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C2G Announces an Extended Portfolio of Digital Signage Solutions

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C2G logoInnovatively simple solutions to optimise signal extension.

C2G, the preferred provider of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, supports the needs of today’s businesses and education settings by combining existing architecture with the latest technologies in digital signage solutions and multiple options for signal extension. From the simple to the sophisticated, C2G offers a portfolio of digital signage solutions that seamlessly support analogue and digital distribution options with our TruLink® products; the A/V over Cat5 line which includes analogue (VGA) and digital (HDMI®) over Cat5, and High Speed HDMI over Active Optical Cable (AOC).

TruLink VGA over Cat5 extends VGA and audio signals up to 152 metres over Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 cables without signal degradation. This solution is compatible with any operating system and requires no drivers or software. The transmitter and receiver are available in interchangeable wall plate or box form factors, allowing users to choose the design best suited for the digital signage application. This product line is currently available in VGA, VGA + 3.5mm audio, VGA + 3.5mm audio + RS232, single port, and 4-port.

TruLink HDMI over Cat5 is the newest addition to the portfolio offered by C2G. This solution extends HDMI signals up to 91 metres over a solid conductor, Cat5e, or Cat6 cables without signal degradation. It is compatible with any operating system and requires no drivers or software. Power can be delivered from a single power supply placed at either the transmitter or receiver end. This solution utilises HDBaseT™ technology and provides digital connectivity options that can be combined with existing analogue solutions such as VGA, VGA + 3.5mm audio, and VGA + 3.5mm audio + RS232 for installations where both analogue and digital signals are required.

TruLink High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC) provides another option for transmitting high definition signals over long distances. The TruLink HDMI AOC provides several unique advantages over copper cabling. The cable diameter is much smaller and more flexible than copper, providing easy installation for tight, in-wall spaces. The fibre strand construction reduces the risk of EMI/RFI, so performance is stable and is optimal for use in data centres, surgical theatres, manufacturing facilities, and any other applications where a reliable, high resolution display over a distance up to 20 metres is critical. The cable supports full 1080p resolution in 10 metre and 20 metre lengths and will soon be available in lengths up to 100 metres.

Jamie Pratt, managing director C2G EMEA stated, “The variety of options for extending and distributing analogue and digital A/V signals makes it easier for everyone to address current and future needs with reliable and flexible solutions.”

Telford-based C2G launched its UK operations in May 2009 at Channel Expo. Working through value-added distribution partner, TDMaverick, it has quickly established a strong and extensive community of networking and audio-visual specialist partners in the UK.

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