Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Perion Network Ltd. Launches Global DOOH ‘Green Curated Deals’ via Hivestack and Scope3

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Perion Network Ltd., a technology leader in digital advertising, has announced the global launch of Hivestack’s ‘Green Curated Deals’ for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. Utilizing Scope3 emissions data, Green Curated Deals provide DOOH buyers with direct access to lower carbon ad inventory, enhancing sustainability in advertising.

This initiative builds on the recent expansion of Scope3’s emissions model to include DOOH and the introduction of Hivestack Curate, Perion’s proprietary DOOH platform. Green Curated Deals are designed to help advertisers optimize their campaigns for both performance and environmental impact. These deals are exclusively available on the Hivestack Curate platform.

Hivestack’s Green Curated Deals leverage Scope3’s detailed emissions data to offer inventory optimized for reducing carbon emissions. This approach allows media buyers to engage with audiences while achieving lower emissions in ad delivery. By combining Hivestack’s innovative deal curation technology with Scope3’s emissions data, these deals maximize campaign reach across screens during times of lowest carbon emissions.

Perion has also developed a scoring model for Green Curated Deals, which prioritizes DOOH inventory that generates the least carbon emissions. This model packages optimal inventory to reduce the climate impact of DOOH campaigns under a single, unified Deal ID within Hivestack Curate.

Tal Jacobson, CEO of Perion, said, “The launch of Green Curated Deals represents a significant step in evolving advertising technology towards sustainability. Our collaboration with Scope3 enables us to offer digital advertising solutions that drive performance while minimizing environmental impact.”

Andreas Soupliotis, General Manager at Hivestack, added, “Our priority is to support the decarbonization of the DOOH industry by providing media buyers and sellers with tools to reduce carbon emissions effectively and meaningfully.”

David Fischer, Global Head of Advertising Technology Partnerships at Scope3, noted, “Accurate measurement is essential for decarbonization efforts. Hivestack has been a crucial partner in refining the Scope3 emissions model for DOOH, and now they’re enabling advertisers to act on this data.”

As demand for lowered emissions and sustainable media increases, brands and agencies are prioritizing environmental impact. Scope3’s 2023 research indicates that emissions from high-risk inventory are twice the market average and underperform by 13%. The new Green Curated Deals provide advertisers with the opportunity to reduce their DOOH campaigns’ carbon impact while maintaining performance and budget efficiency.

About Perion Network Ltd.

Perion Network Ltd. is a technology leader in connecting advertisers to consumers across major digital channels, offering significant benefits to brands and publishers. For more information, visit Perion’s website.

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