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Scala Drives Innovation in Sweden’s SF Bio Theaters with Digital Signage Solutions

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Scala, digital signage software solutions, has partnered with SF Bio AB, Sweden’s premier cinema chain, to deploy a state-of-the-art digital signage network across its numerous locations. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the movie-going experience in Sweden by integrating advanced digital technologies into SF Bio’s operations.

SF Bio AB, which operates 36 theaters with a total of 242 screens across Sweden, has embarked on this innovative project to enhance the overall cinema experience. The focus is on improving various aspects such as picture quality, sound, and food service delivery, ensuring a superior experience for the 15 million patrons they serve annually.

The digital transformation began in 2006 with a pilot project in eight theaters in major Swedish cities including Stockholm, Jönköping, and Göteborg. Scala’s Certified Partner, Zone Systems, was tasked with implementing the Scala InfoChannel® platform across these venues. The project involves installing multiple screens within each theater, capable of displaying digital menus, dynamic movie posters, and film trailers.

Each theater features groups of screens, with some, like the Bergakungen Theater in Göteborg, boasting up to 85 screens. The Scala InfoChannel® platform offers dynamic content management, allowing playlists to be customized for specific screens based on local needs. This flexibility is crucial for theaters that host special theme nights, enabling automatic content adjustments to fit the theme.

Anders Broden, Manager of Digital Signage at Zone Systems, emphasized that the decision to choose Scala was influenced by its proven reliability and scalability, which are essential for such a comprehensive network.

The implementation of this digital signage network has brought several benefits, including significant cost savings in menu and poster production and distribution. SF Bio’s ability to quickly update digital menus and promotions contributes to a more engaging and effective communication strategy with its audience.

Moreover, the transition to digital signage has redefined the counter experience in theaters, leading to increased sales and an enhanced aesthetic appeal. “We are very happy about our network; it just looks so much more stylish and ‘fresh’,” said Mr. Timan, a representative from SF Bio. He hinted at ongoing improvements and the potential for even better utilization of the software in the future.

As SF Bio continues to expand this initiative, with plans to include new theaters in 2008 potentially in Malmö and Linköping, Scala and Zone Systems are set to further solidify their presence in the Swedish market.

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