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C-nario and CTV Complete Digital Signage Network at Israel Discount Bank

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C-nario, a global provider of digital signage software solutions, and  CTV, a leading integrator of digital signage and media management, today announced that they have completed  a country-wide digital signage network at Israel Discount Bank, Israel’s third largest bank. The network is based on C-nario Messenger, C-nario’s flagship digital signage platform.

The new network is C-nario and CTV’s largest joint project in the banking industry. Previously, both companies collaborated on a digital signage project at Israel Mercantile Bank.

The network includes the bank’s headquarters and 140 branches. Each branch has between 1-6 screens, and may receive various combinations of video and audio channels, based on its location and various other criteria. The Network Operations Center (NOC) is operated by CTV and is located at CTV’s headquarters.

Content is generated mainly by CTV, and partially by the bank. Content includes marketing information promoting the bank and its services, atmosphere clips, music channels and external resources – such as news feeds from the Web and from Israel’s Channel 2 (TV), broadcast four times a day.

In addition to customer-oriented content, the bank’s digital signage network includes internal communications and e-learning programs. Once a week, the bank produces an internal news program for employees.

“The digital signage network enables us to communicate better with our customers, providing them with updated information about the bank’s various services and programs,” said Roni Peled, Advertising and Marketing Manager, Israel Discount Bank. “The network helps us stay competitive and meet our business challenges, using advanced technologies.”

The entire network was deployed in a record time of two months. “The project was deployed automatically from the NOC, by sending a dedicated installation patch that collected the local specifications from each branch server, and conducted the installation automatically,” said Adit Landau, CTV Acting CEO. “CTV made a strategic decision to replace its former digital signage software, and offer C-nario as part of its integrated digital signage solution. We consider C-nario’s software to be a world-leading digital signage platform. For CTV, as a media and integration market leader, it was important to choose a software platform that would meet our standard of service, and our clients’ expectations.”

“The banking industry is rapidly becoming aware of how digital signage can provide an extremely valuable business and internal communications resource for their everyday needs,” said Yael Elstein, C-nario’s Vice President Marketing. “C-nario has been in the forefront of finding creative ways to use digital signage as a powerful medium for the banking industry.”

C-nario Messenger is a complete digital signage display, distribution and management software platform that provides better-than-broadcast quality playback in any shape, size and resolution. C-nario Messenger is characterized by its superb multi-display playback engine, as well as its advanced management, monitoring and control tools. In addition, the system is based on open architecture, which makes it easy to customize and adapt to different needs. The system’s innovative content creation tools easily help to create displays and cut costs.

About Israel Discount Bank
Israel Discount Bank is the third largest banking franchise and a leading financial group in Israel. With nationwide coverage, Israel Discount Bank provides a full spectrum of corporate and retail financial products and services to its clients, both in Israel and key financial centers around the world. Israel Discount Bank is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DSCT. For additional information, please visit the bank’s website at

About C-nario
C-nario is a global provider of a comprehensive display, distribution and management software solutions for digital signage networks. C-nario’s products are widely used in a variety of industries and sectors, including financial institutions, advertising and media, retail, public institutions, entertainment, healthcare, education and transportation. C-nario’s cutting edge technology enables unparalleled playback and management capabilities of high-impact video displays in any size, shape and resolution. To date, the company has deployed in 40 countries through its global partners and international value-added resellers. The company has offices in the United States, Europe, and Israel. For more information about C-nario visit

About CTV
CTV Ltd. is an Israeli leader in digital signage, retail radio and POP marketing. Established in 1999 as a digital signage pioneer, it has held a leading position ever since. CTV offers a turnkey DS and media solutions – from design and installation, through content and media management, broadcasting service and maintenance. CTV’s digital signage media network is deployed over thousands of screens at 800 locations, making it one of the world’s largest digital signage networks. CTV Radio is deployed in 70 malls and retail chains in Israel. For more information about CTV visit

Source: C-nario

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