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Willy’s Burgers Enjoying The Benefits Of Menuboard

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Willys Burger Digital MenuboardScreen Media Group installed a circuit of 3 screens and digital signage in the restaurant MenuBoard Willy’s Burger. High resolution pictures and useful information to please the guests in the best way

Willy’s Burgers enjoy this month of March MenuBoards programmed and designed by a team of Screen Media Group to present its guests the dishes and drinks they offer.

This fast food restaurant has its Digital Menu three monitors where digital signage displays pricing information and photos of their burgers and hot dogs at high resolution, with their respective prices. All this is presented interactively on digital screens installed by our professional team.

One of the biggest advantages of MenuBoards is that the content to display can be programmed remotely by the hour, which makes it possible in the afternoon, the shakes are the stars of the local screens. Also, content can be edited as needed without incurring additional costs.

And with the inclusion of digital screens inside the restaurant is modern and avant-garde prints to facilities, which feeds into the printing quality is generated in the leads. Screen Media Group, who made ​​the whole project of digital menus for this client, it also offers installation, consulting, content generation, administrations ny support.

You can contact us for more information on MenuBoard technology, implementation and maintenance.

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Source: Screen Media Group

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