Thursday, November 30, 2023

Belvita and FareShare’s ‘Give a Smile’ Campaign Harnesses Ocean Labs’ Technology to Drive DOOH Impact

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U.K – Belvita, the beloved biscuit brand, has joined forces with FareShare, a food waste charity, to launch a pioneering Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaign titled ‘Give a Smile.’ Developed in collaboration with the creative agency Elvis, this innovative campaign aims to donate up to 100,000 meals to individuals facing food insecurity while spreading positivity throughout the UK.

Running until October 30, ‘Give a Smile’ leverages the cutting-edge interactive audience detection technology provided by Ocean Labs to provide viewers with a compelling and interactive way to contribute to this noble cause. The DOOH activation is currently displayed across eight full-motion small format city center screens, strategically positioned in high-dwell-time locations in Manchester and Birmingham.

Participation in this heartwarming campaign is refreshingly straightforward: participants are invited to stand on designated vinyl floor markers placed in front of the screens and share a smile. In response, an on-screen actor reciprocates with a warm smile and a message, informing participants that their smile has just provided a meal to someone in need. Furthermore, the DOOH screens feature vinyl wraps with QR codes that participants can scan to learn more about the initiative.

Ocean Labs’ groundbreaking technology is at the heart of this initiative, making it not just an awareness campaign but a highly interactive and engaging experience for the audience. The innovative use of DOOH allows Belvita and FareShare to connect with people on a personal level, encouraging them to take immediate action to help combat food insecurity.

‘Give a Smile’ by Belvita is not just confined to the DOOH screens; it encompasses a comprehensive omnichannel approach. This includes video-on-demand, eCRM, paid social media, in-store promotions, influencer collaborations, and PR efforts. The overarching goal is to offer support to the staggering 13 million people in the UK grappling with food affordability.

Elvis’ creative director, Alexandru Vasile, expressed his pride in unveiling this purpose-driven campaign for Belvita, underscoring how small gestures like a smile can have a profound impact, especially during challenging times. “From the casting to the music featured, everything about this work exudes positivity,” Vasile shared.

Food insecurity remains a pressing issue in the UK, affecting over 13 million people in various ways. Belvita’s mission is to harness the power of positivity for the greater good, seeking to alleviate food poverty by donating meals to FareShare. Amy Lucas, Belvita’s brand manager, emphasized, “At Belvita, we believe in the power of positive energy. It’s part of our brand ethos, where our nutritious whole grains deliver positive energy. So, we wanted to use the power of positivity and raise donations for FareShare.”

Belvita’s heartwarming campaign, driven by smiles and positivity, exemplifies how brands can make a substantial impact on society by collaborating with charitable organizations to address pressing issues. As ‘Give a Smile’ continues to spread joy and nourishment across the UK, it serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative influence of a simple gesture and the positive change it can bring to the lives of those in need, thanks to the innovative technology provided by Ocean Labs and the engaging medium of DOOH.


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