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SHARP/NEC Unveils MultiSync M861 and M981 Displays for Professional Markets

CHICAGO – Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America (SNDSA), a global leader in the projector and display markets, and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), have announced the completion of their professional-grade M Series lineup with the introduction of the cutting-edge NEC MultiSync M861 and M981 displays. These high-end displays are designed to deliver impactful messaging in various settings, from corporate boardrooms and restaurants to retail stores, houses of worship, and command/control centers.

The latest additions to the large-format display series, the M861 and M981, boast impressive 86” and 98” diagonal screens, respectively, equipped with 500 cd/m2 anti-glare panels. This feature ensures ample backlight intensity for a wide range of commercial applications, even in brightly lit environments. The displays come with a host of premium-grade functionalities that offer unparalleled flexibility for advanced digital signage. Notable features include video/control Daisy Chain, Multi Stream Transport capabilities, SpectraView Engine color control, Quick Start, Multi-Picture Mode, and full input detect capabilities for user convenience.

Ben Hardy, Senior Product Manager, Large Format Displays for Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., stated, “These latest additions to the M Series lineup round out our product offering to provide customers with new levels of flexibility for high-end corporate conferencing or for use as digital signage displays. We have done a lot of background work to maintain the features that we know customers readily use and love while also updating certain items to the new and latest standards. We also made sure to focus on maintaining the overall robustness and expected longevity our premium-grade products were known for while slimming them down and providing lighter weight product to make integrations less strenuous.”

In addition to their robust feature set, the M861 and M981 displays offer advanced connectivity options, including the ability to add HDBaseT™, SDVoE, ATSC/NTSC Tuner, or full PC options through SDM-S/L. Furthermore, customers can add a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, granting them enhanced flexibility to meet their unique business needs. The displays also feature improved speaker quality compared to previous generations, ensuring clear and crisp audio output.

Key features of the M Series product lineup include:

  • High haze, anti-glare panel with localized dimming capabilities
  • SpectraView Engine color control for professional-level adjustments to color settings
  • Multi-Picture Mode supporting up to four simultaneous images on a single display
  • PQ/HLG/HDR10 Support for stunning visuals
  • Quick Input Switching and full input detect functionality for minimal downtime and failover capabilities
  • Key Lock/IR Lock to protect against vandalism or unintentional changes to the display
  • Integrated Cooling Fans and temperature sensors for temperature regulation and prevention of overheating
  • Quick Power Feature for rapid startup
  • Low Latency Mode for quick reaction times
  • Integrated 10W x 2 Speakers
  • Energy Star 8.0 compatibility

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Clear Channel Outdoor Partners with Westin Las Vegas Hotel for High-Impact Advertising


NEW YORK – Clear Channel Outdoor, a global leader in outdoor advertising, has partnered with the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa to offer advertisers three prominent outdoor advertising displays. These displays are strategically placed to capture the attention of tourists visiting Las Vegas, coinciding with the upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix in November. Advertisers can leverage this opportunity to reach affluent audiences, international travelers, and a diverse array of visitors attending major events, including the Super Bowl in February 2024, CES, and NFR.

With Las Vegas set to host a record-breaking Formula 1 Fan Experience from November 16-18, 2023, with over 300,000 expected attendees, Clear Channel Outdoor’s ‘Westin Spectacular Domination’ assets, featuring cutting-edge digital signage, promise to be highly visible along the Grand Prix track.

Adam Barthelmess, President of CCOA-Las Vegas, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “Our new digital spectaculars at the Westin offer advertisers premium visibility, arriving at a prime moment as we approach the highly anticipated Formula 1 race. Brands can engage with sophisticated consumers through these captivating displays, enhancing their presence throughout the city during an unforgettable season in Vegas.”

Clear Channel Outdoor is uniquely positioned as one of the leading outdoor advertising providers in Las Vegas, offering a wide range of media displays, including digital and printed spectaculars, roadside digital displays, airport advertising, and traditional printed assets. This comprehensive portfolio enables brands to execute effective and comprehensive advertising campaigns. Moreover, Clear Channel Outdoor’s 500+ printed displays already reach 92% of adults 18+ weekly, as confirmed by Geopath OOH Ratings (June 2021) and Scarborough Release 1 (2022).

The three digital displays available through the Westin Spectacular Domination initiative are:

  • The Vertical Digital Spectacular (46 feet high x 18 feet wide)
  • South Wallscape Spectacular (130 feet high x 200 feet wide x 2)
  • East Wallscape Spectacular (130 feet high x 50 feet wide)

The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is conveniently located just 1.5 blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, making it a preferred choice for business travelers. Situated on Flamingo Rd., a major route to The Strip, the Westin caters to tourists seeking proximity to the city’s renowned entertainment district.


