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Prestop launches Omnitapps4 multi-touch software


Prestop announces the worldwide launch of Omnitapps4, the newest addition to the leading Omnitapps™ multi-touch software used by thousands of organisations. Omnitapps4 offers solutions for Corporate use, Retail, Museums, Trade Shows, Showrooms and Tourist & Public Areas.

Omnitapps4 offers a unique way to create interactive multi-touch experiences to present products or services. With this user-friendly software, no programming skills are needed. 24 Applications including the high-end SwipeMediaMarker, Brochure Request, BattleQuiz, Survey app and many more are in included. A large range of configurable options make it possible to create exciting interactive experiences.

Omnitapps4 consists of new products such as Omnitapps4 Composer, Omnitapps4 Player and Omnitapps4 Games.

Omnitapps4 Composer provides powerful tools to create an interactive experience or presentation. Support for Video transitions, video backgrounds and animated markers are perfect eyecatchers. All apps can be combined to create a quick and simple project as well an advanced experience. This makes it possible to create a fitting experience for every project or event.

Omnitapps4 Player runs and schedules the interactive experiences you created in Composer All 8 games from Composer are bundled in Omnitapps4 Games. Every game can be played alone and some games go up to 6 players who can compete against each other at the same time. Ideal for entertaining kids from every age or using them as gamification solution. All software packages support 15 languages in the front end, enabling users to fully configure language settings while displaying content in any language to suit the audience.

Omnitapps4 is developed for all touchscreen resolutions: full HD, 4K and other custom resolutions.

“With Omnitapps4, we set out to create the most complete and cost-effective multi-touch software on the market. Omnitapps4 provides endless interactive possibilities and customizable options for creating engaging touchscreen experiences that provide strong brand reinforcement and highly enhanced communications.” – Alexander Aelberts, CEO Prestop.

About Prestop
Prestop offers innovative, interactive high-end touchscreen solutions worldwide from their headquarters in the Netherlands. Prestop built up a reputation in interactive media and some of their clients include powerful international brands. Since 1993, Prestop is constantly working on new software and hardware developments. Prestop’s Creations department focuses on the development of Omnitapps4 and custom apps for clients.

Videon Products at IBC2019


At IBC2019, Videon will showcase its award-winning EdgeCaster edge compute encoder. Videon’s EdgeCaster is the industry’s first HTTP CMAF streaming encoder that includes multiple-bit-rate outputs in support of ultra-low-latency streaming solutions for broadcast, pro AV, and prosumer applications — at an industry-leading price point.

Videon’s EdgeCaster product is at the forefront of edge computing. The EdgeCaster enables 4K HEVC and H.264 encoded signals as part of an HLS, DASH, and CMAF workflow, while simultaneously creating six different encoded output versions. By performing these functions that are traditionally carried out in the cloud, EdgeCaster enables faster-than-broadcast latency while also reducing the cost of streaming.

The key to the EdgeCaster’s management of time-laden, expensive cloud functions such as transcoding, format repackaging, multiple-bit-rate creation, and other computationally intensive processes is Videon’s intellectual property developed using Qualcomm® technology. With the processing power of the SnapDragon™ chip, the EdgeCaster streams at resolutions up to 4K at 30 FPS using either H.264 or H.265/HEVC compression. The EdgeCaster can also output up to six streams simultaneously, in multiple bit rates and resolutions, using chunked HLS or DASH and still offer the flexibility to take advantage of power over ethernet (PoE).

As an AWS Elemental Technology Partner, Videon’s EdgeCaster interfaces directly to MediaStore and Cloudfront, enabling less than 3 seconds of latency, in scale, over public internet connections using standard HTTP-compatible applications for playback. As a result, EdgeCaster users can easily launch and scale up services — including live, interactive services and other delay-sensitive applications.

In addition to HTTP-based streaming, the EdgeCaster can simultaneously support two additional low-latency formats. Videon’s support for SRT on both encode and decode allows users to stream from building to building or across campuses while achieving latency of less than half a second. EdgeCaster’s robust feature set ensures maximum flexibility by touting three low-latency options ranging from worldwide in three seconds, one second interactive, and less than a second for unparalleled point-to-point streaming.

“By providing ultra-low latency and enabling users to support multiple workflows simultaneously, our EdgeCaster edge compute encoder is transforming the manner in which live events, esports, enterprise connectivity, betting, auctions, and other applications — where video is distributed to audiences across various platforms — achieve social video engagement. Whether for local or global live streaming, Videon’s cost-effective EdgeCaster delivers ultra-low latency by using edge encoding to deliver HTTP CMAF formats with multiple bit rates that bypass the need for costly, time-intensive cloud operations, allowing users to take full advantage of current and future demand for streaming content.” — Todd Erdley, CEO, Videon

About Videon
Videon is a world-leading provider of ultra-low-latency, high-resolution, and high-performance streaming solutions that enable users in the prosumer, pro AV, and broadcast markets to simplify streaming workflows and reduce costs. Videon has also partnered with top software brands around the globe to incorporate its technology solutions into millions of devices.

VITEC Improves Contribution and Distribution With IPTV and Ultra-Low Latency Solutions at IBC2019

Demo Solutions to Feature the Proven EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform and MGW Ace Encoder and Decoder Family Capable of 16 ms Glass-to-Glass Video Streaming

PARIS — VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced it will demonstrate its market-leading broadcast-grade IPTV and contribution solutions in Hall 7, Stand C34 at IBC2019 at the RAI Amsterdam, Sept. 13-17. VITEC will highlight its HEVC contribution solutions, including the MGW Ace Encoder and MGW Ace Decoder that deliver video streams with subframe/ultra-low latency and time synchronization. VITEC will also show the EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform, an award-winning IP content delivery platform for venues and corporate environments that maximizes the value of all displays on the network, from TVs to video walls to mobile devices.

