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Baltimore Ravens to Enhance Fan Experience with New LED Displays at M&T Bank Stadium

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Next season, when the Baltimore Ravens begin defending their recent championship, M&T Bank Stadium will feature new video and ribbon displays. These advanced LED installations are designed, manufactured, and installed by Daktronics (Nasdaq: DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota.

Significant Technological Upgrade

A total of eight new LED displays will be installed at the stadium. This includes four advertising displays, two lower concourse displays, and two ribbon displays on the fascia of the seating bowl.

“It is a significant technological upgrade as our existing LED in the seating bowl are approaching 10 years of usage; that’ll mean greater clarity and resolution, and keep the venue state-of-the-art,” said Larry Rosen, Ravens Vice President of Broadcasting. He also noted that the transition to LED technology will allow for a wider range of content, including additional out-of-town scores, in-game and fantasy stats, and other elements requested by fans.

Detailed Specifications of New Displays

The four advertising displays will be located at each end zone flanking the main video display. Each display will feature 15HD pixel layouts and measure 18 feet high by 18 feet wide, providing flexible advertising options for sponsors.

The two ribbon displays surrounding the seating bowl will feature 20 millimeter line spacing. One ribbon display will measure 3.5 feet high and 666 feet long, while the other will be 3.5 feet high and 631 feet long. These displays will keep fans informed with continuous updates and information.

Fans in the lower concourse will see two new displays, each featuring 10 millimeter line spacing and measuring 9 feet high by 31 feet wide. According to Rosen, “The Gate A displays will provide ‘entry’ content for the 60 percent of our fans that use that Gateway into our stadium. During the event, it will keep our fans tuned into the action even while in the concession area as well as provide an opportunity to share discounts and other special elements.”

Enhanced Game-Day Experience

These new displays will enhance sponsor visibility and provide real-time statistics, special announcements, out-of-town scores, and other game-related information. Will Ellerbruch, Daktronics Sales Representative, stated, “These displays will work together to further enhance the game-day experience for their fans and help keep M&T Bank Stadium one of the premier venues to watch professional football.”

About Daktronics

Daktronics is recognized as a leading provider of full-color LED video displays. Since starting large screen manufacturing in 1997, the company has installed thousands of displays worldwide. Daktronics excels in large screen video displays, electronic scoreboards, digital billboards, and control systems, offering solutions for sports, business, and transportation applications.

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