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Real Digital Media Releases Version 4.0 of the NEOCAST Digital Signage Platform

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Real Digital Media_logoNew Enhancements in Presentation Design, Multi-Zone Configuration and Playback Scheduling Serve to Further Entrench Platform as the Most Elegant and Flexible Centralized Platform for Operating Digital Signage Networks

Real Digital Media, provider of the enterprise class NEOCAST® digital signage platform, today announced the official release of version 4.0. The latest enhancements build upon the platform history of streamlined workflows and ease-of-use design, while setting a new standard for advanced network management and audience engagement in the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry.

NEOCAST® 4.0 introduces multiple new enhancements and features, most notably the release of the new Presentation functionality that offers the pinnacle of multi-zone layout creation, scheduling and playback capabilities in the industry. This new functionality allows network operators to quickly and easily design and sequence complex layouts comprised of independently programmable zone configurations. Zones may be continued from layout to layout for seamless transitions during a presentation, as well as synchronized to provide a method for creating fully integrated and engaging audience experiences that promote brand as well as cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Real Digital Media customers have been using the latest software since the 4Q of 2012.

Specific NEOCAST® 4.0 product enhancements include:

Intuitive layout design, sequencing and multi-zone configuration tools that include positioning, size and layering

Streamlined drag and drop content scheduling

Zone Continuation option for seamless layout transitions

Zone Synchronization option for creating integrated audience experiences

Advanced controls for zone properties, including transparency and alpha levels

Multi-output player support reducing player investment for multi-display arrays

“This is an important milestone on our focused product roadmap”, states Ken Goldberg, CEO of Real Digital Media. “We are particularly proud that this major release reflects the input of our varied customer base. NEOCAST® 4.0 was born in our user group meeting, developed in concert with evolving customer needs and tested in real world networks. With that incredible input, we have made the display a canvas in the hands of content artists, while the multi-output capabilities can effectively cut player infrastructure costs in half.”

New Media Player

Essential to the new multi-display capabilities is the additional release of the NEOCAST® Media Player Z3, which represents the latest fanless, high definition digital signage media player with dual display output (DVI and HDMI) from Real Digital Media.

The NEOCAST® Media Player Z3 continues the tradition of offering robust and reliable media playback devices dedicated for digital signage, but adds the ability to drive two displays with discrete playlists, greatly reducing capital and operating costs for multi-display arrays, such as digital menu boards.

“Customers in our core markets are demanding more capability, more power and more flexibility for their networks”, states Michael Baron, President of Real Digital Media. “With the NEOCAST® Media Player Z3, we have delivered all three in an affordable package, continuing the tradition of the best out-of-the-box experience in the industry. The ability to drive multiple displays from a single Z3 has already changed how customers view deployment and redundancy planning.”

Visit booth #1613 at the Digital Signage Expo to learn more about these product developments.

About Real Digital Media

Real Digital Media is the provider of NEOCAST®, an enterprise class digital signage platform for managing the efficient distribution of place-based targeted messages and branded experiences across networked displays. Designed intelligently to scale with the growing demands of the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry, NEOCAST® is a standards-based platform that offers certainty to marketing and advertising professionals seeking a viable long-term solution to meet the current and future demands of their digital signage deployments.

NEOCAST® has been used to establish point-of-decision marketing, promotions and corporate communication networks across the retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors.

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Source: Real Digital Media

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