“VITEC offers professional video contribution solutions that are powerful and agile enough to deliver video streams over any transmission link, including public internet. Such applications require the best video quality and the lowest latency, and VITEC’s IP video solutions meet those expectations,” said Bruno Teissier, International Sales and Marketing Director, VITEC. “At IBC2019, attendees will be able to see demos of our HEVC solutions, featuring VITEC’s Playout Server and MGW Ace Encoders/Decoders that offer the lowest-latency, highest-quality video streams for multisite contribution or remote production. VITEC will also show the EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage solution that offers a powerful platform to distribute video and signage to displays in venues of all sizes.”

At IBC2019, VITEC will demonstrate the MGW Ace Encoder and MGW Ace Decoder pair that delivers video with as little as 16 ms glass-to-glass latency. VITEC’s HEVC contribution solutions are powered by a groundbreaking GEN2+ codec that provides best-in-class HEVC video, setting a high bar for industry standards in video quality, bit rate, and latency. Included in the multisite contribution demo is MGW Diamond, a multichannel or 4K HDR encoder, which enables high-quality, low-bandwidth, and reliable 4K contribution over the internet offering a dramatic reduction of operating expenses. For remote production, the VITEC encode/decode solution features time-synchronized playback, ensuring perfect synchronization of multiple independent IP streams for broadcast, government, sports, or any live application in which synchronized IP streams are critical.

VITEC will also have a live demo of the EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform, the chosen platform for corporate, government, and sports venues where video streams are a valuable part of the user experience. EZ TV replaces legacy systems cost-effectively, delivering a cutting-edge, enterprise-grade IPTV solution to TVs, desktops, mobile devices, and video walls. The EZ TV IPTV platform includes high-performance endpoints with HEVC decode and 4K HDR video capability. It also features the EZ TV Media Library, which offers powerful tools for archiving, recording, organizing, tagging, and annotating, as well as for performing image searches or running queries based on metadata.

More information on VITEC’s full line of products is available at

VITEC is a leading worldwide end-to-end video streaming solutions provider for broadcast, military and government, corporate, and sports and entertainment venues. Combining broadcasting with live streaming capabilities, VITEC’s H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 offering is the most extensive in the market with encoding and decoding appliances, IPTV solutions for desktops and mobile devices, and PCI cards with SDK for integration projects. VITEC’s intuitive digital video solutions can be tailored to each customer’s unique market needs, delivering easy-to-use technology that ensures high-quality, low-latency HD video, capturing live and recorded events for seamless distribution in a multitude of formats anytime, anywhere, to any device.

Since 1988, VITEC has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, recording, conversion, archiving, and streaming over IP. In keeping with the company’s tradition of innovation, VITEC is the first company to bring bandwidth-efficient HEVC compression technology into the field with portable streaming appliances.

AGB Events Creates Spectacular Light and Sound Event


HALO’ brings memorable, mesmerising show to Townsville

Sydney, Australia – After months of anticipation and secrecy, ‘HALO’ – the light and sound experience designed specifically for Townsville, a coastal city in north eastern Queensland, Australia – has opened.

Created and produced by Sydney-based AGB Events, HALO is a spectacular experience of massive proportions that transforms Castle Hill, the natural ‘halo’ that hovers above Townsville. Presented by the Townsville City Council, HALO runs in conjunction with the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts, and has been made possible through the generous support of the Australian Government’s “Building Better Regions Fund”.

HALO Townsville

“Townsville City Council wanted to create something highly memorable that would truly mesmerise and captivate the public’s imagination ,” said Anthony Bastic, CEO and Creative Director of AGB Events. “We were thrilled and honoured to be asked to undertake such a prestigious and challenging project. We’re delighted with the results.”

HALO – which runs from 19th July – 4th August between 6:00pm and 10:00pm – is the latest in a series of large scale, highly imaginative multimedia shows produced by AGB Events. These have included Vivid Sydney Light Walk, Australia’s largest annual event; Parrtijma, a light festival in Alice Springs that took its inspiration from indigenous stories and culture, lighting up two kilometres of the MacDonnell Ranges; and the Lights of Christmas in Sydney and Brisbane.

“HALO is a new event experience that showcases creativity in one of the most aesthetically compelling new art forms; light art,” continued Bastic. “Over the past decade, the light art movement has captured the attention and imaginations of many people around the world. This new movement in art has allowed lighting designers, artists and technicians to experiment with the latest advances in technology and create experiences that are compelling, spectacular and memorable.”

AGB’s light vision for HALO

There are two elements to HALO: the Castle Hill Light and Sound Show, and the illumination of Queens Gardens. Castle Hill will light up with a dramatic light and sound show for five minutes, every 20 minutes. Queen’s Gardens will be the focal point for HALO, and the prime viewing point for the Castle Hill show. The Gardens will also be the location for theatrical lighting treatments including tree lighting, using colour-changing LEDs, and the HALO ‘chandelier’.

High powered moving head lights combined with arrays of colour washes and gobos (stencils or templates placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light) are being used to create the Castle Hill light show. Custom made glass gobos, as well as silhouette gobos, are also included.

“The ability to use a variety of techniques such as blending colour palettes, mixing silhouettes, varying movement speeds, warping angles, adjusting focus and scaling zoom are all ways in which AGB’s lighting designer created the story,” Bastic explained.

Collaboration with media production specialists

HALO is not just about light: the shifting patterns and colourscapes are enhanced and given even greater power by a soundtrack commissioned by AGB Events and especially composed for HALO by electronic music and media production specialist Nick Wishart.

HALO is a concept that is designed to expand over multiple years as the popularity of the event spreads.

“As HALO’s audience grows – which we’re very confident it will – the creative scope and lighting displays have the opportunity to increase and expand, ensuring interest in the event is not only maintained but multiplied,” said Bastic. “We are already looking to the future and we have some exciting ideas for subsequent editions of NAFA, using impressive, technologically-advanced light installations so spectacular that Townsville will capture the attention of the world.”

