Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wovenmedia Teams Up with Place Exchange for programmatic OOH Media

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San Francisco – Wovenmedia has partnered with Place Exchange, a leading Supply-Side Platform (SSP) for programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media. This collaboration opens new doors for retail clients to access programmatic advertising on in-store digital screens.

In recent years, in-store retail media has seen explosive growth, keeping pace with the booming online retail media sector. In-store digital screens have become powerful tools for delivering targeted messages throughout the shopping journey, from store entrances to aisles and checkouts. Advertisers are projected to spend $45 billion on retail media in 2023, surpassing connected TV at $27 billion. Given that in-store shopping makes up 85 percent of total U.S. retail sales, as reported by Statista, digital screens in stores are capturing an increasing share of advertising dollars.

Wovenmedia, a leader in in-store retail media, boasts one of the largest networks in the U.S. The integration with Place Exchange provides Wovenmedia’s retail clients access to a wide pool of advertisers eager to utilize in-store screens in their omnichannel campaigns.

Place Exchange’s technology allows seamless planning, targeting, execution, and measurement of Digital OOH networks, aligning with other programmatic channels within leading Demand-Side Platform (DSP) platforms.

Jeff Karnes, Chief Operating Officer at Wovenmedia, said, “We are excited to partner with Place Exchange at a time when retail media networks are booming. Retailers and grocers are looking to expand advertising opportunities for their brands and partners in the store.”

Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer at Place Exchange, added, “This partnership will open new revenue streams for Wovenmedia’s clients, making their inventory accessible through the programmatic buying platforms used by digital advertisers and agencies. It will also enhance the integration of in-store media into omnichannel marketing strategies.”

As retail continues to evolve, this partnership promises to redefine how advertisers engage consumers in physical stores, offering new opportunities for retailers and brands.
Place Exchange https://www.placeexchange.com/
Wovenmedia https://wovenmedia.com/

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