SOB Modernizes Alpine Rail Info with Easescreen


Switzerland – Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB), a major railroad company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, is reshaping the Alpine rail travel experience through its visionary “Digital Rail Access” project, powered by easescreen technology. With an extensive network spanning eastern and central Switzerland, SOB’s famous routes include the Voralpen-Express and various suburban lines.

Easescreen’s versatility drives the core of the project, revitalizing the way passengers access essential information throughout their journeys:

Departure Monitors: Real-time updates on train departures provided by easescreen-equipped monitors offer passengers the latest schedule information, reducing uncertainties and enhancing reliability.

Destination Displays: Easescreen ensures that destination displays provide passengers with crucial information about arrival times and stations, simplifying travel planning and navigation.

Smart Information Displays: At the heart of the project, these state-of-the-art touchscreens, powered by easescreen, are strategically positioned throughout stations. Passengers can effortlessly access information about upcoming departures, detailed schedules, and platform-specific data. This interactive feature ensures passengers have the latest information at their fingertips from station entry to boarding.

SOB’s commitment to passenger-centric innovation is not just admirable; it’s a game-changer. Easescreen technology eliminates reliance on traditional printed schedules and public announcements, offering travelers seamless digital access to essential information.

Kilchenmann AG, SOB’s technology partner, has been instrumental in the project’s success, providing expert media technology planning and programming services for the seamless integration of easescreen’s capabilities with existing infrastructure.

As travelers worldwide embrace digital travel solutions, Schweizerische Südostbahn AG’s forward-thinking approach, powered by easescreen, promises to revolutionize train info system in eastern and central Switzerland.

With departure monitors, destination displays, and smart information displays, easescreen is leading the charge toward a future where technology transforms Alpine rail travel into a seamless, user-friendly experience.

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Enrique Tomás Chooses for Its New Vending Machines at Barcelona Airport


Barcelona- Enrique Tomás, the world’s leading ham chain, has partnered with to deploy a series of displays in its new vending machines at the airport, featuring iiyama displays, for its latest vending machine venture at Barcelona Airport.

Launching the first phase of this exciting project, 30 Enrique Tomás GO!urmet vending stores are strategically positioned throughout the airport. These vending machines offer an extensive selection of Enrique Tomás’ signature products, including Iberian and acorn-fed hams, ham sandwiches, chips, snacks, and natural orange juices. A standout feature is the “Tomasón,” a soft bread filled with premium ham, poised to captivate millions of global consumers through this innovative vending model.

What sets this initiative apart is its focus on sustainability. Enrique Tomás has embraced a “Green Signage” approach, prioritizing minimal electricity consumption by choosing lightweight software with an integrated internal player within the screens. Jorge Cruz, CIO of Enrique Tomás, emphasized, “We wanted a software that was lightweight and could work with an internal player inside the screen to minimize the electronic components at the physical point.”

For this, Enrique Tomás turned to’s multi-award-winning digital signage software, renowned for its user-friendliness. This software empowers the ham chain to manage product campaigns, showcase its corporate image, and educate customers about the unmatched quality of Enrique Tomás products in these vending machines. Cruz stressed the importance of this approach, stating, “This model requires that the quality of Enrique Tomás is explained in an easy and entertaining way while ensuring that buying our products from the vending machines guarantees freshness.”

Through, Enrique Tomás efficiently synchronizes multiple screens of various sizes and locations, schedules different broadcast slots, and categorizes content by location and type. The Marketing department remotely manages content, while the IT team monitors equipment from the company’s Barcelona headquarters.

Enrique Tomás has ambitious plans to expand this self-service vending model to other high-traffic locations such as subway stations, transportation hubs, football stadiums, and corporate offices. Toni Viñals, CEO of, expressed excitement, stating, “We are pleased that our platform has been chosen by Enrique Tomás for this disruptive business model. Digital signage will create a captivating communication channel to attract customers and increase sales through dynamic, attractive visual content.”

Enrique Tomás praised as a local partner integral to deploying and adopting the system’s capabilities. This partnership is set to redefine vending machine experiences, delivering a memorable and convenient ham experience to travelers and consumers.


PPDS Transforms Oral Roberts University Athletic Center with Cutting-Edge Technology


A Partnership with PPDS and NWN Carousel Elevates Communication and Learning
Oklahoma – Oral Roberts University (ORU), a globally renowned Christian university, has unveiled its state-of-the-art Mike Carter Athletic Center (MCAC), setting new standards for athletic facilities with the integration of cutting-edge technology. In collaboration with PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays, and NWN Carousel, a cloud-based communications specialist, ORU has redefined communication and learning environments within the MCAC.

Challenge: Elevating Communication and Learning
ORU’s mission to provide a diverse and multicultural educational experience for over 5,000 students from more than 145 nations led to a $15 million investment in the MCAC. The challenge was clear: transform the facility into a hub of advanced communication and learning opportunities for students, athletes, and visitors.

