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Planet Pizza Installs Mvix Digital Menu Board and Signage Systems Across its Locations

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Planet Pizza_Mvix Digital Menu BoardPlanet Pizza, a 20-year old family-owned and operated pizza chain, has commenced installation of Mvix Digital Menu Board and Signage systems in its fast-casual restaurant locations. In an effort to modernize the pizzerias and cut menu-update costs, the company chose Mvix’s turnkey signage systems across its pizza stores located in NY and CT.

A member of Digital ScreenMedia Association, Mvix is the market leader in AV technology and products for high-definition digital signage systems. It has been serving the food-service industry across the world with affordable digital menu board / signage systems which can be managed remotely over the web. Recently, Mvix installed its turnkey digital menu boards at Planet Pizza locations, which helped bring the benefits of digital signage to the pizzeria with a low starting price. These signage systems help restaurants make easier menu changes, promote special offerings, and create a livelier atmosphere for its patrons.

“We’re pleased that our product is clearly serving a good use for a restaurant that has gained a firm foot-hold in its community,” said Ross McClymonds, Vice President for Global Sales at Mvix. “The ability to offer a comprehensive package – including all hardware, web-based software, to custom design service for menu board templates and professional installation, enables an expedited timeline for implementation.”

Started in 1991 by three brothers, Planet Pizza has grown to include 11 restaurants scattered throughout Fairfield County, CT, serving an array of pizzas, salads, subs, and other Italian classics. The restaurants are a busy operation, selling an estimated 1,000 pies each day across all 11 locations. Its owners noticed that traditional, paper-based signage was becoming both costly and inconvenient to update. “We felt digital signage was a good option because the cost of traditional signage has gotten so expensive,” said Joseph Rocco, one of the brothers in charge of Planet Pizza. “Menu edits required signage changes and the logistics of implementing changes across 11 locations became burdensome.”

After some market research and field tests for quality digital signage options, Planet Pizza decided on the Mvix Ceeno signage kit. Mvix Ceeno offers a wide array of features and incredibly low start-up costs. Despite offering what Rocco referred to as “entry-level pricing,” the Ceeno came with a clear HD LCD display, internet-based scheduling for remote updates, and no subscription fees. For a small business just beginning to dip its toe into the digital menu/signage waters, the Ceeno was an ideal fit, and helped demonstrate Planet Pizza’s commitment to continuous improvement and growth.

“Digital signage is not going to make our pizza taste better,” Rocco emphasized. “But what it will do is show our customers that we care enough to invest in technology and keep our stores relevant. The Ceeno has helped us achieve everything we thought possible with digital signage including time and day-specific specials.”

McClymonds said that Planet Pizza’s success with our digital signage system highlights why more and more restaurants are seeing digital signage not just as a viable option, but a growing necessity.

“When you look at the ROI for restaurants using digital signage, it’s quick and it’s significant. It costs a lot of money to print a glossy menu with lots of pictures. With digital signage, you’re making a one-time investment that’s going to pay itself off not just in money but in terms of convenience. We’re just happy to be working with a family-owned business that is so passionate about embracing the future.”

To learn more about the Mvix Ceeno digital signage systems and other digital menu board options offered by Mvix, visit:

Source: Mvix

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