categories aim to recognize the best in digital signage projects, products, and services globally. The categories are divided into four main groups:

  1. Project Excellence
  2. Creative Excellence
  3. Product & Services Excellence
  4. Outstanding Achievement

Notable categories include Most Promising and Impressive Start-up, which targets startups established after October 1, 2022. The Outstanding Individual category is awarded by SIXTEEN:NINE, a leading industry media outlet, based on ongoing assessments. Companies entering the Outstanding Company category must participate in at least one other category to qualify.

Each company can submit up to five entries. Agencies submitting on behalf of clients are also limited to five entries per client.

Entries must cover the period from July 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024. New companies must have started operations after October 1, 2022, and demonstrate one full year of trading.

Key Dates

  • Entries Open: June 1, 2024
  • Entries Close: September 30, 2024
  • Awards Ceremony: February 3, 2025

For those interested in entering the competition, detailed information about the categories, submission guidelines, and criteria is available on the official Digital Signage Awards website at

Ynvisible and CondAlign Partner to Integrate E-Paper into Smart Applications


Ynvisible Interactive Inc., a provider of printed low-power e-paper display products, has entered into a commercial agreement with Norwegian material technology company CondAlign AS. This partnership will leverage CondAlign’s E-Align anisotropic, conductive film to enhance the integration of Ynvisible’s e-paper displays with various electronic devices, opening up new market opportunities and applications.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Flexible and Thin Solutions: Traditional connectors for electronic components are often rigid and bulky, which is unsuitable for small, flexible products like labels and cards.
  • Enhanced Integration: CondAlign’s proprietary film acts as a flexible tape, enabling seamless connection of e-paper displays with other electronic components in mass production processes.
  • Expanding Market Potential: The collaboration allows Ynvisible to tap into high-growth markets such as smart cards and smart labels, creating significant business opportunities.

Ynvisible’s printed e-paper displays require connectivity to other electronic components and systems to develop new products. Traditional connectors are not compatible with Ynvisible’s thin and flexible displays, limiting their application in products like smart cards and labels. The partnership with CondAlign addresses these limitations, enabling Ynvisible to create flexible and thin e-paper-based solutions for emerging markets.

Using E-Align as a bonding solution will accelerate several development initiatives for Ynvisible, including those announced in Q4 2023. This strategic move broadens Ynvisible’s market reach and reinforces its position as a leader in sustainable, low-power display solutions.

CondAlign specializes in electric and thermal anisotropic conductive materials. Their E-Align film enhances electronic component integration by functioning as a double-sided tape, creating both mechanical and electrical connections. CondAlign’s roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques align with Ynvisible’s production methods, ensuring a faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

CondAlign’s CEO, Harald Wahl Breivik, highlighted that their E-Align film plays a pivotal role in creating cost-efficient and eco-friendly flexible electronic products, making the partnership with Ynvisible highly significant.

Ynvisible is integrating the E-Align film into a new digital signage module, aiming to standardize this bonding method across its product range. This innovation will expedite production and reduce costs, resulting in thinner, more flexible, and sustainable final products.

Milton Fernandes, Enterprise Project Manager at Ynvisible, highlighted the advancement this collaboration brings, noting that including new sustainable solutions and expanding business opportunities marks a significant step forward for both companies.

About Ynvisible

Ynvisible is a company specializing in low-cost and ultra-low-power display technology through advances in sustainable electronics and roll-to-roll printing production. Their printed e-paper displays are ideal for applications such as digital signage, smart monitoring labels, and retail signage. Ynvisible combines expertise in electrochromic materials, inks, and systems, offering services and technology to brand owners developing smart objects and IoT products. For more information, visit

For further information on CondAlign, visit

Wildstone Acquires Iconic ‘Berlin Videowall’ Digital Billboard


Berlin, Germany – Wildstone, a leading owner of outdoor media infrastructure in the UK and Europe, has acquired the Berlin Videowall, a prominent out-of-home (OOH) advertising site in Germany. This 104m² digital billboard, located on the historical Kurfürstendamm, features anamorphic 3D capabilities and operates 24/7, reaching over 181,000 viewers daily.