Solution: Technology at the Core
Partnering with PPDS and NWN Carousel, ORU embarked on a transformative journey:

  • Ground Floor Digital Signage Displays: To facilitate communication and engagement, ten 43″ Philips D-Line digital signage displays were strategically placed throughout the gym area, providing real-time information and branding.
  • Academic Center Reception Display: A 75″ Philips D-Line display, positioned at the Academic Center’s entrance, serves as a welcoming beacon for students while offering branding and marketing opportunities.
  • Academic Center Team Room LED Wall: The centerpiece of the Academic Center’s Team Room is a stunning 16ft x 9ft 1.5 pixel pitch Philips 6000 Series direct view LED (dvLED) wall. With the ability to display content beyond 8K and refresh rates up to 3840 Hz, this LED wall ensures an immersive and clear viewing experience for all occupants.

Results: A Seamless Transformation
The results of this collaboration have been nothing short of exceptional:

  • The project, executed with precision and efficiency by PPDS, was completed in a mere two days, half the initially estimated timeline.
  • The MCAC officially opened its doors in May, now equipped with state-of-the-art visual solutions for communication and learning.
  • Ron Lee, Director of Infrastructure and Cyber Security at ORU, lauded the quality and modular design of PPDS panels.
  • Ken Thompson, Solutions Architect at NWN Carousel, highlighted the seamless deployment achieved through effective communication between ORU, PPDS, and their team.
  • Mitch Rosenberg, Director of dvLED at PPDS, commended the collaborative effort, underscoring the smoothness and efficiency of the installation process.

Conclusion: A Vision Realized

The partnership between ORU, PPDS, and NWN Carousel has transformed the MCAC into a technologically advanced facility, supporting not only elite athletes but also enhancing communication and learning opportunities for all students and visitors. This collaboration exemplifies the power of technology to elevate educational and athletic environments. ORU’s commitment to innovation ensures that the MCAC stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence in education and athletics.

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Uniguest Unveils a Modern and User-Friendly Interface for Onelan Digital Signage CMS

Uniguest, a prominent player in digital engagement technology serving various industries, is excited to announce a significant update to its widely used Onelan digital signage software CMS. The release of Onelan 23.1 brings with it a long-awaited redesigned user interface (UI) and an enhanced user experience (UX) that aims to improve the overall user interaction with digital content.

The latest release marks a significant step forward for Onelan users, as it unveils a complete overhaul of the system’s UI. The objective is to provide a contemporary and intuitive look and feel that enables users to effortlessly create and deliver engaging content to their audiences. This UI refresh not only presents a sleek and modern design but also simplifies workflows, making Onelan’s powerful digital signage content management tools more accessible and efficient.

Matt Goche, Chief Executive Officer of Uniguest, expressed his enthusiasm for the latest update: “We are pleased to introduce our new look and feel for the Onelan platform, offering our users a modern and more intuitive experience. Our development team has worked diligently to design an interface that aligns with our goal of providing an outstanding user experience. We have made substantial investments to bring this update to the market and hope that our end users and partners will appreciate the progress this update brings to the platform.”

He underscored Uniguest’s dedication to maintaining its position in enterprise digital signage, stating, “Uniguest is a notable player in enterprise digital signage, and this release ensures that our platform’s aesthetics and workflows are in line with the capabilities of our advanced technologies.”

Uniguest’s Onelan 23.1 software release promises to enhance the digital signage experience for businesses and organizations across various sectors. Users can now seamlessly leverage the platform’s capabilities to create engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

For more information on Uniguest’s Onelan 23.1 software release or to explore upgrade options, visit the official website at

ZetaDisplay AB Acquires Peakmedia: Strengthening Its Presence in the DACH Region


Malmo – In a significant move to expand its market presence in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and beyond, ZetaDisplay AB, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, has acquired Peakmedia digital signage GmbH, a prominent Austrian digital signage integrator. This strategic acquisition is expected to have a positive impact on ZetaDisplay’s financial performance and is set to accelerate the company’s growth in Europe.

ZetaDisplay CEO, Per Mandorf, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “We are now proactively continuing to drive the consolidation in the European market for Digital Signage. This latest acquisition complements our DACH platform to further fuel our growth and quality ambitions. The Peakmedia team, in addition to strong financial performance, add a matching entrepreneurial focus to the group that will positively boost our ever-evolving business and culture. I’m very excited to have them join the group.”

The acquisition of Peakmedia is the latest step in ZetaDisplay’s strategy to expand its presence in the DACH markets, following its German acquisition in 2021. With Peakmedia as part of its subsidiary portfolio, ZetaDisplay gains a significant market presence that opens up new opportunities not only in DACH but also in Southern and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, where Peakmedia has existing customers. The deal also brings an attractive customer portfolio that will be leveraged for collaborative growth and expansion initiatives over time.

