Saturday, December 2, 2023

Florida International University Adds State-of-the-Art Trading Lab

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Customer Overview
With a student body of nearly 40,000, Florida International University (FIU) is one of the 25 largest universities in the nation.

FIU’s colleges and schools offer more than 200 bachelor, master and doctoral programs in fields such as engineering, international relations and law. As one of South Florida’s anchor institutions, FIU has been locally and globally engaged for more than four decades finding solutions to the most challenging problems of our time.

FIU is also South Florida’s leading business school, with unique expertise in international business, entrepreneurship and a range of financial services from accounting to banking to real estate. U.S. News & World Report ranks FIU among the top international business schools in the U.S. for international business. BusinessWeek reports them among the best accredited business schools in the U.S.

Project Summary
Helen K. Simon, CFP, is a finance faculty member at FIU’s College of Business Administration. She is also the academic director of the School’s Capital Markets Lab.

“The Capital Markets Lab is a 2,200 square foot, state- of-the-art trading, research and teaching facility,” she explains. “The purpose of this facility is to provide hands- on learning experiences for our students in professional software applications and tools using electronic sources of financial, marketing, and investment data.”

One prominent conveyor of that financial information is a new Rise ticker that shows real-time data from fixed income, equity and foreign exchange markets. It’s a striking LED Ticker that stretches a total of 78 feet in length around the lab, with a 90 degree curve that lets it span multiple walls, effectively surrounding the students with a continuous stream of data.

Dr. Simon says the College is very pleased with their digital sign choice. “We’ve received lots of positive feedback. The ticker just creates the right atmosphere in the room — an authentic environment. It draws attention to our facility and starts many conversations.”

Why did they decide on a Rise ticker? “We wanted to communicate an authentic atmosphere to our students, faculty, the business community and potential donors,” says Dr. Simon. “This facility provides data and information technology resources not only for finance courses, but also for a variety of disciplines, including accounting, marketing, decision sciences, international business and IT.”

Dr. Simon has also seen evidence of the educational value of installing the ticker. “Students and staff are beginning to ask very specific questions about security prices and what the trade data means, bringing to light the fact that this adds to their real world education. With equipment like the Rise ticker in our Capital Markets Lab, the College is better able to prepare students for the strong job market in financial services and the ever-changing technological landscape in today’s corporate world.”

The success of their ticker purchase has led FIU to acquire other Rise digital signage as well, including a Rise Engine, content services to run three large 65-inch LCDs, and another 9-foot ticker for their main lobby.

“We knew little about tickers before we started this process, and we have Rise to thank for an education. We purchased our ticker through the competitive bidding process, and no other company came close to Rise in terms of customer service, and value.”

Source: Rise Display

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