Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Daktronics Introduces New Advanced Four-Output Media Player

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Daktronics, announces the release of its latest technology for digital signage. The new DMP-8124 four-output media player enhances the ability to display content across multiple LCD screens. This advanced media player can output up to four channels in full high definition (FHD) or ultra high definition (UHD) and is fully compatible with Venus Control Suite, Daktronics’ cloud-based software for managing LED and LCD screens.

The DMP-8124 is designed to meet the needs of markets that require simple and effective digital signage solutions, such as quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, and retail environments. With this new media player, users can display synchronized content on multiple screens, including digital menus and video walls.

“The combination of the new four-output media player and Venus Control Suite provides comprehensive control of multiple LCD screens, including video walls and menu boards,” said Bill Hadsell, Daktronics Product Manager. “Users can power multiple displays with one media player, making installation fast and easy. Businesses can create video walls or multi-screen installations with complex layouts and high processing demands.”

The DMP-8124 supports full 4K (UHD) resolution or four 1080p high-definition signals, ensuring high-quality content display. It is preconfigured for best practices, ensuring optimal visual performance. Its integration with Venus Control Suite allows users to manage LCD screens as part of a larger digital display network. Businesses can control content from a single interface, with scheduling options tailored to network needs, from simple single-display schedules to synchronized scheduling across multiple LED and LCD screens, including conditional scheduling based on factors like weather.

Hadsell also noted the benefits for larger networks: “When there are LED and LCD screens at multiple locations, businesses can place them into an account hierarchy, allowing content to be shared and scheduled by one or multiple operators.”

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