Peakmedia, a leading digital signage integrator in Austria, was founded in 2012 by its three founders and has since grown to manage approximately 9,000 active licensed installations with over 20 full-time employees. The company’s reach extends beyond Austria, with active installations in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Italy, and Switzerland, serving a blue-chip customer base. Peakmedia offers a comprehensive range of digital signage and audio services, including concept design, onsite installation, remote support, monitoring, and content creation.

Peakmedia co-founder and CEO, Jonas Wilhelm, commented on the acquisition, stating, “We made a strategic decision to secure our growth ambition by teaming up with a leading international full-service partner. As we scanned the market, we eventually saw ZetaDisplay as the ideal partner, combining a similar entrepreneurial culture and values, as well as an appealing international customer portfolio with attractive concepts and software development capacity.”

Wilhelm also emphasized that Peakmedia will initially continue to operate under its brand as part of ZetaDisplay to leverage its positive brand perception. Simultaneously, efforts will begin to integrate operations, business strategies, and products to align with the larger group offering.

The acquisition of Peakmedia by ZetaDisplay represents a significant step in the digital signage industry, strengthening ZetaDisplay’s position in the European market and offering exciting growth prospects for both companies as they embark on this new journey together.


Sony Unveils Crystal LED VERONA Displays for Virtual Production at IBC 2023


Amsterdam – Sony, a global leader in innovative technology solutions, has unveiled a quartet of revolutionary Crystal LED displays named VERONA, specifically tailored for Virtual Production applications. These cutting-edge displays introduce industry-leading features, including Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology, designed to empower filmmakers and content creators with unprecedented visual excellence.

The newly developed Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology delivers an exceptional blend of deep black image expression and minimal reflection, effectively mitigating contrast loss caused by ambient light from adjacent LED displays and studio lighting equipment. This groundbreaking innovation seamlessly bridges the gap between the projected image on the LED display and the actors performing in front of it, creating a harmonious fusion of virtual and real elements. This not only enhances the naturalness of the scenes but also significantly reduces the time and expenses associated with post-shooting adjustments.

In addition to its extraordinary black levels and low reflection, VERONA boasts a remarkable brightness of 1,500 cd/m²* and a wide color gamut covering over 97% of DCI-P3*, faithfully reproducing lifelike shooting environments. Furthermore, it utilizes high-performance LED driver ICs, enabling an impressive refresh rate of up to 7,680Hz, thereby drastically reducing scanline artifacts when captured by cameras. The new models, namely the ZRD-VP15EB/23EB and ZRD-VP15EM/23EM, are available in pixel pitches of P1.56mm and P2.31mm.

In the development of VERONA, Sony collaborated closely with industry professionals, actively incorporating their feedback to craft a display that precisely meets the unique requirements of the film, television, and staging communities. The new 1:1 cabinet design streamlines the assembly process for production crews, offering large easy-grip handles, locating pins for effortless alignment, and a lever-type locking mechanism that requires no additional tools. VERONA is adaptable to a variety of studio configurations, including curved, hanging, and stacking setups. The enhanced frame strength now supports the stacking of screens up to 7 meters in height. Moreover, comprehensive surface technology and various protective mechanisms safeguard the LED surface and edges from damage during installation.

Rik Willemse, Head of Professional Displays and Solutions at Sony Europe, expressed the company’s excitement, stating, “We are delighted to announce four new cutting-edge displays built for Virtual Production filmmaking that are set to elevate the realism of Virtual Production and accelerate its growth in the film industry.”

Sebastian Leske, Head of Cinema Business Development at Sony Europe, added, “Our pioneering Virtual Production technology provides comprehensive solutions that support and contribute to creators’ creative activities and allows them to make virtual sets without limits. We’re the only company who can support virtual production from end-to-end from a solutions and workflow perspective, which has allowed us to gain critical technical expertise. Because of this, we’re in a unique position to leverage our award-winning digital cinema camera VENICE and Crystal LED displays to offer the best possible Virtual Production Systems to studios of any size.”

These new displays seamlessly integrate with controllers widely used in the industry. The ZRD-VP15EB/23EB is compatible with Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40, while the ZRD-VP15EM/23EM works seamlessly with Megapixel’s HELIOS Processing Platform.

Furthermore, the new models boast an impressive 27%* reduction in power consumption when compared to the current ZRD-B15A model, underlining Sony’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

This launch follows Sony’s recent announcement of a groundbreaking Virtual Production Tool Set, designed to address common challenges in virtual production and support top-tier In-Camera VFX. The Virtual Production Tool Set comprises the Camera and Display Plugin and the color calibrator, leveraging Unreal Engine to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds, facilitating the design, visualization, and refinement of virtual production shots during PreVis. Beyond filmmaking, TV, and commercials, Sony’s Virtual Production technology is gaining traction across live events and corporate spaces, contributing to the creativity of an extensive array of content creation applications.

