June 10, 2023


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Kinetic launches Global Digital Out of Home Handbook to provide clarity in a marketplace with huge potential for creativity and interactivity

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An industry reportedly set to pass $10bn in 2014*, digital Out of Home has experienced such growth in the past decade that it is a challenge in itself to be clear on the opportunities that characterise each market.

Today, as the industry reaches a critical stage in investment, flexibility and integration with other media and technology, Kinetic Worldwide, the world’s largest planner and buyer of OOH, releases the Global Digital Out of Home Handbook. The launch is supported by The Screen, who will use their contacts to engage the global creative community.

The Handbook covers the full global context of digital OOH including market sizes, growth rates, media owners, formats, environments, research and creative innovation. Each regional environment is accompanied by a Kinetic view on developments.

The document quantifies that digital OOH is currently worth 7% of all Out of Home expenditure globally, that the US is the leading market, worth $1.1bn, and that China, where digital OOH represents 36% of OOH, has grown by 90% in 2011.

Examples of creative uses and different formats are given. It shows that the global market has embraced entertaining interactive experiences, executed creatively and with relevance to the advertiser and environment, that can enhance memory of a brand and create a positive association with it.

Technological innovation is available in many more markets than initially expected, as well as campaign innovation that utilises the potential of each market.  It is hoped the Handbook will enable planners to have a clearer understanding of the industry and unlock potential.

Dennis Kuperus, Digital Director for Kinetic, comments: “Digital OOH is at a different stage in each of the markets in which we operate. This is why we are working hard to refine our digital OOH strategy, so that we can develop and progress the concept in every region. We are committed to ensuring digital remains on course to become one of the fastest growing and most exciting media.”

The Global Digital Out of Home Handbook is available here: http://kin.tc/globaldigitalhandbook

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Source: Kinetic