Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Agency 225 Accellerates Growth of Its Point-Of-Sale Networks

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Agency 225_logoNetwork Expansion Powered by Park Media’s Sign Center Software Platform and Android Media Player

Agency 225, LLC, a leading digital out-of-home network operator, today announced that it has secured agreements with two major retailers and will expand by more than 300 locations within the year, including launching a new network. Agency 225 focuses on operating in-store networks at the point of sale, with the primary goal being sales-lift for the retailer.

Agency 225 produces original content as well as acquires and licenses 3rd party content for each of their networks. “We have an award-winning team with years of advertising experience with major brands and retailers, and we are bringing this expertise to the in-store environment, even for the small retailers in the verticals we are targeting,” said Gary Halpin, Managing Member of Agency225, LLC.

Agency 225’s subscription-based service combines managed services and content delivery with localized control, creating a powerful environmental merchandising tool. Subscriber locations are able to choose from a wide variety of programming that is sourced and managed centrally by Agency 225. In addition, the Program Management Portal provides templates, content packages, and other features that allow the store owner/manager to customize messages and content specific to their location. All of this is delivered as a cloud based service running on the Park Media Sign Center platform, using Park Media’s PMA-100 Android Media Player to drive the screens in each location.

“Park Media has been a tremendous partner for us and is a major factor in the level of success we’re achieving,” explained Gary. “The flexibility of their Sign Center platform allows us to automate much of the complexity of daily content management and delivery, which helps us keep our administrative costs low. Our desire to integrate our own customer facing Program Management Portal was supported out of the box with their extensive APIs. Further, their new Android media player delivers the same playback performance at half the cost of the PC-based media players we were using. As a result, we’ve been able to keep our subscription rates low without compromising the quality of our programming and services.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Agency 225 to deliver high-end content for their retailers and networks. It’s exciting to see our new Android Media Players being effectively used, and we are confident Agency 225 will continue to push the envelope when it comes to the end-user experience,” added Brad Trotter, President of Park Media.

About Agency 225

Agency 225 launched and built Blockbuster TV, staring in 1991, helping pioneer the In-Store Network Industry, operating in more than 7,500 locations both domestic and abroad, delivering average sales lift of 15.6% for the retail chain. Agency 225 currently produces original content and operates networks in a variety of different industries, in more than 350 locations and on more than 1,000 screens in the US, Canada and Australia.

Contact: Gary Halpin 720.225.9035 • contact [at] agency225.com • Agency225.com

About Park Media

Park Media is a leading provider of enterprise‐grade software, hardware, and services for the DOOH (Digital Out of Home) industry. Sign Center powers thousands of players and is used by some of the DOOH industry’s largest deployments across QSRs, retailers, financial institutions, sports arenas, and more. Park Media has offices in San Francisco, CA and Memphis, TN. For additional information on Park Media’s Sign Center software, Android­‐powered hardware solutions, and other services please visit Park Media’s web site: www.parkmedia.tv

Source: Agency 225

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