The highly anticipated VERONA displays are scheduled to hit the market in Spring 2024, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Virtual Production technology. Sony continues to push the boundaries of innovation, empowering storytellers and content creators with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life.

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Samsung Launches ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ in Europe at IBC 2023


Amsterdam – Samsung Electronics has officially introduced its cutting-edge digital signage series, ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ (model name: IVC), to the European market. This announcement marks a significant expansion of Samsung’s presence in the virtual production XR studio sector, following its North American release at InfoComm 2023.

The European debut of ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ coincides with its grand showcase at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023, being held in Amsterdam from September 15 to 18. This revolutionary product is set to redefine the landscape of virtual content creation, offering filmmakers, producers, and studios an unprecedented level of quality, efficiency, and creative freedom.

Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the game-changing potential of ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’: “This innovation opens the door to limitless potential for filmmakers, producers, and studios by amplifying digital effects while making virtual content creation easier, faster, and more cost-effective.”

Samsung’s leading visual display technology provides powerful production capabilities that extend the boundaries of reality. Production studios can now harness the capabilities of ultra-large LED walls to create virtual content seamlessly, integrating them with real-time visual effects technology. This integration significantly reduces both the time and cost involved in content production. ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ is at the forefront of this technology, enhancing projects with lifelike levels of detail, texture, volume, and shades in virtual content creation environments.

The new IVC model options, P1.68 and P2.1, offer a curvature range that can stretch up to 5,800R, ensuring a more realistic field of view. An updated genlock feature keeps ‘The Wall’ perfectly synchronized with the system’s signals, eliminating any dropped or doubled frames. Furthermore, an enhanced phase offset feature adjusts the time delay between the camera and screen to ensure flawless image quality.

To achieve the most accurate and consistent color representation, ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ incorporates 3D lookup tables (LUTs) for color correction, wide-gamut HDR color processing, and color adjustment between individual cabinets or modules. The integrated Virtual Production Management (VPM) software, featuring an intuitive interface, simplifies screen management and enhances picture quality in virtual production environments. VPM is also equipped to detect and resolve any potential LED-related issues.

Designed to accommodate studios of all sizes, ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ is adaptable to a variety of production environments, whether it’s a volume studio or an XR studio.

Andy Hook, Technical Solutions Director at White Light, expressed excitement about this groundbreaking technology, stating, “We’re thrilled to be supporting Samsung with the exciting launch of The Wall for Virtual Production IVC Series at this year’s IBC. These tools give us a huge scope for creating even more impactful and flexible virtual production environments and continuing to drive progress and transformation in this space.”

Key features of ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ include:

  • An improved 4:9 ratio for versatile installation options, such as hanging or stacking with other screens to maximize results in different production environments.
  • A high 12,288 Hz refresh rate to minimize flicker lines and ensure a clear outcome, regardless of the camera used during filming.
  • Black Seal Technology+ that provides pure black levels for enhanced depth and resilience to dust and particles commonly found in production environments.
  • 20-bit processing for precise color mapping, faultless accuracy, and a precise linear grayscale that captures the intricacies of every scene, offering realistic textures, volume, and continuous shadow details.

The P1.68 and P2.1 models of ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ are now available globally. This innovative product is poised to revolutionize the virtual production industry, ushering in a new era of creativity and efficiency for content creators and studios alike.

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Philips Unveils Sustainable Signage with D-Line 4650 Series

Amsterdam: PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays and dedicated AV software, has announced the latest evolution in its strategy to bring even more sustainable digital display solutions to the market with the launch of the new and enhanced Philips Signage 4650 D-Line Series of 4K displays.

The new Philips 4650 Signage Series brings together the best of Philips D-Line, along with a wave of exciting new, updated, and highly innovative features.

Designed for 24/7 use and available in 32″, 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″, and 98″ variants, the all-new Philips Signage 4650 D-Line Series is equipped with a stunning 4K (3840 x 2160), 500 cd/m2 display, along with a sleek and stylish bezel (11.9mm – 14.9mm) in a portrait or landscape mountable design.

For maximum versatility and unparalleled performance, the new Philips 4650 Series also comes equipped with Advanced Super Dimension Switch (ADS) wide-view technology, delivering faster on-display picture processing for smoother content transitions, remarkable image accuracy, and superior color reproduction with a 178-degree viewing angle.

QuadViewer also allows displays to transform into a bezel-free 2 x 2 videowall, playing multiple content/channels on the same screen, simultaneously. This ensures that Philips D-Line displays make a powerful impact in almost any indoor setting or application, including retail, corporate, education, food and beverage, transportation, entertainment, and indoor venues among primary focus markets.

The Philips 4650 Signage Series introduces a ‘dual architecture’ modular design, reducing electronic waste by enabling easy component replacement. This innovative approach extends product lifetimes and reduces waste, aligning with PPDS’s commitment to sustainability.

