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signageOS Expands Expert Services with Acquisition of Signagelab

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signageOS, a renowned leader in digital signage infrastructure, has recently announced a significant expansion of its Expert Services division. This bold move is attributed to the acquisition of Signagelab, a key player in digital signage solutions and professional services. This expansion is poised to enhance signageOS’s ability to provide comprehensive services, including custom implementations and integrations leveraging its core products: CloudControl, DevSpace, and ProPlayer.

The merger is a strategic response to the growing demand for signageOS’s involvement in the integration and implementation phases across numerous large-scale enterprise projects. This expansion signifies a momentous step in signageOS’s journey, reinforcing its commitment to serving major enterprise customers.

By integrating Signagelab’s expertise, signageOS aims to enhance its ProPlayer offering, focusing on customized solutions that cater to the intricate demands of large-scale clients. This integration is expected to streamline the deployment of personalized solutions on the signageOS platform.

Stan Richter, CEO and Co-Founder of signageOS, expressed enthusiasm about this evolution, noting the natural synergy between the two companies. David Sauer, CEO and Co-Founder of Signagelab, echoed this sentiment, recognizing the integration as a pivotal point in their company’s journey.

Post-acquisition, signageOS will retire the Signagelab brand, transforming its team into a dedicated professional services and integration arm under the signageOS banner. Key management figures from Signagelab are set to assume senior roles within signageOS, spearheading the newly expanded services division.

This development aligns with signageOS’s ambition to redefine technology adoption and innovation in the digital signage industry. The company continues to lead the sector with its digital signage solutions, offering versatile, scalable solutions for a wide array of applications.

About signageOS As a trailblazer in the digital signage domain, signageOS excels in providing comprehensive solutions that facilitate the development, management, and operation of large-scale digital signage networks. The company prides itself on delivering control over an array of platforms and operating systems, catering to a diverse range of stakeholders including hardware vendors, software developers, and end-users.

About Signagelab Signagelab, now integral to signageOS, has been renowned for its innovative, API-first approach to digital signage solutions. Serving a global clientele across various sectors, Signagelab has established itself as a leader in the development and delivery of intelligent digital signage solutions.

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