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The Original Gino's Leverages Mvix Signage Platform for its Pizza Chain

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The Original Gino’s Pizzeria has been giving the Toledo, OH area top quality pizza since it opened shop in 1955. Living the true American dream, Original Gino’s opened with one store location and have since, expanded their small, family-run business to multiple locations around the Toledo, OH area. Voted to have the best pizza in town, the family attributes its success to their refusal to settle for anything less than top quality products and services. The Original Gino’s has also attracted the attention of pizza lovers’ nationwide, earning awards such as being one of Pizza Today Magazine’s Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias.

In the past few months, the company has been looking for a robust and affordable digital menu board and signage platform that could be utilized in its pizzeria chain. After extensive trials, the Mvix digital signage platform was formally adopted and installed in June, 2010 in all its locations. The Original Gino’s has put Mvix’s digital signage systems near their front counters to promote food, specials, and to run their advertisements. Joe Mueller, Gino’s Chief Marketing and Support Officer, commented on the Mvix platform, saying “These units are easy to install, very user friendly and best of all small and compact. They work great and customer service/support is fantastic.”

“We are excited about this project”, commented Mike Mallon, VP of Business Development. “Owing to the hardware and software stability of Mvix Digital Signage systems, nationally-renowned restaurants are starting to show interest in our platform. The low cost, affordable cost structure and intuitive, hassle-free content management system is the core of Mvix platform and our clients appreciate that.”

Mvix’s digital signage products have already proven themselves to work in banks, schools, government agencies, and hospitality and medical facilities, and now it is receiving overwhelming success in a locally owned pizzeria.

“We are extremely pleased with the customer service and technical support team of Mvix,” expressed Mr. Mueller. “These individuals have made the project implementation a great success!”

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