The Berlin Videowall is the largest digital advertising installation in central Berlin and one of the largest LED screens in Germany approved for third-party advertising in public spaces. Wildstone purchased the site from LIMES, a German outdoor advertising specialist. LIMES will continue as the exclusive long-term marketer and media operator.

The acquisition allows LIMES to gain financial flexibility for new products and expansion while focusing on its core competence of media sales. Wildstone, now responsible for the site’s ownership and operation, can focus on optimizing the performance and visibility of the installation.

This acquisition represents a strategic expansion for Wildstone into high-quality, inner-city advertising spaces. The Berlin Videowall adds to Wildstone’s portfolio following its establishment in Germany last year with the acquisition of AdverTower, an OOH advertising group.

Stefan Bergler, Regional Director DACH at Wildstone, stated: “Acquiring the Berlin Videowall, the crown jewel of Berlin’s outdoor advertising scene, represents a significant milestone for Wildstone. We are proud to add this iconic OOH location to our portfolio. This deal enables LIMES to focus on their core competency of media sales, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Tobias Assies, Managing Director of LIMES, commented: “This is a new chapter for LIMES Berlin Videowall, allowing both partners to fully utilize their strengths. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Wildstone on this and other projects, maximizing the creative and commercial impact of Berlin’s premier digital advertising installation.”

About LIMES LIMES is a German outdoor advertising specialist focused on media sales and innovative advertising solutions. With a strong market presence, LIMES continues to drive creativity and impact in digital advertising.

STRATACACHE Acquires MasterPoint to Expand Digital Retail Services in Germany

STRATACACHE, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, has announced its acquisition of MasterPoint, a digital signage systems integration, operation, and field services company based in Cologne, Germany. This acquisition enhances STRATACACHE’s footprint in Europe, complementing previous acquisitions of Idklic in Belgium, Scala in the Netherlands, Walkbase in Finland, and Sys-Teams in the United Kingdom.

By acquiring MasterPoint, STRATACACHE aims to bolster its digital solution installation, integration, and field services capabilities in Europe, particularly within Germany, the continent’s largest economy. This expansion supports STRATACACHE’s investments in large-scale digital signage network operations, exemplified by Scala. As global brands increasingly adopt digital solutions to enhance retail customer experiences, STRATACACHE continues to provide cutting-edge, cost-effective technology.

MasterPoint’s experienced team, consisting of project managers, technicians, engineers, and installers, will offer localized support in Germany and the Benelux region. Their expertise includes:

  • Strategy, planning, and production of large-scale digital signage projects
  • Coordination and logistics with clients and solution providers
  • Deployment, technical support, operations, and field service response
  • Digital signage solution expansion and optimization
  • Retail media network deployment, support, and operational outsourcing

“The acquisition of MasterPoint is a significant step in STRATACACHE’s global strategy, reinforcing our commitment to supporting leading global brands,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “In the post-pandemic era, retailers, FMCG, and hospitality brands are investing heavily in retail digital experiences. We aim to meet their operational needs worldwide with a single call.”

Dirk Huelsermann, head of STRATACACHE Capital and leader of the MasterPoint acquisition team, stated, “In 2024-2025, we will establish service locations in Hamburg, Munich, and Dresden to complement our Cologne MasterPoint headquarters, ensuring efficient service across all regions of the German market.”

STRATACACHE Capital evaluates over 300 acquisition deals annually worldwide, focusing on investments that enhance or complement STRATACACHE’s portfolio of smart digital signage offerings, including software, hardware, services, and support.

For more information, visit STRATACACHE.

IGEL and LG Electronics Collaborate to Enhance Digital Displays in Healthcare and Beyond


SAN FRANCISCO – IGEL, a prominent provider of secure endpoint operating systems, has announced a strategic collaboration with LG Electronics. This partnership aims to deliver secure, seamless, and engaging digital experiences on large-screen LG Business Solutions displays. This move marks IGEL’s entry into the operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors.

The new initiative will initially focus on healthcare facilities, leveraging IGEL’s Preventative Security Model™ to minimize potential attack vectors. Utilizing a secure Linux operating system, IGEL OS offers a robust Zero Trust approach to IT security, enabling customers across various industries to securely manage content on LG’s large-screen displays.