About AGB Events

Based in Sydney, Australia, AGB Events creates, curates and produces iconic events for diverse audiences around the world, reimagining ways to honour art, history, and culture that inspire audiences with deeply engaging story-telling. We bring bold ideas to life through imagination, insightful curation, technical artistry, and skilled production. Our stunning visuals transcend language barriers and connect audiences through shared cultural experiences. Using highly acclaimed digital animation and 3D projection, our storytellers create atmospheric content that is impactful and rich in meaning. Visit us at

IBASE launches 6×3 Video Wall Player with AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Processors

Taipei, Taiwan – IBASE Technology Inc., a world leading provider of digital signage players and embedded systems, launches the powerful SI-30S highly expandable video wall player designed for multi-screen signage solutions. The SI-30S supports the new dynamic AMD Ryzen™ 3000 Series processors with a base clock speed of up to 3.8GHz and 32MB of L3 cache memory that features improved multi-core performance when compared to its predecessor.

Integrating a desktop AMD Ryzen™ 3000 Series processor together with one or two high-end graphics cards from Matrox, AMD or NVIDIA, the SI-30S becomes the perfect backbone digital signage machine to play crisp and vivid images or eye-catching UHD videos in various screen layouts to captivate and engage the audience. With a default system RAM of 16GB (expandable to 64GB), the system can accommodate a PCI-E (x16) or two PCI-E (x8) graphics cards. Depending on the graphics card installed, it achieves a playback of 8K super-high-definition in a single large-screen video wall, or drives a 3×3 video wall with up to 6K x 3K resolution or a 6×3 large video screen for playback of up to 12K x 3K resolution.

The SI-30S offers enhanced system stability and lower maintenance costs through IBASE sole iCONTROL smart energy-saving and Observer remote monitoring intelligent technologies for power on/off auto-scheduling, automatic power resume, low-temperature power-on protection and intelligent OS recovery functionalities.

The SI-30S is already shipping and is guaranteed with a life cycle of seven years.

About IBASE Technology

IBASE Technology Inc. is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of industrial motherboards, embedded systems, panel PCs, digital signage players and network appliances in the Industrial PC and fast-growing IIoT market. Since it was established in 2000, IBASE has been committed to the production of high-quality products, and to the rendering of excellent services. The company is publicly listed in the Taipei Exchange (TPEx: 8050) and is now a leading global provider of innovative industrial and embedded computing products.

IBASE has a full range of digital signage system products catering across vertical markets including retail, fast food, hospitality, education and financial. Depending on their requirements, customers can choose the models based on performance, number of displays, resolution and ventilation designs. IBASE digital signage players feature advanced remote management that easily refreshes content and increases uptime while lowering costs. IBASE has partnered with leading digital signage platforms including Omnivex, Quividi and Navori. For more information, visit

Contact Information:
IBASE Technology Inc.
11F, No. 3-1, Yuan Qu St., Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. (Nankang Software Park)
Tel: 886-2-26557588     
Email: sales [at]

$31.32 Billion Interactive Kiosk Markets – Forecast 2019-2024 –

The Interactive Kiosk Market was valued at USD 22.69 billion in 2018, and it is expected to reach USD 31.32 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 5.52% during the forecast period (2019 – 2024). An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal that is supplemented by specialized hardware and software that offers access to information, and it is used in several end-user applications, such as communication, education, retail, travel and tourism, banking and financial institutions, food and beverage industries, etc.

For more information about this report visit

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS RUSSIA 2019 Registration opened


INTEGRATED SYSTEMS RUSSIA is the largest exhibition for AV and Systems Integration Professionals in CIS region and is the only show in Russia and the CIS demonstrating latest highlights in professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration, IT and Digital Signage industries. The exhibition is organized by Midexpo company and Integrated Systems Events and supported by Cedia & Avixa associations.

For Visitor registration

Axiomtek introducing its GOT107W-319, an ultra-compact 7-inch fanless touch panel computer

Axiomtek’s GOT107W-319 – An IP65-rated 7-Inch Fanless Touch Panel Computer for Intelligent HMI

Axiomtek is introducing the GOT107W-319, an ultra-compact 7-inch fanless touch panel computer which allows users for easy installation in space-constrained areas as well as offers programmable OSD function keys for a variety of application access. The IP65-rated panel PC adopts a 7-inch WSVGA TFT LCD display with a projected capacitive touchscreen, 320 nits of brightness and LED backlight. It is powered by the Intel® Celeron® processor N3350 or Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 (codename: Apollo Lake). With a super slim design, the noise-free IP65-rated 7” widescreen touch panel PC, GOT107W-319, is well-suited for digital signage display, self-service kiosk, industrial control, IoT-related applications and more.

“Axiomtek’s GOT107W-319, a 7-inch budget-friendly industrial panel PC in response to market demand, offers projected capacitive multi-touch, rich I/O options and proprietary expansion slots. Besides IP65-rated front bezel, the rugged GOT107W-319 is equipped with aluminum back chassis, which offers enhanced heat dissipation to ensure stable and reliable operation. The all-in-one touch panel PC also has five membrane keys on its front bezel, providing end-users with enhanced convenience for control of the LCD on/off, LCD brightness and volume. It also features RS-232/422/485 with RI/5V/12V selectable by BIOS – no need to open the back cover to change jumper settings,” said Tony Chen, a product manager of Product PM Division at Axiomtek.