The series is compatible with PPDS Wave, a cloud-based remote display management ecosystem, offering enhanced control, cost savings, and sustainability benefits. It also comes with Crestron Connected as standard and features PPDS’ Smart Browser for cloud-based content control.

The Philips Signage 4650 D-Line Series has been updated from Android 8 to Android 11, bringing enhanced performance, additional capabilities, and the latest security updates. With doubled internal storage (from 16GB to 32GB) and increased RAM (from 3GB to 4GB), these displays offer improved speeds and performance.

The series includes PPDS’ ‘FailOver’ technology, ensuring that screens never go blank by automatically playing backup content during outages.

The new Philips Signage 4650 D-Line Series will be available for purchase from September. Product demonstrations can be arranged through local sales teams and PPDS Studios worldwide.

Bart Wouters, International Product Manager, Professional Displays at PPDS, emphasized the significance of this release, stating, “With the new Philips Signage 4650 Series, we have made the best even better. This is more than just a significant product update. It is a symbol of our sustainability strategy and a commitment to our customers. This is an evolving journey, and we have much more to come, so stay tuned.”

For more information about PPDS’ evolving product strategy and sustainability-focused solutions, please visit the website

Wovenmedia Teams Up with Place Exchange for programmatic OOH Media


San Francisco – Wovenmedia has partnered with Place Exchange, a leading Supply-Side Platform (SSP) for programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media. This collaboration opens new doors for retail clients to access programmatic advertising on in-store digital screens.

In recent years, in-store retail media has seen explosive growth, keeping pace with the booming online retail media sector. In-store digital screens have become powerful tools for delivering targeted messages throughout the shopping journey, from store entrances to aisles and checkouts. Advertisers are projected to spend $45 billion on retail media in 2023, surpassing connected TV at $27 billion. Given that in-store shopping makes up 85 percent of total U.S. retail sales, as reported by Statista, digital screens in stores are capturing an increasing share of advertising dollars.

Wovenmedia, a leader in in-store retail media, boasts one of the largest networks in the U.S. The integration with Place Exchange provides Wovenmedia’s retail clients access to a wide pool of advertisers eager to utilize in-store screens in their omnichannel campaigns.

Place Exchange’s technology allows seamless planning, targeting, execution, and measurement of Digital OOH networks, aligning with other programmatic channels within leading Demand-Side Platform (DSP) platforms.

Jeff Karnes, Chief Operating Officer at Wovenmedia, said, “We are excited to partner with Place Exchange at a time when retail media networks are booming. Retailers and grocers are looking to expand advertising opportunities for their brands and partners in the store.”

Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer at Place Exchange, added, “This partnership will open new revenue streams for Wovenmedia’s clients, making their inventory accessible through the programmatic buying platforms used by digital advertisers and agencies. It will also enhance the integration of in-store media into omnichannel marketing strategies.”

As retail continues to evolve, this partnership promises to redefine how advertisers engage consumers in physical stores, offering new opportunities for retailers and brands.
Place Exchange

Daktronics Delivers Cutting-Edge Video Wall at Riyadh Front Mall Esports Venue


BROOKINGS – In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize the esports experience, Daktronics, the global leader in large-format LED video displays and audiovisual systems, has successfully completed the installation of an impressive 535-square-meter LED video wall at the Riyadh Front Mall, Saudi Arabia. This cutting-edge display, featuring Daktronics’ new curved, bendable modules, promises to immerse gamers and visitors in a world of digital wonder.

Daktronics’ latest project marks a continued partnership with the Electronic Gaming Infrastructure Company, solidifying their commitment to enhancing the gaming landscape. The installation, which concluded earlier this year, showcases the seamless integration of LED technology into the architecture, creating an unparalleled gaming atmosphere.

The heart of this stunning installation is the LED video displays boasting a remarkable 1.9-millimeter pixel spacing. These displays come together seamlessly to form a massive video wall that wraps around the entire venue. Additionally, the displays feature a high-resolution module that can flex and adapt to the unique waves and columns of the building’s architecture.

One of the standout features of this project is how the video wall completely surrounds gamers with a digital skin, extending from the floor to the ceiling and even over the doorway’s arch. This immersive setup has the capability to showcase a variety of digital effects, live video feeds, branded messages, and other content to craft the perfect gaming ambiance.

Ahmad Dahmash, Daktronics regional director for the Middle East, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This project plants another flag in the ground as a premium gaming venue in Saudi Arabia with the technology to deliver an esports experience unlike any other in this industry. We’re proud to provide the amazing LED displays that line the walls and columns of this facility and to help bring this venue to life for its visitors and esports competitors. It truly is a complete and immersive experience.”

