June 6, 2023


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Major Turkish Supermarket Chain Implements Digital Signage Networks Managed by YCD’s Platform

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YCD Multimedia, a global leader in providing smart digital media solutions to the retail business world, today announced that its digital signage software, C-nario Messenger, has been implemented in two leading Turkish supermarket and hypermarket chains: Migros and Macrocenter. Both chains belong to the Migros Turk Group. The displays were installed, and are operated, by Turkish digital platform provider Digiboard. C-nario Messenger was developed by C-nario, a company recently acquired by YCD.

The project includes 562 digital displays located in 12 Macrocenter stores and 34 Migros stores in İstanbul, displaying eye-catching ads and attracting shoppers’ attention. The displays are located in various areas of each store, such as the delicatessen, meat, fish, bakery, and produce departments. Displays are also installed at the points–of-sale and in aisles, areas that offer an opportunity for high-impact advertising and impulse purchasing at the point of purchase.

All of the displays are centrally managed and controlled from Digiboard headquarters in Istanbul. C-nario’s platform enables uploading and approving ads via the Web, resulting in a quick review and approval process with real-time updates.

“The displays serve as a very effective communication platform attracting shoppers to choose products that are promoted by the digital displays in various locations of the store,” said Lazar Demisulam, Digiboard CEO. “We see more and more supermarkets and hypermarkets adopting digital signage as a key communication channel with shoppers.”

“This project is another milestone in our cooperation with Digiboard, following our successful joint projects in major Turkish airports,” said Yael Elstein, VP Marketing, YCD Multimedia. “The digital signage networks at Migros and Macrocenter serve not only as an efficient advertising and promotion platform, but highly enhance the shopper’s experience.”

C-nario Messenger is a complete digital signage display, distribution and management software platform that provides better-than-broadcast quality playback in any shape, size and resolution. C-nario Messenger is characterized by its superb multi-display playback engine, as well as its advanced management, monitoring and control tools. In addition, the system is based on open architecture, which makes it easy to customize and adapt to different needs. The system’s innovative content creation tools easily help to create displays and cut costs.

About YCD Multimedia
YCD Multimedia is an industry leader providing corporations and organizations worldwide with advanced digital media solutions and applications within the retail environment, as well as other industries. YCD’s flexible platforms help businesses attract clients, reinforce branding and ensure a measurable impact on their business. YCD’s end-to-end offering combines strategy, professional services and technology to increase profits, optimize product mix and enhance the customer experience. To date, the company has partnered with over 2,000 customers, including Fortune 500 corporations and some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as Coca Cola, Toyota, Estee Lauder, Ferrari, Hilton Hotels, Cartier, and Hugo Boss. Founded in 1999, YCD Multimedia is headquartered in the United States with offices in the United Kingdom and Israel, and has an international network of resellers serving clients around the globe. In October 2011 YCD acquired C-nario, a global provider of digital signage software solutions. For more information, visit www.ycdmultimedia.com

About Digiboard
Digiboard, a subsidiary of Saben Co., Inc., provides 24/7 continuous digital advertising and communication platforms throughout Turkey. Digiboard is actively engaged in its core business in the digital signage marketplace, employing an innovative and differentiating solution. Converting its clients’ marketing activities to a digital platform, Digiboard has become a new media power and a dynamic solution partner providing direct marketing and communication solutions. For more information about Digiboard, visit www.digiboard.com.tr.

Source: YCD Multimedia