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Riyadh Municipality Enhances Roadway Signage with Daktronics Technology

Ministry of Transportation and Riyadh Municipality Collaborate for State-of-the-Art Traffic Management

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Saudi Arabia – The Ministry of Transportation and Riyadh Municipality have partnered with Daktronics to install advanced Variable Message Signs (VMS) throughout the city. Initiated in 2023, this project has led to the deployment of over 60 VMS, enhancing visibility, functionality, and integration into the city’s centralized control system.

Daktronics, a global leader in digital display technology, has played a crucial role in upgrading Riyadh’s digital signage infrastructure. These VMS are strategically located in key areas, providing optimal viewing angles for both motorists and pedestrians.

Key features of these signs include enhanced legibility of text, graphics, logos, and approved visuals, making them more informative and accessible to the public. Integrated with Riyadh Municipality’s centralized control system, the VMS enable real-time updates and dynamic content management, significantly improving road safety.

The new VMS are multifunctional, capable of displaying variable speed limits, travel time information, lane control indicators, and up-to-date warnings. These improvements support the goals of Saudi Arabia’s “Saudi 2030” initiative, which aims to transform Riyadh into a smart, digital, and sustainable city.

Ahmad Dahmash, Daktronics’ regional director for the Middle East, commented, “Riyadh Municipality is always keen to adopt the latest technologies within their facilities and systems. Doing so improves the intelligence technologies and uses advanced innovations which contribute to improving the Saudi capital within the framework of the Saudi 2030 Vision goals to transfer Riyadh to a smart digital sustainable city to increase the road safety to all the motorists, implement intelligent mobility and enhance the commuters’ journey and experience.”

Daktronics, known for its dynamic digital displays and audiovisual systems, collaborates with customers worldwide to enhance their audiences’ experiences. Their solutions efficiently guide passengers, provide real-time information, and promote facilities, contributing to community well-being.

About Daktronics: Founded in 1968, Daktronics is a USA-based manufacturing company that has become a world leader in audiovisual systems. With a global presence and a wide range of display technologies, including message signs and video systems, Daktronics impacts audiences in various sectors, including sports, business, and transportation. Web:

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