Thursday, November 30, 2023

First Texas State Technical College student to graduate with a degree in digital signage technology

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Mike Snow today will be the first Texas State Technical College student to graduate with a degree in digital signage technology.

That notoriety suits the 27-year-old Abilene native just fine.

Snow comes across as confident and ready to hit the ground running into his new career after he collects his degree at this morning’s graduation ceremony at Abilene Christian University.

In fact, he is waiting on a possible job offer after interviewing with a subsidiary of Scala, one of the largest companies in the digital signage industry.

When Snow talks about the company flying him first to Boston for an interview and then to Philadelphia for more time with company brass, and the opportunity to meet just about everyone employed by the company, he gets a glimmer in his eye and there’s a real sense of excitement in his voice.

His goal is to go out into the world and learn his craft — that’s everything from cold calling in sales to all of the technical parts of crafting digital marketing that is shown on monitors in retail stores, bars and wherever else companies can make contact and influence buying decisions. He eventually would like to come back home to start his own company.

“I’m excited about the job and going away,” Snow said Friday afternoon. “But I’m also excited about coming back to Texas.

TSTC-West Texas last spring launched the award-winning program, which is the only program of its kind in the state.

His degree includes courses on digital content creation with animation using Adobe Photoshop and Flash, as well as other animation and video software. Students learn system design and scheduling using well-know industry products, according to information on the program provided by TSTC.

Snow came to the school two years ago looking for opportunity. He said the traditional college route didn’t work for him but an interview with enrollment coordinator Chemese Armstrong changed his life.

Snow learned all the details about the new program and he knew that was the route to his future. He also gained a mentor who helped him get through TSTC here is graduating with honors.

Source: Reporter News

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