The high value GOT107W-319 supports rich I/O connectivity, including one RS-232/422/485 port, one RS-232 port, two gigabit LAN ports with Intel® Ethernet Controller I211-AT and two USB 3.0 ports. For wireless network connectivity, the touch panel computer features one PCI Express Mini Card slot and one M.2 Key E slot. It features one internal mSATA socket and one easily accessible MicroSD card slot to expand storage functionality. In addition, the 7-inch WSVGA panel PC features one 204-pin DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM with up to 8GB of memory capacity. There is also an easily accessible external switch for AT/ATX mode selection. Multiple mount options including panel mount, wall mount, VESA arm and desktop stand are available for diverse installation requirements. It also supports Windows® 10

Axiomtek’s GOT107W-319 will be available in August, 2019.
Axiomtek’s global website

TDC helps amaze and thrill Vivid Sydney visitors in 2019


A kaleidoscope of colours reproduced by 70 projectors; 1,600,000 lumens; 161,280,000 pixels; 36 kms of cable

Sydney, Australia: June 2019: Vivid Sydney – the largest festival of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere – has come to life. Once again, Australian entertainment technology company TDC –Technical Direction Company – is playing a significant role in surprising and delighting visitors from Sydney, Australia and around the world. As the company has done for the previous ten years, TDC is providing expertise in large scale projection mapping, LED video and technology for a number of the 50+ features.

Austral Floral Ballet on the Sydney Opera House sails

Vivid Sydney is Australia’s largest event, and celebrates creativity and innovation across all three pillars – light, music and ideas. It takes place annually, and features immersive light installations and projections, performances from local and international musicians as well as an ideas exchange forum featuring public talks and debates from leading creative thinkers. The event attracts over 2 million people. Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW, and runs from 24 May to 15 June throughout Sydney.

Michael Hassett, Founder and Managing Director at TDC said: “The use of projection mapping and video display – using projected light and images to turn buildings and architecture into dynamic art projects – has exploded over the past few years and Vivid Sydney is one of the top examples. We see this trend increasing with a larger focus on interactivity where the audience can really engage with technology and art.”

Although TDC has played a key role in Vivid Sydney for a number of years, that doesn’t mean that the company is resting on its laurels.

“We’ve approached this year in a completely fresh, new way – trying to achieve something even better,” said Steve Cain, Head Engineer and Media Server Specialist at TDC. “We’re switching most architectural landmarks over to the 3D workflow with disguise media servers, and away from 2D playback systems. That allows us to take advantage of the most recent advances in media server technology – 3D modelling, for example. Those features give us far more accurate pre-production planning and projection studies, allowing us to deliver increased projection output. We’re also using disguise’s OmniCal camera assisted line-up systems, and that, together with a multi-skilled team, has helped us get sites up and running far more quickly and efficiently.”

The iconic locations at which TDC’s creativity and ingenuity can be witnessed this year include the Sydney Opera House; the Museum of Contemporary Art; Customs House; Argyle Cut; Taronga Zoo; Cadmans Cottage; and the Rocks branch of the English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank.

This year, TDC is deploying no fewer than 70 Barco projectors. “We’re shooting around 1,600,000 lumens of light out with a staggering 161,280,000 pixels transforming buildings across Sydney into impressive works of art,” says Alex Rendell, one of TDC’s Project Manager for Vivid Sydney.

“We’re also proud to be running a city-wide monintoring system, our TDC Live View automation platform developed by TDC for show synchronisation, together with real time monitoring and reporting,” he added, noting that TDC has laid some 36 kilometres of cable and fielded a crew of around 30 technical staff.

Vivid Sydney welcomes over 2 million visitors each year, and integral to the success of any large scale event is pedestrian flow. With this in mind Destination NSW approached TDC to develop a system that could relay messages to visitors in real time throughout the city.

TDC’s Technical Services and New Media Manager, Drew Ferors conducted all the R&D into a bespoke solution that resulted in the creation of a city-wide video messaging system: “TDC LIVE View Signage”.

“We designed a system that sees 14 large LED screens deployed throughout the city that are accessible via the cloud from a single point, and that enables the same messaging to be displayed on each LED screen.. it is exciting to trial this system at Vivid Sydney,” said Ferors.

The trial run has been so successful that TDC LIVE View Signage is now available for rental to other organisations.

About TDC

TDC was formed in 1981 ago by Michael Hassett, and is a wholly-owned Australian company at the forefront of the market as a specialist in video equipment solutions. TDC is committed to providing high-end video technology solutions that enable our clients to flawlessly push creative boundaries. By providing a broad range of video technology resources and running a combination of the most impressive fleet of LED screens, large scale projection equipment, outside broadcast trucks and broadcast camera systems, TDC has been involved in some of the most prestigious live events in Australia.

Today, with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, TDC has by far the most extensive and advanced video equipment inventory in Australia, allowing us to provide the best possible technical solutions for the most challenging environments.

VITEC’s Zero-Delay Contribution Solutions on Display at BroadcastAsia2019


Company Will Highlight IPTV Distribution Platform and Robust Range of HEVC Streaming Options for the Highest Streaming Quality With Ultra-Low Latency

PARIS – VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, will demonstrate its broad portfolio IPTV and contribution solutions for corporate, broadcast, and government at BroadcastAsia2019, June 18-20 in Singapore. On stand 4H2-10, VITEC will highlight its ultra-low-latency and time-synced IP contribution solutions in broadcast-grade HEVC and its EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Solution.

VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Solution will be showcased at BroadcastAsia2019

“With ultra-low-latency streaming in HEVC, VITEC provides a solution where every bit and millisecond counts for workflows within the broadcast market. A high-quality and ultra-fast HEVC encoder is paramount to reducing latency and bit rate while maintaining excellent video quality during transmission,” said Bruno Teissier, international sales and marketing director, VITEC. “As BroadcastAsia2019 visitors will see, our products align perfectly with those trends, delivering the ultra-low latency, stream protection, and time synchronization that are imperative in today’s broadcast and streaming operations.”