“LG’s commercial display solutions are transforming how organizations communicate information in various markets,” said Jim Airdo, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances at IGEL. “Our expanded collaboration empowers healthcare and other industries to create secure digital environments that captivate and inform audiences without risk.”

Michael Kosla, Senior Vice President of LG Business Solutions USA, added, “Our collaboration with IGEL has provided enhanced flexibility for cloud-enabled digital workspaces. IGEL’s entry into the OT market brings secure, engaging digital experiences to large-screen LG displays for the first time.”

The collaboration focuses on enhancing customer experience through IGEL’s cloud-based software solution, which enables healthcare users to access tailored cloud solutions for LG digital signage, interactive displays, and video walls within a user-friendly management environment.

About IGEL

IGEL is a leading provider of secure endpoint OS for enterprises, designed for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and secure browsing. IGEL OS offers a seamless user experience, easy management, cost savings, and supports a Zero Trust security approach through its unique Preventative Security Model. Trusted by leaders in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and government sectors, IGEL has a robust ecosystem with over 100 integrated partners and representation in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit IGEL’s website.

Sharp Exits LCD Panel Production, Shifts Focus to AI


Sharp Corporation has announced its decision to exit the large LCD panel production market, marking a significant shift in its business strategy. This move involves closing its 10th-generation LCD plant in Sakai, Japan, by September 2024. The Sakai factory, which was the world’s first 10th-generation display line when it opened in 2009, has faced financial challenges due to intense competition from Chinese manufacturers, resulting in declining prices and reduced profit margins.

Sharp President and CEO Wu Po-hsuan stated, “This was a difficult decision, but the display landscape is evolving rapidly. We believe the future lies in AI, and we are excited to focus our resources on developing innovative new technologies in this field.”

The company’s exit extends beyond the Sakai plant. Sharp will also reduce the production of smaller display panels at other facilities to streamline operations and allocate more resources to AI ventures. This strategic pivot comes as the market increasingly shifts towards OLED technology, which offers superior picture quality and thinner profiles compared to LCDs.

Sharp’s financial situation highlights the need for this transition. The company posted a net loss of nearly 150 billion yen (about 960 million dollars) for the fiscal year ending in March 2024, marking its second consecutive year of losses.

The future of Sharp-branded TVs remains uncertain. The company may continue to sell TVs using LCD panels manufactured by other companies or could potentially license its brand to other TV manufacturers. This exit from LCD production reflects a broader industry trend, with OLED technology becoming increasingly popular, especially in the high-end TV segment.

Sharp’s decision marks a significant change in the display technology industry. The company has been a major player in the LCD market for decades, and its pioneering work in 10th-generation displays helped shape the industry. However, the rapidly changing technological landscape and competitive pressures have driven Sharp to focus on the growing field of AI. As Sharp embraces AI, its expertise and innovative capabilities will be essential in navigating the exciting new frontiers of this rapidly developing field.

Ocean Outdoor Announces New CEO and Leadership Transition


Ocean Outdoor, a leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising company, has announced a key leadership change. Stephen Joseph, the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will become the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective January 1, 2025. Tim Bleakley, the current CEO, will transition to the role of Chairman of Ocean’s Board of Directors.

Stephen Joseph, who has been with Ocean Outdoor since 2009, will succeed Tim Bleakley as CEO. Under Joseph’s leadership, the company aims to continue its trajectory of innovation and growth within the DOOH advertising sector.

Tim Bleakley, who has served as CEO for 14 years, will move into the role of Chairman. Bleakley has been instrumental in transforming Ocean Outdoor into a globally recognized brand known for its technology and premium advertising locations.

Reflecting on his tenure, Tim Bleakley said, “Leading the Ocean team over the last 14 years has been a privilege. I am incredibly proud of our achievements, including becoming a world-recognized brand. Now is the right time for a transition. Stephen is a proven leader with deep expertise in outdoor advertising, and he is the right person to lead Ocean into its next phase of growth.”

Stephen Joseph expressed his excitement about his new role, stating, “I am honored to assume the Group CEO role at Ocean, a company known for innovation and challenging the status quo. Under Tim’s leadership, Ocean has grown significantly. We will continue to evolve, drawing on the creativity and culture that have driven our success.”

