Saturday, March 2, 2024

OKO Digital Announces Partnership with Loop Media to Boost Connected TV Monetization

Enhancing CTV and DOOH Advertising Reach

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OKO Digital, a leader in Connected TV (CTV) monetization and a Google Certified Publisher Partner, has announced a strategic partnership with Loop Media Inc., a prominent provider of streaming TV services for businesses. This collaboration brings together two rapidly advancing entities in the CTV and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) industries, poised to accelerate growth and innovation.

Loop Media’s platform delivers premium, brand-name content across various public venues such as bars, restaurants, medical offices, and airports, leveraging its extensive library of licensed music videos and entertainment channels. This content distribution, spread across large screens in diverse locations, offers a compelling opportunity for ad-supported content, expanding the reach of Loop Media’s services.

The partnership marks a significant advancement for OKO Digital, enhancing their monetization capabilities by linking CTV publishers with premium demand, data-driven optimization, and expert support. This alliance also enables access to direct advertiser demand from Insticator’s portfolio, including Balihoo, a leader in Multi-Location Marketing, and Insticator Australia, which offers a market-leading CTV Attribution dashboard.

Zack Dugow, Founder and CEO of Insticator and CEO of OKO Digital & Balihoo, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the impressive network and technological prowess of Loop Media. Similarly, Liam McCallum, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Loop Media, recognized this as a crucial step forward in meeting the growing demand for their in-venue screen network.

Loop TV’s model caters to various business needs, offering both subscription-based and ad-supported options. The ad-supported model, in particular, provides businesses with a cost-effective solution, giving them access to a vast library of music videos, live performances, and channels covering sports, lifestyle, and travel.

Since its acquisition by Insticator in 2021, OKO Digital has rapidly ascended as a leading entity in CTV monetization. The company boasts a global presence and a team of experts from diverse fields, offering cross-screen and cross-device monetization solutions for websites, apps, and CTV channels.

Loop Media, listed on NYSE American as LPTV, is a leading CTV/DOOH TV and digital signage platform, specializing in streaming music videos and other content to businesses. Their digital video content reaches millions of viewers across the United States in various DOOH and CTV locations.

This partnership represents a strategic move to harness the potential of CTV and DOOH platforms, aiming to enhance the advertising and content delivery landscape significantly​.

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Loop Media

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