Monday, December 11, 2023

KVMSwitchTech Introduces Nine and Twelve Display Video Wall Processors

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DVI-VideoWall-12X Nine Display Video Wall DVI-VideoWall-9X Nine Display Video WallKVMSwitchTech’s new video walls allow larger configurations without the need to cascade processors.

KVMSwitchTech strives to be at the forward edge of Digital Signage solutions and is happy to introduce their nine and twelve display Video Wall Processors. These Video Walls provide incredible flexibility for Digital Signage Solutions where an image needs to be split across multiple displays. Unlike many other options for Video Wall Processor solutions that use splitter cables from a single DVI port, these Video Wall processors use a dedicated DVI port for each output. They include many of the expected features including RS-232/RS-485 control, embedded scalar converters for match native display resolution, cascading to expand the total number of displays. Perhaps the most important features, however, are the powerful and intuitive software for managing the displays and the ability to upgrade the system firmware. While the Nine Display Video Wall Processor functions much like an expanded version of the common Four Display systems, the new Twelve Display Video Wall Processor is a dual view system. This means that two input videos can be displayed simultaneously across the displays in any position and size the user desires.

KVMSwitchTech also offers state of the art Digital Signage Software or integrated software and hardware based solutions. We offer solutions for networks ranging from a single to several thousand displays located anywhere in the world. Digital Signage applications are found in every industry.

About KVMSwitchTech:

KVMSwitchTech is a world-wide distributor of Digital Signage Software, Video Wall Processor, and Keyboard, Video, and Mouse solutions. Our expert staff has many years of experience in the Digital Signage industry. It consists of sales people, technicians, and engineers who are proficient in the use of the product and can provide you with clear and concise solutions for all your applications. KVMSwitchTech provides live phone support without the need to navigate a complex automated phone system. All calls are routed directly to a live representative who can help you design and implement your entire Signage strategy from the ground up.

Source: KVMSwitchTech

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