Thursday, September 21, 2023

JD Sports kicks off Trafford Arch launch ahead of Manchester Derby

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Outdoor advertising in Trafford, Greater Manchester is being transformed, thanks to a partnership between Trafford Council and JCDecaux, the UK’s leading Outdoor advertising company. To launch the iconic Trafford Arch, the first advertising structure in the UK to span a highway, JD Sports has designed a creative celebrating this Saturday’s Manchester Derby.

Specially designed for Trafford, the Trafford Arch on the A56 is set to be one of the most sought-after sites in the UK by advertisers. The arched structure has a span of 46 metres and weighs an estimated 50 tonnes. The Trafford Arch frames an advertising panel measuring 4.6 x 18 metres and when complete will have turrets flanking the arch.

Lawrence Haines, Managing Director – Large Format, JCDecaux said, “We were delighted to work in partnership with Trafford Council to create iconic Outdoor structures that provide a consistency of style and reinforce Trafford’s unique identity with branding on the billboards. From an advertising perspective, we are able to provide our clients with world-class new advertising sites in Trafford that reflect the style and vibrancy of the city. We are delighted to have JD Sports as our first advertiser, reaching fans in the lead up to the Manchester Derby.”

Following a competitive tender held in 2007, Trafford awarded JCDecaux the advertising contract for the sales, design and marketing of 6 large-format billboards and two special-build advertising structures. Two new advertising structures the Trafford Arch and the Trafford Tower have been installed, bringing iconic Outdoor advertising and a streamlined approach to billboard design in the city.

In addition to having distinctive Trafford branding, The Trafford Arch and Trafford Tower will also benefit from LED bands which can be set to match any colour, including Trafford’s corporate blue branding.

Source: JCDecaux

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