At BroadcastAsia2019, VITEC will demonstrate a host of innovations, including the MGW Ace Encoder and MGW Ace Decoder pair that delivers zero-latency contribution with 16 ms glass-to-glass latency thanks to the VITEC HEVC GEN2+ codec. This groundbreaking codec provides best-in-class HEVC video quality up to 4:2:2 10-bit, setting new industry standards in video quality, bit rate, and latency. Included in the HEVC contribution demo will be the VITEC Playout Server, which enables high-quality, low-bandwidth, and reliable contribution over the internet, leading to a dramatic reduction in operating expenses. In addition, the solution is compatible with industry standard decoders, such as the popular VLC player, ensuring unprecedented latency with a software decoder, as low as 50 ms glass-to-glass.

The company will showcase time-synchronized playback on its MGW Ace Encoder and quad-channel MGW Diamond HEVC encoders that ensure perfect production of multiple independent IP streams across several MGW Ace Decoders. VITEC will also introduce the MGW Ace Decoder OG, a broadcast-quality, dense, multichannel IP decoder in the popular openGear card form factor.

VITEC will give a live demo of the EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Solution, which cost-effectively replaces legacy systems, delivering a cutting-edge, enterprise-grade IPTV solution to TVs, video walls, desktops, and even mobile devices. The EZ TV IPTV platform includes high-performance endpoints with HEVC and 4K HDR support. It also includes the EZ TV Media Library, which offers powerful tools for archiving, recording, organizing, tagging, and annotating as well as for performing visual-image searches or running queries based on metadata. The EZ TV Media Library is accessible through a web interface and allows for online, real-time sharing and collaboration.

More information on VITEC’s full line of products is available at

VITEC is a leading, worldwide end-to-end video streaming solutions provider for broadcast, military and government, corporate, sports and entertainment venues, and houses of worship. Combining broadcasting with live streaming capabilities, VITEC’s H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 offering is the most extensive in the market, with encoding and decoding appliances, IPTV solutions for desktops and mobile devices, and PCI cards with SDK for integration projects. VITEC’s intuitive digital video solutions can be tailored to each customer’s unique market needs, delivering easy-to-use technology that ensures high-quality, low-latency HD video, capturing live and recorded events for seamless distribution in a multitude of formats anytime, anywhere, to any device.

Since 1988, VITEC has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, recording, conversion, archiving, and streaming over IP. In keeping with the company’s tradition of innovation, VITEC is the first company to bring bandwidth-efficient HEVC compression technology into the field with portable streaming appliances.

BenQ Breaks the Barriers of Collaboration at UBTech 2019


BenQ Will Launch the New InstaShow™ Wireless Presentation System With USB-C Connectivity and Showcase Voice-Enabled IFPs and 4K UHD HDR Laser Projectors

COSTA MESA, Calif. — BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, will launch the new WDC10C USB-C model of its InstaShow™ wireless presentation system in booth 801 at UBTech 2019, June 10-12 in Orlando, Florida. At a click of a button, BenQ’s InstaShow all-hardware wireless presentation system makes it easy for participants to securely present to any meeting room projector or flat panel without hassling with cables, running software or logging into a network. To complement the unparalleled InstaShow meeting experience and provide a seamless end-to-end presentation system for any collaboration, learning or meeting environment, BenQ will also display its family of RP Series voice-enabled interactive flat panels (IFPs) and the LK Series Blue Core 4K UHD HDR laser projectors.

BenQ brings USB-C compatible InstaShow wireless presentation system and latest 4K interactive, voice-enabled IFPs and 4K laser projectors to UBTech 2019

“More students and corporate users are turning to notebooks equipped with Thunderbolt 3 ports, which have powerful capabilities that make them perfect for collaboration, including better power optimization and charging ability, faster transfer rates and multi-display 4K support,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ America Corp. “Our latest InstaShow plug-and-play innovation leverages this technology and makes it possible for meeting participants to share their content on meeting room displays instantly. At UBTech, attendees will be able to experience true collaboration ease at a click of a button matched with our 4K voice-enabled, 20-point-touch IFPs and 4K UHD HDR laser projectors.”

At UBTech 2019, BenQ will unveil the highly anticipated WDC10C USB-C model of its unique InstaShow wireless presentation system. InstaShow is the only presentation system of its kind to make meetings and collaboration truly intuitive, simple and secure without the awkwardness of passing around cables between multiple presenters, running third-party software or acquiring network access. It is designed to host up to 16 presenters at a time and is interoperable with any OS or hardware platform while ensuring absolute data security through WPA2-PSK protection with AES 128-bit encryption. The new WDC10C model expands the system’s compatibility to a plethora of devices utilizing USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. It supports smooth, low-latency full HD 1080p video and 16-bit stereo audio wireless streaming capability to any display device. Utilizing the HDMI out port of BenQ flat panels and laser projectors, multiple displays can be daisy chained so that content is broadcast to more than one screen or moved from screen to screen for flexible room configurations. For instructors, InstaShow gives them the freedom to move around the room. For IT and technology managers, this is a presentation tool that doesn’t impact the network and keeps data protected. The WDC10C button transmitter is fully compatible with current InstaShow receivers, allowing organizations to mix and match WDC10 (HDMI) and WDC10C (USB-C) buttons in the same room and offer connectivity for any device.

At the booth, attendees will also experience the stunning image and interactive touch capabilities of BenQ’s family of 4K IFPs. The 65″ RP654K, 70″ RP704K, and 75″ RP750K IFPs feature brilliant 4K resolution, long-lasting brightness for maximum visibility anywhere in the room and 20-point touch capabilities with fast, smooth response that allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously. As familiar as operating a tablet or smartphone, users can employ the screen’s pen or touch gestures to zoom, click and rotate objects with infrared technology, enabling maximum accuracy and easy interaction with any content. Enhanced touch-screen capabilities like handwriting recognition and onboard speakers, which deliver an impressive 32 watts of sound, make the smallest idea come to life and be easily heard. Leading the charge in voice operation, BenQ directly integrates AWS with its Saffi voice-assistant technology to create a voice-enabled remote that makes the user experience even simpler. The BenQ IFPs also boast new, cutting-edge technologies that provide a healthier experience for participants, including a bacteria-resistant surface, anti-glare glass and Low Blue Light and ZeroFlicker™ backlight technologies to protect eyes during prolonged use.

