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Sony Expands Presence with Eight New Crystal LED Showrooms Across Europe

Inviting Audiences to Experience Visual Brilliance in Eight Captivating Locations.

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UK – Sony, a global leader in entertainment and technology, is set to unveil eight state-of-the-art Crystal LED showrooms across Europe this autumn. These showrooms will serve as immersive spaces for audiences to witness the unparalleled visual experience of Sony’s Crystal LED displays firsthand.

Jee Hee Lee, LED Product Manager at Sony, expressed excitement about showcasing the Crystal LED experience, stating, “The Crystal LED deserves to be showcased. Its seamless image on such a large scale is a spectacular experience, and we want to share this with as many people as possible. We look forward to opening these spaces up over the next few months.”

The showrooms will feature Sony’s latest BH-series Crystal LED displays, incorporating cutting-edge advancements in LED driver technology. The BH-series promises large-scale, bright, pixel-perfect images with vibrant colors, even in well-lit environments.

Rik Willemse, Head of Professional Display and Solutions Europe, shared Sony’s enthusiasm, stating, “The Crystal LED is something here at Sony we are particularly excited about and want to make accessible for all to see and experience. These showrooms are the perfect opportunity to do so.”

The eight European partnership showrooms are strategically located across the continent:

  1. Technicongres, Fontanivent, Switzerland
  2. Visioncube, Warsaw, Poland
  3. Altinova, Ankara, Turkiye
  4. Trison, Madrid, Spain
  5. Stim, Milan, Italy
  6. AVISTIC AS, Oslo, Norway
  7. Atea Norway AS, Alesund, Norway
  8. PSCO Innovation House, Bracknell, UK

Sony takes pride in offering unwavering global support, from initial installation to day-to-day technical assistance, extended warranty options, and aftercare services.

For those interested in experiencing the Crystal LED displays or seeking more information, Sony encourages visits to the dedicated showroom page on their official website

To learn more about Sony’s Crystal LED Displays, including the BH and CH-series, please visit

SourceSony EU
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