Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Daktronics Unveils Massive LED Video Wall at Riyadh Front Mall

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Daktronics, a leader in large-format LED video displays and audiovisual systems, has completed the installation of a 535-square-meter LED video wall at the Riyadh Front Mall in Saudi Arabia. This innovative display, featuring Daktronics’ new curved, bendable modules, aims to enhance the gaming experience for visitors.

The project, in collaboration with the Electronic Gaming Infrastructure Company, highlights Daktronics’ commitment to advancing the gaming environment. The installation, finished earlier this year, integrates advanced LED technology into the mall’s architecture, creating a unique gaming atmosphere.

Central to the installation are LED video displays with a 1.9-millimeter pixel spacing. These displays form a large video wall that wraps around the venue. The high-resolution modules are flexible, adapting to the building’s curves and columns.

A notable feature of this project is the video wall’s ability to cover gamers with digital content, extending from the floor to the ceiling and even over doorways. This immersive setup can display various digital effects, live video feeds, branded messages, and other content to enhance the gaming experience.

Ahmad Dahmash, Daktronics’ regional director for the Middle East, stated, “This project establishes Riyadh Front Mall as a premier gaming venue in Saudi Arabia, offering an esports experience unlike any other. We’re proud to provide the LED displays that enhance this facility for visitors and competitors. It truly offers a complete and immersive experience.”

Daktronics is known for its narrow pixel pitch LED displays, with products ranging from 2.5 millimeters to 0.7 millimeters in pixel spacing. This range allows for the creation of luxurious and immersive environments, artistic digital displays, and high-quality video.

About Daktronics: Founded in 1968, Daktronics is a USA-based manufacturing company that has become a world leader in audiovisual systems. With a global presence and a wide range of display technologies, including message signs and video systems, Daktronics impacts audiences in various sectors, including sports, business, and transportation. Web:

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