BenQ will also feature the first HDR laser projectors for education and business with razor-sharp 4K UHD resolution. The LK952 and short-throw LK953ST produce 3840 x 2160 resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame, achieving Consumer Technology Association’s UHD standard. Designed to handle a range of content that’s experienced in meeting and collaboration environments, the projectors generate 5,000 lumens of intense Blue Core laser-powered brightness for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. They utilize revolutionary 0.47″ single-DMD DLP technology to deliver awe-inspiring clarity and crisply defined details for which iOS and high-end 4K notebooks are known. To ensure a superior picture, BenQ’s cutting-edge 4K Image Amplifying Technology further enhances the quality of projected images, while Pixel Enhancer 4K motion-adaptive edge enhancement detects changes in the color between an object and its background to produce sharp edges and precise surface textures.

As a UBTech show special, BenQ’s InstaShow system will be available to first-time education customers for just $599. More information on BenQ classroom solutions is available at

About BenQ America — Business, Education and CinePro Solutions
The number-one-selling global projector brand powered by TI DLP technology, according to Futuresource, the BenQ digital lifestyle brand stands for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life,” fusing ease of use with productivity and aesthetics with purpose-built engineering. BenQ is a world-leading human technology and professional solutions provider serving the enterprise, education, and entertainment markets. To realize this vision, the company focuses on the aspects that matter most to users, redefining traditional technology with innovative capabilities that increase efficiency, enhance learning and amplify entertainment — all while ensuring a healthy, safe and intuitive user experience. BenQ’s broad portfolio of professional installation solutions include digital, laser and interactive projectors; premium flat panels; and interactive large-format displays that take visual enjoyment to new heights in corporate offices, classrooms, lecture halls and home theaters. The company’s products are available across North America through leading value-added distributors, resellers and retailers. Because it matters. More information is available at

Stewart Filmscreen Perfects the Projection Screen Process With New Website

After More Than a Year of Development, Customers Will Enjoy a Streamlined and Intuitive Experience for Selecting the Industry’s Leading Projection Screens

TORRANCE, Calif. — Stewart Filmscreen®, the only two-time Academy Award®-winning manufacturer of professional projection screens and reference-standard projection screen materials for the audiovisual industry, is continuing its 70-year legacy with a completely reimagined web experience at Now customers can dig deeper than ever before into Stewart Filmscreen’s expansive offerings with a host of new options, tools, and content. At the heart of the experience are the Screen Finder capability that allows users to quickly find the perfect screen for any project and the Configurator Price Quote (CPQ) tool with built-in drawing and quote capabilities that speed up the design process for integrators.

The newly relaunched now features a Find a Screen function and dealer Configurator Price Quote tool with built-in drawing and quote capabilities.

“No matter if a customer is ordering a screen from our value-added preconfigured Cima series or a custom-made screen from one of our 35 other product families, each and every screen is meticulously handcrafted by one of our professional artisans. There’s no one else that delivers the seamless quality or the level of customization that we do,” said Mary Stewart, CEO and owner of Stewart Filmscreen. “This website relaunch reflects our relentless attention to detail by delivering the best customer experience at every step of the process. Everything needed to make a screen decision will now be offered right on our website, truly making it as easy as possible to do business with us.”

Designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, the new site is packed with quick-access menus, original content, and stunning visuals. Visitors can quickly sort through all 35 of Stewart Filmscreen’s options by filtering by screen type, image width, mounting method, masking options, or special features. Once a product is selected, visitors can learn more about each product and its ideal applications, see it in a gallery of real-life installations, and access a printable brochure. The brochure includes technical information, fabric options, and — for the first time — the base MSRP specific to that product. In addition to individual product pages, the site offers a screen material comparison tool of its 30 different screen materials.

Anchoring is the new Screen Finder function. Screen Finder is designed to help visitors find the perfect screen. Fully enhanced, the dynamic tool walks users through a series of questions based on a few key project details to determine which product or products would be most appropriate for the specific venue.

Another key highlight is found in the Dealer Login, which now boasts the CPQ. Currently in beta, the CPQ replaces the former Web Screen Assistant. It allows dealers to personally configure a 2D scalable drawing of any screen, create and export CAD drawings, and get a personalized quote that can be used as a sign-off for an immediate build. By leveraging the CPQ, the configuration process is completely streamlined, thus expediting the ordering process significantly.

Finally, Stewart Filmscreen has also updated many of the names of its customers’ favorite screens. These products have been rebranded with easier-to-understand names that make it even faster to locate them on the website.

“Not all screens are created equal, and no two environments are the same. That is why we offer so many options, why our process is application-driven, and why every product is custom-made,” added Stewart. “Our screens are produced at the very highest level and offer superb build quality and unrivaled performance. Now, our website truly reflects the same high quality as our screens. All these tools now make it possible to quickly see and select the perfect screen solution for any application while also delivering the highest attention to image uniformity, color accuracy, and resolution preservation of even the most advanced projectors on the market.”

More information is available at

About Stewart Filmscreen®
Stewart Filmscreen is the premier manufacturer of professional projection screens since 1947. Headquartered in Torrance, California, with additional manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Singapore, Stewart is the preferred choice for major movie studios, discerning integrators and consultants, architects, and audio-video enthusiasts, alike. With unparalleled ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing capabilities and unrivaled image fidelity, two-time Academy Award® winning Stewart Filmscreen produces the most optically immaculate projection screens for the most discerning customers in the world. Utilizing proprietary material science, innovative manufacturing methods, along with a solutions-driven design team, Stewart can custom engineer a projection screen solution to meet nearly every need.

Sign China 2019 Shanghai Visitor registration opened.


