Sunday, July 21, 2024

Displayce Partners with Echo Analytics to Enhance DOOH Campaign Precision

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Paris – Displayce, a leading European Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, has announced a partnership with Echo Analytics, a provider of geospatial data solutions. This collaboration makes Displayce the first DOOH DSP to integrate Echo Analytics’ point of interest (POI) data, enhancing the precision and targeting capabilities of DOOH campaigns.

What is a Point of Interest (POI)?
A Point of Interest (POI) is a specific location or area of significance, such as landmarks, attractions, or businesses. This includes Points of Sale (POS), which are locations where transactions occur, like retail stores or online shops.

Echo Analytics specializes in converting raw, unprocessed, and PII-free (personally identifiable information) data into reliable, GDPR-compliant geospatial datasets. Their data allows businesses to gain critical insights without overwhelming complexity. Echo Analytics’ methodology ensures precision and accuracy, making them a trusted partner for companies seeking high-quality geospatial information. Their data library is updated monthly or on demand and includes:

  • Places Data: Over 70 million POIs across 195 countries with precise geographic coordinates and numerous well-known brands.
  • Shapes Data: More than 90% polygon coverage to define POI boundaries.
  • Catchment Area Data: Analysis of aggregated mobility insights to understand customer journeys.

The integration of Echo Analytics’ data into Displayce’s platform provides agencies and advertisers with access to a comprehensive, reliable global database of POIs, including POS for renowned brands. This integration enables more accurate and contextualized DOOH campaigns.

The partnership allows agencies and brands to leverage relevant POIs for their drive-to-store strategies. Displayce offers the ability to define POI catchment areas—geographical zones from which a business draws its customers. This feature enables more precise targeting by reflecting customer behavior, providing flexibility and precision in advertising strategies.

The integration also offers competitive intelligence by providing quick access to competitor POI and foot traffic data. This advantage enables advertisers to target competitors’ POS, identify growth opportunities, and gain market share through more effective DOOH campaigns.

“Providing accurate and comprehensive POI data is essential for Displayce’s activity. Location-based advertising is crucial, and while there are open-source solutions, industrializing the approach requires a reliable partner. Echo Analytics met our requirements and standards,” said Laure Malergue, CEO and Co-founder of Displayce.

“The future of DOOH will rely on PII-free geolocation data. Brands need to know where, when, and how they are investing their budget. Working with Displayce highlights the importance of precise and reliable data for location-based advertising,” added Adam Ejsmont, Co-Founder and COO of Echo Analytics.

By being the first DOOH DSP to integrate Echo Analytics’ data, Displayce offers significant advantages to brands seeking precision and reliability in their campaigns, allowing advertisers to connect with their audience more effectively.


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