Melissa Bethell, the current Board Chair of Ocean, added, “On behalf of Atairos, Ocean’s majority owner, and the full Ocean Board, I thank Tim for his leadership and contributions. He oversaw Ocean’s transformation into a creative force and DOOH leader across seven European countries, including recent expansion into Germany.”


Proto Hologram Introduces Holoportation Technology at JFK Airport


Proto Hologram, a leading company from Los Angeles, has installed its advanced hologram devices at JFK Airport’s Terminal 4, marking the first use of such technology in an airport. This innovative installation provides travelers with an immersive and interactive experience using cutting-edge holographic technology.

Proto Hologram is well-known for its patented devices and secure holoportation platform, making significant contributions across sectors such as enterprise, entertainment, education, healthcare, and retail. Their devices have been featured at prominent New York locations, including Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center, Moynihan Station, NYU, and the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets.

The new installation at JFK’s Terminal 4 represents a significant advancement in passenger experience. The life-like, free-standing hologram display projects people, animals, and objects in volumetric 4K resolution, creating a realistic presence. This innovation provides travelers with visually captivating and interactive experiences.

A highlight of the installation was a live session with Howie Mandel, the star of America’s Got Talent and a Proto advisor. Mandel’s hologram interacted with travelers, offering a unique and engaging experience. Previously, Mandel had recorded a hologram explaining Terminal 4’s T4 Arts & Culture program and the Proto technology. This time, he appeared live, adding a dynamic element to the traveler’s experience.

Additionally, the Proto hologram at JFK features presentations by Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny. Breheny’s hologram introduces travelers to various animals, including sloths, alligators, pelicans, and warthogs, providing an engaging experience that showcases the potential of holographic technology across different sectors.

Proto’s technology is particularly notable for its real-time interaction capabilities. Guests can beam in live through the Proto device to engage with travelers in real-time, creating a dynamic and interactive environment. This feature opens up numerous possibilities for enhancing passenger engagement and providing unique entertainment and informational experiences at the airport.

David Nussbaum, Inventor and CEO of Proto Inc., stated, “There’s something like magic that happens when people see Proto holograms for the first time. At JFK Terminal 4, the whole world is stopping by and having this experience every day. To see the New York area’s best people and places represented in our devices in this amazing space really is a dream come true.”

By introducing this technology at one of the world’s busiest airports, Proto is setting a new standard for passenger experience and engagement, transforming public spaces and demonstrating the incredible potential of holograms to captivate and inform travelers in ways previously unimaginable.

About Proto Hologram

Proto’s influence extends across multiple industries, with an impressive client list that includes Amazon AWS, Verizon, Accenture, PwC, Christie’s, and NBC Universal. The company distributes its large Proto Epic and smaller Proto M devices, along with its hologram AI platform and spatial computing services, from showrooms in New York, London, Dubai, Seoul, and beyond, demonstrating its commitment to delivering innovative holographic solutions globally. Web:

Polywell Computers Introduces the Innovative OPS-X58 Android PC

Polywell Computers introduces the OPS-X58 Android PC, a new product designed to enhance the digital signage experience. With dual HDMI for output and input to integrate multiple video feeds, this device transforms large format displays into powerful Android PCs, offering a streamlined solution for various environments.

Advantages of the OPS-X58 Android System

The OPS-X58 stands out by combining the OPS form factor with Android 13, offering unique benefits:

  • Wide Range of Applications: The Android app ecosystem enables customized digital signage solutions, from interactive displays to specialized content creation.
  • Easy Maintenance: The OPS-X58’s modular design allows for quick upgrades and minimal downtime by simply swapping out the OPS module.
  • Dual HDMI Interfaces: The OPS-X58 features two HDMI interfaces, including an HDMI-out for content display and an HDMI-in for integrating multiple video feeds. This capability is ideal for video walls and complex signage setups.

The OPS-X58 integrates seamlessly with compatible digital signage displays, eliminating the need for external computers and excess cables. This design provides a professional and efficient solution for digital signage.

Versatile Applications for the OPS-X58

The OPS-X58 is suitable for various applications:

  • Digital Signage: Ideal for dynamic content in retail, restaurants, and transportation hubs. The dual HDMI ports enhance display engagement.
  • Video Walls: Powers large video walls, providing a seamless visual experience by combining multiple video feeds.
  • Medical Displays: Useful in hospitals and clinics for displaying patient information and medical imaging.
  • Education: Enhances interactive learning in classrooms and lecture halls.

