Saturday, December 9, 2023

Visible Spectrum Adds Consumer Product Images to Content Cloud

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Visible Spectrum, Inc. (“VSI”) located in Burr Ridge, IL today announced an agreement with itemMaster LLC to add its complete library of consumer packaged goods images to VSI’s searchable digital content cloud.

According to DeWitt Cook, Co-founder, itemMaster’s mission is to become “The One Source for Free Product Images and Data”.  By managing product images and data through itemMaster, manufacturers assure that all retailers have access to accurate and complete product images and data.

Unlike some other consumer image databases, itemMaster insures its library contains only current, relevant pictures – greatly increasing the efficiency of use. The  itemMaster image library already contains approximately 20,000 sku’s with 1,000 new sku’s being added each week.  By year-end 2012, the data base will include 50,000 to 70,000 sku’s.

These images will now be able to be seamlessly integrated in minutes into full motion custom video ads or promotions, via VSI’s web-based platform.  Obtaining product images from a single source insures that any retail outlet, network operator, or creative agency has access to the most accurate and up-to-date product information. While there is a charge for creating a composition using VSI’s systems, there is no charge for the images themselves.

Under the Agreement, itemMaster also obtains a White Label License to VSI’s platform, enabling it to directly create full motion video for its clientele.  VSI distributes its platform across many white label licensees.

Founded in 2011, Visible Spectrum, Inc. provides a web-based cloud platform allowing end users to directly create custom HD video for any digital platform – Internet, TV, DOOH or Mobile platforms.  Users may download completed video files in any format, or directly post to YouTube, Brightcove, or stream as MediaRSS.

The itemMaster images will be added to VSI’s existing content cloud of more than 17.5 million images and video clips available for royalty free use in compositions.

itemMaster LLC, based in Skokie, IL, is a subsidiary of Ahold USA, began building its technology in 2009 and began large scale operations in 2011.

Source: Visible Spectrum, Inc (VSI)

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