Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Embed Signage Partners with Hivestack for pDOOH

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Embed Signage announced its strategic partnership with Hivestack by Perion. This collaboration is set to transform the monetization opportunities for digital signage, providing a robust solution for media owners across the globe to capitalize on their screen inventory with unprecedented efficiency and innovation.

Hivestack by Perion, a leader in the global marketing technology sphere, brings to the table its comprehensive suite of programmatic DOOH advertising capabilities. This partnership enables Embed Signage users to seamlessly monetize their digital screens by tapping into Hivestack’s cutting-edge targeting technology and expansive network.

Integration Highlights:

  • Targeted Advertising at Its Finest: With advanced screen and location targeting capabilities, this integration empowers media owners to maximize their advertising revenue. Whether it’s fixed location inventory like LED billboards and digital signs in gyms, bars, and pharmacies, or moving inventory in taxis and buses, the flexibility and precision of this platform are unmatched.
  • Unlocking New Revenue Streams: This is more than a partnership; it’s an opportunity for Embed Signage users to explore new horizons in DOOH advertising. By leveraging Hivestack’s programmatic advertising excellence, media owners are now positioned to unlock new revenue streams with ease and efficiency.
  • Simplified Integration Process: The hallmark of this integration is its simplicity and effectiveness, allowing for pDOOH ads from Hivestack by Perion to blend seamlessly into the digital signage content managed on Embed, offering ultimate control and creative freedom to users.

Strategic Acquisition and Market Evolution:

The collaboration is timely, following Perion Network Ltd.’s acquisition of Hivestack Inc., a move that has set the stage for synergistic growth and innovation in the DOOH advertising domain. With an investment of $100 million in cash, complemented by a performance-based payment plan, Perion is poised to leverage this strategic acquisition to fuel its growth and diversification strategy in the digital advertising sphere.

The Digital Out of Home market is experiencing rapid growth, with projections indicating it could reach US$30.7 billion by 2026. As this market expands, collaborations like the one between Embed Signage and Hivestack by Perion become pivotal in defining the future of digital advertising. They offer brands innovative and focused ways to engage with their audiences, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns.

Reference: https://embedsignage.com/

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