Sign China with 1250 Exhibitors and expecting 45,000+ Visitors on 3 days event starting from 18 September to 20 September 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, has opened the online visitor registration at

Event also running concurrent following events on same dates

Textile & Screen Print 2019 • Shanghai
LED CHINA 2019 • Shanghai
Digital Signage 2019 • Shanghai
Commercial Display China 2019 • Shanghai
Retail China 2019 • Shanghai

About Sign China
Established in 2003, SIGN CHINA has been devoting itself to build a one-stop platform for the sign community, where global sign users, manufacturers and professionals can find the combination of laser engraver, traditional and digital signage, light box, advertising panel, POP, indoor & outdoor wide format printer and printing supplies, inkjet printer, advertising display, LED display, LED illuminant, OLED and digital signage all in one place.

In 2019, SIGN CHINA becomes a series exhibition and expanded its exhibition range to digital textile printing, retail and commercial display.

JCDecaux wins an exclusive 10-year advertising contract for the new Midfield Terminal of Abu Dhabi International Airport


JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC), the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, announced today that its subsidiary JCDecaux Abu Dhabi has been awarded a 10-year exclusive advertising concession for the new Midfield Terminal of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

As a driving force behind the development of innovative interactive and connected projects, JCDecaux will roll out a unique media platform at the Midfield Terminal, including exclusive VIP networks and availing the latest generation of digital media, with 85” digital networks delivering reach and frequency and 4 iconic media walls of 20sqm offering an immersive experience to passengers among others. This shift to digital out-of-home (DOOH), supported by an ambitious data strategy, will offer brands the ability to identify and target specific audiences and facilitate engaging, rich-media campaigns that reach sophisticated and discerning travellers. It will also contribute to an enhanced passenger experience by offering relevant and contextualised content to audiences on the move.

Abu Dhabi International Airport welcomed more than 21 million passengers in 2018 and has been one of the fastest expanding airports in the world (+29% over the past five years), mainly driven by the growing recognition of Abu Dhabi as an inspirational global destination offering world-class culture, leisure and entertainment, that is served by the UAE’s national carrier Etihad Airways.
The Midfield Terminal will become the iconic gateway to the capital city of the UAE, increasing the overall capacity of the airport to 45 million passengers.

This new contract builds upon a successful partnership between Abu Dhabi Airports and JCDecaux, and further consolidates JCDecaux’s leading position in the Middle East, with a unique airport media platform comprising 32 airports in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, allowing brands to reach over 227 million high-profile passengers every year.

Bryan Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “We are pleased to welcome JCDecaux onboard as the exclusive advertising concessionaire for the Midfield Terminal. Our partnership with JCDecaux demonstrates our strong commitment to offer a world-class travel experience to all passengers who will be using the MTB, leveraging JCDecaux’ global expertise and innovative data approach to create a unique and engaging media platform.”

Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “We are delighted that Abu Dhabi Airports has chosen JCDecaux once again to partner them in this truly exciting and iconic project that will turn Abu Dhabi International Airport into a major global travel hub. This demonstrates our capacity to propose innovative advertising solutions and services (including world-class digital products) that enhance the passenger experience while providing optimal visibility for advertisers and their brands. As the number one worldwide in airport advertising, JCDecaux will use its expertise in media and audience data to ensure the success of this partnership and build an unprecedented media platform that will set new standards in the industry.”

Scala Announces the Release of Scala Enterprise 11.07


Scala today announced the latest release of its core digital signage platform, Scala Enterprise version 11.07, featuring bolstered software security. Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, has focused on improved security enhancements with version 11.07, including enabling authentication using single sign-on (SSO) and secure password enforcement through stricter policies. This release also introduces four new umbrella features for Content Manager, Scala’s content scheduling and management platform, as well as more than 50 additional enhancements.

Key security enhancements for Scala Enterprise 11.07 include:

Support for SAML 2.0 and ADFS 4.0 based single sign-on (SSO) for one-click access for enterprise users
Enable password policies including required length, strength and duration to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access
Use IP whitelists to create and manage lists of trusted IP addresses
Scala Content Manager updates include:

Enhanced Workgroup settings for increased security and compliance
Support for MSSQL 2016
Applied third-party security updates
“Scala has progressively put security at the forefront of our priorities, which is evident with the release of Scala Enterprise 11.07,” said Joe Sullivan, Scala COO. “Globally, we have an increased focus on security related features. We’re taking actions to be proactive in mitigating vulnerability, safeguarding products and systems, and increasing security measures across the board.”

Scala Enterprise 11.07 is available at for customers under current Scala Maintenance.

About Scala
Scala solutions deliver engaging retail experiences by connecting networks of digital signs, kiosks, mobile devices, websites and Internet-connected devices. Scala, a STRATACACHE company, provides the platform for marketers, retailers and innovators to easily create and centrally manage deployment of shopping experiences while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and preferences of customers in the store. With 30 years of experience entertaining, informing and educating audiences, Scala is well-known for its innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologies, such as mobile and predictive analytics, to create award-winning solutions that are easy-to-use, yet infinitely customizable. Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, Scala’s network of partners and developers located in more than 90 countries drives more than 500,000 screens worldwide.

JCDecaux introduces the first international audience measurement solution for airports


JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC), the number one company worldwide in outdoor advertising and in airport advertising, announces the launch of AAM (Airport Audience Measurement), the first international audience measurement system for the airport industry.

Developed to offer advertisers and agencies standard metrics throughout the world, this unprecedented and innovative methodology has been designed in collaboration with Veltys, a company specialising in complex data analysis, processing and modelling. As well as including the main OOH audience measurement standards and rules, the system also takes into consideration the specific features of airports in terms of frequency of contact and audience reached to deliver an unrivalled level of granularity and accuracy in the results produced. The standard integrates:

  • The international scope
  • Passenger numbers per terminal and per day
  • The unique passenger profile
  • The impact of dwell time on campaign frequency
  • Information on how passengers move around the airport

This international audience measurement for airports will strengthen the scientific approach to advertising placement in terminals around the world, enhance data planning and customer reporting tools with new data, and open up the airport universe to new brands.

