Saturday, July 13, 2024

Clear Channel Outdoor Partners with Westin Las Vegas Hotel for High-Impact Advertising

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NEW YORK – Clear Channel Outdoor, a global leader in outdoor advertising, has partnered with the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa to offer advertisers three prominent outdoor advertising displays. These displays are strategically placed to capture the attention of tourists visiting Las Vegas, coinciding with the upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix in November. Advertisers can leverage this opportunity to reach affluent audiences, international travelers, and a diverse array of visitors attending major events, including the Super Bowl in February 2024, CES, and NFR.

With Las Vegas set to host a record-breaking Formula 1 Fan Experience from November 16-18, 2023, with over 300,000 expected attendees, Clear Channel Outdoor’s ‘Westin Spectacular Domination’ assets, featuring cutting-edge digital signage, promise to be highly visible along the Grand Prix track.

Adam Barthelmess, President of CCOA-Las Vegas, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “Our new digital spectaculars at the Westin offer advertisers premium visibility, arriving at a prime moment as we approach the highly anticipated Formula 1 race. Brands can engage with sophisticated consumers through these captivating displays, enhancing their presence throughout the city during an unforgettable season in Vegas.”

Clear Channel Outdoor is uniquely positioned as one of the leading outdoor advertising providers in Las Vegas, offering a wide range of media displays, including digital and printed spectaculars, roadside digital displays, airport advertising, and traditional printed assets. This comprehensive portfolio enables brands to execute effective and comprehensive advertising campaigns. Moreover, Clear Channel Outdoor’s 500+ printed displays already reach 92% of adults 18+ weekly, as confirmed by Geopath OOH Ratings (June 2021) and Scarborough Release 1 (2022).

The three digital displays available through the Westin Spectacular Domination initiative are:

  • The Vertical Digital Spectacular (46 feet high x 18 feet wide)
  • South Wallscape Spectacular (130 feet high x 200 feet wide x 2)
  • East Wallscape Spectacular (130 feet high x 50 feet wide)

The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is conveniently located just 1.5 blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, making it a preferred choice for business travelers. Situated on Flamingo Rd., a major route to The Strip, the Westin caters to tourists seeking proximity to the city’s renowned entertainment district.


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