Daktronics has been a pioneer in narrow pixel pitch LED displays, offering products ranging from 2.5-millimeters down to an impressive 0.7-millimeter pixel spacing. This extensive product line opens up a world of possibilities for spaces traditionally associated with LCD technology, allowing for the creation of luxurious and immersive environments, the display of artistic digital content, and the showcasing of high-quality video.

In conclusion, Daktronics’ latest achievement at the Riyadh Front Mall Esports Venue represents a significant step forward in the world of esports and digital entertainment. The seamless integration of LED technology into the venue’s architecture promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience, solidifying Saudi Arabia’s position as a hub for esports enthusiasts.
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Adobe’s revolutionary offering for digital signage: Adobe Experience Manager Screens


Today, we turn our spotlight on a Adobe product that will transform the way you communicate with your audience: Adobe Experience Manager Screens.

In the world of signage, personalization has never been more critical. Adobe Experience Manager Screens redefines digital signage by seamlessly merging online and in-venue experiences on the industry’s leading content and experience management platform.

Discover the limitless potential of Adobe Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service:

  • Dynamic Digital Menu Boards: Customize menus based on time of day and location, optimizing them using customer data.
  • Employee Communication: Keep your workforce informed with real-time goal tracking, company news, and updates.
  • Endless Aisles: Showcase product information, off-site inventory, and recommend additional products right in your store.
  • Interactive Kiosks: Enhance the shopping experience with kiosks that adapt to user behavior and on-site triggers.
  • Maps and Wayfinding: Help customers navigate, purchase tickets, check-in, and access personalized updates.
  • Dynamic Window Fronts: Attract customers with easily customizable in-window signs for last-minute promotions and events.

What Sets Experience Manager Screens Apart

  • Responsive and Interactive: Personalize signage based on customer data and internal metrics, with content that reacts to various triggers and sensor data.
  • Effortless Content Creation: Create and publish content with ease using a central library, experience fragments, authoring tools, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Cloud-Based Scalability: Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-based platform, easily expanding your signage network while benefiting from AI-assisted workflows and analytics integration.

Adobe Experience Manager Screens has partnered with Samsung, one of the most innovative digital signage brands, also seamlessly integrates with Android, Chrome OS, and Windows, ensuring a smooth and versatile experience.

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Vistar Media Unveils Retail Inventory Packages to Revolutionize DOOH Advertising in Major Retailers


Innovative solution offers hyper-contextualized advertising at the point of purchase

Vistar Media, a global leader in programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (DOOH), is revolutionizing the advertising landscape with the launch of its groundbreaking retail media targeting solution. Vistar’s new Retail Inventory Packages empower marketers to access prepackaged, retail-specific DOOH inventory, delivering highly-targeted advertising campaigns at scale within major retailers.

These innovative packages encompass a wide range of on-premise displays, both inside and outside retail locations. With Vistar’s Retail Inventory Packages, advertisers can now engage shoppers in the parking lot, as they enter the store, while they browse, and even at the point-of-purchase, ensuring maximum exposure and impact.

Lucy Markowitz, Senior Vice President of U.S. Demand at Vistar Media, highlighted the importance of this new solution: “The ability to present actionable messaging at and around the point-of-sale, in high-value and precise retail locations, is increasingly becoming a necessary component in driving consumers from consideration to purchase. This new tool provides marketers with the ability to meet consumers where the majority of transactions still take place – in-store – with thoughtful, action-driven messaging in the real world, at the moments it matters most.”

Vistar’s Retail Inventory Packages cater to buyers using the Vistar DSP or any of their omnichannel DSP partners, offering access to prominent retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, Kroger, Albertsons, and Shop Rite.

This innovative solution addresses several critical needs for omnichannel marketers:

  • Curated Inventory Packages: Marketers can now tap into carefully curated inventory packages, including locations inside and outside major retailers, at scale.
  • Extensive Reach: Vistar connects marketers to more than 25,000 DOOH screens across major retailers in the United States.
  • Hyper-Contextualized Messaging: Advertisers can hyper-contextualize their messaging within and outside of retail footprints, enhancing relevance.
  • Precise Location Targeting: Achieve precise location targeting and maximize relevance at the point of purchase by targeting inventory at major retailers.
  • Trusted Partners: Vistar collaborates with trusted retail partners, assuring brands that their ads will be displayed on premium, brand-safe screens in stores where their products are sold.

Vistar’s Retail Inventory Packages are tailor-made for a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), personal care, financial services, and more. For instance, a beauty brand seeking to promote a limited-edition holiday gift set exclusively available at a specific retailer can strategically target screens within that retailer’s locations nationwide, ensuring their holiday offerings gain maximum exposure among nearby and on-premise customers.