The design and development of AAM required nearly 18 months of work within JCDecaux’s Data Department, in partnership with JCDecaux Airport, JCDecaux OneWorld and Veltys. AAM is based on many external data sources (NPD Travel Retail – formerly CiR, customised studies, data from airport platforms, etc.) and internal data sources (sensors, IoT, etc.) and is built based upon algorithms calculating the main components of audience measurement, in particular the number of unique passengers, reach, frequency of the advertising message and the total number of viewed impressions delivered.

Details of the methodology, sources, algorithms and results were submitted to CESP, an independent joint industry committee in charge of auditing media audience measurement services in France. The CESP report presented satisfactory conclusions on the approach along with potential areas for potential developments.

This new international airport audience measurement solution will be launched at Paris Aéroport, then at Changi Airport Singapore in April before gradually rolling out across the main hubs operated by JCDecaux and feeding into the VIOOH programmatic platform. Within each airport only networks that have a minimum of 3 advertising assets will be measured, and only digital networks will be included in this initial deployment phase.

With the implementation of this new international standard of airport measurement, JCDecaux Airport, which is present in 215 airports throughout the five continents, is pursuing its objective to develop high-performance, high-impact, measurable out-of-home advertising solutions around the world.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “We are proud to have initiated and produced the first global airport audience measurement standard, including the concept of dwell time and based upon deduplicated passenger numbers. It will provide our advertising partners, agencies and airport authorities with new metrics offering unrivalled detail and accuracy to our airport media, particularly suitable for global, regional and national campaigns. Airport advertising is a fast-growing media, driven by a traffic of more than 4 billion passengers in 2018, which should double by 2040 according to ACI forecasting. This unprecedented standard of measurement will further emphasise JCDecaux’s effectiveness in airport advertising around the world.”

Scala to Demonstrate New In-Store Marketing Technology at ISE 2019


Scala will debut new marketing technology that drives retail transformation at “the largest AV and systems integration show in the world, ” Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019. Scala’s innovative technology solutions — including digital signs, augmented and virtual reality, mobile sensors, computer vision technology and artificial intelligence — helps retailers deliver an immersive audience or shopper experience that inspires repeat visits. Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, can be found in booth E160 in hall 8 at ISE 2019, being held 5-8 February in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Booth highlights include:
Shopper and store operations dashboards: It’s more important than ever to have real-time access to business-critical information wherever and whenever needed. An extensive display of dashboards, showing deep visitor and operational insights tied to each retail experience, is included in a “back of house” area of the booth. Experts will show marketers, retailers and brands how to leverage the power of real-time retail analytics, mobile sensors and artificial intelligence, using STRATACACHE’s in-house platforms from Walkbase and X2O Media, to inform and optimize the in-store experience and increase sales. X2O Media will also demonstrate the power of real-time business intelligence on any screen in their own ISE booth D245 in hall 15.

Virtual reality collaborative design demonstrations: Virtual reality shopping demonstrations will run continually in the booth throughout the show. These live demos show practical, multi-user, real-time, collaborative VR and will highlight use cases for: considered design, virtual inventory, collaborative consumer engagement, internal workflows for pre-visualization, sales engagement possibilities, concepts for flagship enterprise-level immersive interactive experiences and experiential destinations. Bringing immersive design experiences to the retail market, STRATACACHE debuted VR shopping last month, created by Scala Professional Services integrating the NVIDIA Holodeck™ immersive VR environment.

Scala-branded hardware solutions: Scala media players are featured in the booth, including single-, double- and quad-output. All Scala media players are designed for performance, stability and compatibility while ensuring the reliable, timely delivery of rich media experiences. Additionally, on display will be Scala Content Accelerator multimedia caching devices which ensure reliable, timely delivery of rich media experiences in any retail environment.

Guided shopping experiences, focusing on value-add narratives for retailers and marketers:
Personalisation at Scale: The advent of social media influence has evolved and shaped the way we shop online, and our fashion-focused solution leans into this behavior and makes it more actionable by bringing it into a retail environment. Using a touchscreen display, shoppers browse through looks with the ability to view them from a 360-degree perspective on the red carpet. From there shoppers can share or buy their preferred “look” with one tap.

Service Automation: Scala has integrated ordering kiosks with facial recognition technology and a robotic cocktail machine to create a memorable, streamlined ordering experience. After choosing or designing a favorite drink from our self-ordering kiosks, featuring our own commercial-grade tablets, the robot gets to work preparing the order. By automating certain tasks in the customer experience, sales associates are free to concentrate on shopper interaction and store operations.

Assisted Selling: This solution focuses on two key areas that drive the in-store experience — clarity when comparing products and delivery of a personalised, memorable shopping trip. Visitors use a tablet-based guided selling solution to create their ideal bicycle, comparing features from other bicycles along the way, ensuring they are guided toward the perfect product. Product discovery is streamlined, offering unobtrusive upsell opportunities throughout the experience. The solution also provides a tool for sales associates to have insight into the shopper’s preferences before offering assistance, ultimately delivering a concierge-level shopping experience.

To learn more visit

About Scala
Scala solutions deliver engaging retail experiences by connecting networks of digital signs, kiosks, mobile devices, websites and Internet-connected devices. Scala, a STRATACACHE company, provides the platform for marketers, retailers and innovators to easily create and centrally manage deployment of shopping experiences while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and preferences of customers in the store. With 30 years of experience entertaining, informing and educating audiences, Scala is well-known for its innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologies, such as mobile and predictive analytics, to create award-winning solutions that are easy-to-use, yet infinitely customizable. Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, Scala’s network of partners and developers located in more than 90 countries drives more than 500,000 screens worldwide.