Additionally, Polywell offers the SwapPC, a class of industrial PCs designed for high-availability applications. The OPS-X58’s compatibility with SwapPC solutions provides flexibility for digital signage needs, ensuring continuous content delivery even if one module fails.

Seamless Management and Control

Polywell supports a robust software ecosystem for managing digital signage. Partnerships with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS) providers ensure smooth integration and control. Key partners include:

  • Radix VISO MDM/EMM: Provides mobile device management tools for remote provisioning, configuration, and security of OPS-X58 deployments.
  • NoviSign CMS: Offers a platform for creating, scheduling, and delivering dynamic content to digital signage networks.

Technical Specifications of the OPS-X58

The OPS-X58 Android PC offers powerful specifications:

  • Processor: Quad-Core ARM® Cortex®-A55 and Dual-Core ARM® Cortex®-A76 processors for smooth operation.
  • Display: Dual HDMI displays supporting 4K resolution at 60Hz.
  • Memory and Storage: Configurations with 4GB or 8GB of LPDDR4x memory and storage options from 16GB to 128GB of eMMC 5.1 storage.
  • Connectivity: Multiple USB ports (USB 3.0, Type-C, and MicroSD), Gigabit Ethernet, and options for WiFi/BT and 4G LTE capabilities.

For more visit:

Global OOH Advertising Market Set for Significant Growth by 2028: TBRC Report

The global OOH (out-of-home) advertising market is witnessing substantial growth. According to a report by The Business Research Company, the market is projected to increase from $29.8 billion in 2023 to $31.7 billion in 2024, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4%. By 2028, it is expected to reach $38.39 billion. Key drivers of this growth include urbanization, digital transformation, and increased advertising budgets.

Find the TBRC report summary on the market segmentation, drivers, trends, and competitive landscape shaping the future of OOH advertising.

Market Segmentation and Dynamics

The OOH advertising market is segmented into various categories:

  • Types of OOH Advertising:
    • Billboards: Dominant due to their extensive reach and visibility.
    • Street Furniture: Includes ads on bus shelters, kiosks, and public benches, strategically placed in high-traffic areas.
    • Transit Advertising: Ads on buses, trains, subways, and taxis, targeting commuters.
    • Other Types: Place-based advertising in locations like airports, shopping malls, and stadiums.
  • Platforms:
    • Static OOH: Traditional forms such as billboards and posters.
    • Digital OOH (DOOH): Includes digital screens and interactive displays, offering dynamic and engaging content.
  • End Users:
    • Vehicle Industry: Utilizes large-format ads in urban areas and highways.
    • Food & Beverage Sector: Targets consumers in busy city centers and transit hubs.
    • Health & Medical Industry: Promotes services and products in frequented areas by potential patients.
    • Consumer Goods: Uses OOH to boost brand visibility and drive sales.
    • Personal Services: Local businesses attract customers through OOH advertising.

Key Drivers of Growth

Several factors are propelling the growth of the OOH advertising market:

  • Urbanization: With increasing urban populations, the potential audience for OOH advertising expands, enhancing its effectiveness.
  • Digital Transformation: The shift to digital platforms, such as programmatic advertising, allows for more targeted and efficient campaigns. This includes real-time updates and personalized messaging, improving engagement and ROI.
  • Increased Advertising Budgets: Companies are allocating more funds to OOH advertising, recognizing its impact on brand awareness and consumer action.

Market Trends

Key trends influencing the OOH advertising market include:

  • Programmatic Advertising: The adoption of programmatic technology is revolutionizing OOH advertising. Automated, data-driven systems optimize campaigns, allowing for real-time bidding and precise targeting.
  • Technological Advancements: Innovations like interactive billboards, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) offer new ways to engage consumers. Interactive billboards respond to viewer actions, while AR and VR provide immersive experiences.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: The industry is increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, such as using sustainable materials for billboards and energy-efficient digital displays powered by LED and solar energy.