This innovative solution is set to transform the way marketers engage with consumers in the retail environment, providing unparalleled opportunities for brand exposure and driving purchase intent. To learn more about Vistar Media’s Retail Inventory Packages, visit their website at

Planar Presents the Latest Display Technologies at CEDIA 2023


Planar, a pioneer in display technology, has unveiled its latest LED and LCD display innovations at CEDIA 2023. The company’s new portfolio of visualization solutions promises to transform commercial and luxury environments with state-of-the-art features and design adaptability, coinciding with Planar’s celebration of its 40th anniversary.

Planar’s professional-grade display technologies seamlessly blend with architectural elements, catering to a wide range of settings, from corporate boardrooms to home offices and outdoor environments.

Outdoor Brilliance
Planar’s Planar Luminate Ultra Series outdoor LED video wall displays offer up to 3,500-nit brightness and pixel pitches as fine as 1.2 millimeters, ensuring exceptional image quality in direct sunlight. They are rugged, with an IP65 rating and protective coatings for durability.

Versatile LED Displays
The Planar DirectLight Pro Series LED platform, with pixel pitches as low as 0.9 millimeters and 1,000-nit brightness, sets new standards for versatility and image quality, even in well-lit environments.

MicroLED Excellence
The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series fine-pitch MicroLED video wall displays deliver high-contrast, high-brightness visuals, perfect for corporate boardrooms and theaters.

All-In-One LED Display
Planar presents the Planar UltraRes L Series LED display, measuring 136 inches with Full HD resolution, ultra-slim bezels, and easy installation.

Ultra-Wide LCD Displays for Modern Workforce
The Planar UltraRes W Series offers 105-inch ultra-wide 5K LCD displays with interactive touch technology, ideal for modern workplaces.

Planar’s display innovations are on display at CEDIA 2023 in Booth #1501 from September 7-9. For more information, visit

LG Unveils Spectacular 118-Inch MAGNIT Micro-LED TV at CEDIA 2023


LG Electronics, a pioneering force in the world of consumer electronics, has once again raised the bar with its latest offering, the 118-inch MAGNIT Micro-LED TV. Unveiled to the world at the prestigious CEDIA 2023 event, this TV promises to redefine home entertainment with its breathtaking visual prowess, advanced technology, and elegant design.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the 136-inch MAGNIT TV released in 2022, both models feature a remarkable 4K micro-LED display. With an astonishing eight million pixels, each as minuscule as a human hair, the LG MAGNIT series delivers an unparalleled visual feast, offering deep blacks and extraordinary contrast thanks to its self-illuminating pixels. Adding to the visual splendor is LG’s renowned Alpha 9 processor, which has graced flagship models such as the LG C3 and LG G3. This processor is engineered to minimize image noise and enhance color reproduction, ensuring a strikingly clear and vibrant picture. Moreover, the screen boasts an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring fluid and immersive viewing.

The LG MAGNIT range is designed to cater to various intelligent and inspiring spaces:

Control Room: In critical scenarios like emergency response centers, time is of the essence. The LG MAGNIT Micro-LED display ensures that all personnel have access to identical critical information, facilitating quick and effective decision-making.

Board Room: Effective communication is paramount in the boardroom. The LG MAGNIT’s exceptional picture quality enhances communication and decision-making by presenting visual materials with utmost clarity and precision.

Virtual Production: The broadcasting industry thrives on creativity and innovation. The LG MAGNIT Micro-LED display equips producers with cutting-edge technology to bring their creative visions to life, revolutionizing the world of virtual production.

Retail: In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, creating the perfect in-store atmosphere is pivotal for enhancing the customer experience and adding value to products. The LG MAGNIT Micro-LED display transforms retail spaces into captivating environments, ensuring customers receive a visual treat.

VIP Lounge: Luxury hotels and clubs understand the importance of providing an exceptional guest experience. The LG MAGNIT Micro-LED display sets the stage for VIP guests by delivering crystal-clear images and vibrant colors that help establish an inviting ambiance.

For more details about the LG MAGNIT Micro-LED TV series visit

JCDecaux UK Expands LDN Drive Portfolio


London – JCDecaux UK, a leader in out-of-home advertising solutions, is delighted to announce the addition of a new LDN Drive screen in Croydon on Duppas Hill. This expansion underscores JCDecaux UK’s commitment to delivering national brand reach and recognition.

The LDN Drive network now boasts an impressive 13 million fortnightly viewed impressions1, and it’s set to grow even further, with plans to introduce over 100 screens by year-end. New LDN Drive locations include Purley Way, Brentford on the A4 Great West Road, and Chingford on the North Circular Road. These strategic placements will maximize brand visibility.

In addition to LDN Drive, JCDecaux UK’s National Drive network is expanding this year. Following the successful launch of the eighth screen in Edinburgh, key UK cities like Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby, and Norwich will soon benefit from JCDecaux’s impactful advertising solutions.

JCDecaux UK is already present in 11 major UK cities, including Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield, and Southampton, ensuring effective engagement with target audiences.