Thursday, July 25, 2024

Scala Releases Enterprise 13.20, Introduces Player-NX4 to Hardware Portfolio

Scala Enterprise 13.20 Enhances User Experience

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Scala, a prominent digital signage solutions provider, announces the release of Scala Enterprise 13.20, featuring several enhancements aimed at improving user experience. Additionally, the company introduces the Player-NX4 to its hardware lineup.

New Features in Scala Enterprise 13.20:

Custom DPC Commands: Scala Enterprise 13.20 enables users to create and execute custom Direct Player Control (DPC) commands remotely from Content Manager, providing additional flexibility in managing digital signage displays.

Enhanced Password Encryption: The release includes strengthened encryption algorithms for password protection throughout the platform, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to security.

Templates – Color Palettes and Picker Fields: Introducing color palettes for text, backgrounds, shadows, and more within templates, enhancing visual customization options and brand consistency.

Templates – New Variable Fields: Users can now incorporate variables such as long duration, short duration, dates, and times into templates for dynamic data management.

Rob AIta, Scala’s Director of Product Management, commented, “We’re committed to continual improvement, and Scala Enterprise 13.20 builds upon newer features like DPC and Scala Apps for an enhanced user experience.”

Introduction of Player-NX4: The hardware portfolio expands with the addition of Player-NX4. Engineered for outdoor high-temperature environments, the four-port player features a fanless design for protection against dust and debris, operating efficiently in temperatures up to 55°C/131°F.

User Convenience and Security Improvements: Scala Apps now includes messaging enhancements, allowing users to apply media metadata values to messages before creation. Security measures include verifying SAML token signatures for single sign-on (SSO) with Content Manager.

The Scala Enterprise 13.20 release, inclusive of the new Player-NX4, is available for customers under current Scala Maintenance. For updates and downloads, visit

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