Competitive Landscape

The OOH advertising market is dominated by several key players (only listed 3 names below):

  • JCDecaux Group: A leader in outdoor advertising, JCDecaux is expanding its digital footprint and exploring new markets. The company focuses on innovation and sustainability.
  • Clear Channel Outdoor: Known for its network of billboards and transit ads, Clear Channel Outdoor invests heavily in programmatic advertising and data analytics, offering personalized advertising solutions.
  • Lamar Advertising: Focuses on digital displays and sustainability initiatives. Lamar integrates renewable energy sources and develops eco-friendly advertising materials to attract environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Plus more…

Future Outlook

The OOH advertising market’s future looks promising with advancements in digital technology and increasing urbanization. AI and data analytics will enhance effectiveness by offering insights into consumer behavior, enabling precise targeting and optimized campaigns.

Recognizing the value of OOH advertising in reaching broad audiences, the market is set for substantial growth. Innovative and eco-friendly solutions will be crucial for companies to gain a competitive edge.


The global OOH advertising market is on a robust growth trajectory, driven by urbanization, digital transformation, and increased advertising budgets. With advancements in technology and a focus on sustainability, the market is set to expand significantly in the coming years. Companies that invest in innovative and eco-friendly advertising solutions are likely to gain a competitive edge in this dynamic and evolving market.

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DSS Europe 2024 Highlights: Shift to Software-Defined Visual Solutions


Munich – The 52nd Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS Europe) concluded successfully at the Hilton Munich Airport, bringing together 450 industry professionals to explore the evolving landscape of digital signage and digital-out-of-home (DooH) solutions. This year’s summit focused on the increasing significance of software in the industry, a trend that is expected to see software contributions surpass those of hardware for the first time.

Key Trends and Topics

The summit addressed several pivotal trends, including the imperative to reduce energy consumption and the industry’s gradual adoption of new technologies. Industry leaders and emerging disruptors participated in 49 keynote addresses, best practice sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, emphasizing the theme “Connecting Signage: The Shift to Software-Defined Visual Solutions.”

Sponsor and Exhibitor Engagement

Google ChromeOS headlined the event, joined by Lenovo, Intel, and M-Cube, among others. Craig Francis, Google ChromeOS EMEA’s Digital Signage Partner Manager, highlighted the summit’s role in fostering industry collaboration and growth. Lenovo’s Johanny Payero noted the meaningful partnerships and opportunities emerging from their involvement as a Premium Event Partner.

Exhibitors like DynaScan, Sharp NEC, Sony, Samsung, Ameria, and Vanguard showcased cutting-edge digital signage solutions. A special “Green Signage Hall of Fame” featured brands with notable sustainability credentials, reflecting the industry’s growing commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Expert Insights and Innovations

DSS Europe’s comprehensive conference program featured 81 speakers discussing critical topics, including IT security and software development standards. Samsung’s VXT platform was presented as a potential industry gamechanger, sparking debate among attendees.

The summit also saw the launch of the invidis Digital Signage Software Compass, a vendor-neutral CMS comparison tool designed to bring clarity to the software market. Compass evaluates categories like User Interface, Operations, APIs, and Sustainability, providing a valuable resource for industry professionals.

Women in Technology Networking Event

For the first time, DSS Europe hosted a Women in Technology Networking Event, organized by Lenovo, Intel, and Google ChromeOS. This event facilitated discussions on unconscious bias in AI and the importance of inclusive technological development, receiving positive feedback from participants.

Industry Recognition and Future Outlook

The invidis Strategy Awards celebrated strategic excellence in digital signage, honoring innovations such as PPDS/Deutsche Telekom’s green ePaper DooH screen and Broadsign’s adoption of greener software practices. The newly released invidis Yearbook offered attendees comprehensive market intelligence and insights into the future of signage and software.

Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of invidis and summit co-chair, praised the event for its high level of industry knowledge exchange and the presentation of revolutionary technologies poised to shape the future of digital signage.

About DSS Europe and Organizers

Co-hosted by invidis Consulting and Integrated Systems Events, DSS Europe remains the leading strategy conference for digital signage and DooH. Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and invidis consulting continue to provide pivotal industry insights and foster collaboration through their respective events and publications.

For further information on future events and publications, visit Integrated Systems Europe, invidis consulting, AVIXA, and CEDIA.

Wildstone Expands into Australia’s OOH Market, Appoints Noel Cook as Managing Director


Sydney, Australia – Wildstone, the leading owner of outdoor media infrastructure in the UK and Europe, has announced its expansion into Australia’s A$1.07 billion out-of-home (OOH) advertising market. The company has appointed Noel Cook, co-founder of oOh! Media, to lead its Australian operations.

Following its success in Europe, where it has developed over 5,000 static and digital OOH assets since 2010, Wildstone is poised to enter the Australian market. The company plans to acquire existing OOH portfolios, develop new locations, and convert static sites to digital formats. This expansion aims to bring innovative digital solutions to Australia, enhancing commercial opportunities for media operators and landlords.

Wildstone prioritizes the digitisation of static OOH sites. According to WARC, 70% of Australian OOH advertising spend is already focused on digital, with a forecasted growth rate of 14%. Wildstone’s expertise in digital OOH is expected to contribute significantly to this growth, offering advanced digital solutions that increase engagement and revenue.

Noel Cook to Lead Australian Operations

Noel Cook, with over 30 years of experience in Australia’s OOH sector, will serve as Managing Director of Wildstone Australia. Cook co-founded oOh! Media, which has a network of over 35,000 locations across Australia and New Zealand. His extensive experience in OOH sales, operations, digital conversions, and mergers and acquisitions will be crucial for Wildstone’s growth in Australia.

Australia’s dynamic OOH market, characterized by double-digit growth and significant digital revenue increases, presents a strategic opportunity for Wildstone. The company’s entry into this market is part of a broader strategy to expand into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Damian Cox, Founder and CEO of Wildstone, stated: “Expanding into Australia marks a significant milestone for Wildstone. The market offers tremendous growth potential, particularly in the digitisation of existing sites. We are delighted to have Noel Cook join our team, given his exceptional track record in the OOH industry.”

Noel Cook, Managing Director – Australia, added: “Wildstone’s success in Europe is impressive, and I am excited to help deliver the benefits of digitisation to the Australian market. This will maximize opportunities for landlords and media buyers across the country.”

About Wildstone

Wildstone is Europe’s leading owner of outdoor media infrastructure, managing over 5,000 media assets, including digital screens and classic billboards. With over 13 years of industry experience, Wildstone is known for shaping the future of the outdoor media market through the digitisation of OOH assets. The company utilizes next-generation LED screen technology for high-quality, lightweight, and slim digital installations.

Recently, Billups, a company from North America, expanded into the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market by acquiring Billie Media, underscoring the increasing focus on the dynamic and rapidly growing out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector in the ANZ region.

LG Electronics Opens Cutting-Edge Business Innovation Center in New Jersey


LG Electronics has officially opened its new Business Innovation Center (BIC) in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. This 3,600-square-foot facility, located within LG’s North American headquarters, is designed to showcase the company’s latest commercial solutions and advanced technologies to partners, resellers, and customers.

The Business Innovation Center highlights LG’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Visitors can experience a variety of LG’s display technologies, including the company’s direct-view LED (DVLED) displays. These DVLED displays, known for their clarity and performance in any lighting condition, are prominently featured in significant areas such as the CEO boardroom and a versatile 5,000-square-foot multipurpose room.

The center also integrates a wide range of commercial-grade monitors and interactive displays. In addition to showcasing display technology, the BIC highlights LG’s comprehensive commercial solutions across various industries, from hospitality to education. The center features ultrawide desktop monitors in office settings, digital displays for menu boards in the cafeteria, and large 75-inch displays for open-plan workspaces.

A key feature of the Business Innovation Center is its emphasis on sustainability. The LG headquarters in New Jersey has achieved LEED Platinum certification, demonstrating the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices. The facility includes more than 60,000 square feet of rooftop solar panels, supplying up to 30% of the building’s electricity needs during the day. Additionally, the headquarters features a 50% increase in green space, with extensive tree planting, green rooftop terraces, improved woodlands, and landscaped walking trails designed to provide employees with a natural, stress-relieving environment.

The BIC is part of a larger network of LG Business Innovation Centers across the United States, including locations in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These centers are designed to provide business clients with hands-on experiences of LG’s commercial capabilities and to foster stronger partnerships within various sectors.

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