Thursday, November 30, 2023

CBS Outdoor Ireland hosts new interactive digital out of home campaign for Renault Clio

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CBS Outdoor Ireland played host to Renault Ireland for its out of home interactive campaign to launch the new Clio on the digital advertising screens – dPods – in Dundrum Town Centre.

The Renault ‘Kisscam’ invited visitors to Dundrum Town Centre to have their photo uploaded to the Renault Clio magazine cover featured on the dPods.

The campaign is supported by te10-second digital out of home advertisements on CBS Outdoor Ireland‘s network in Dundrum Town Centre.

“This is a great way of showcasing the new Clio, engaging the consumer and interacting with our customers in a fun and entertaining way,” ‘said Eilis Fitzgerald, advertising manager (ATL) for Renault Ireland.

“Kisscam has shown us how powerful interactive out of home advertising can be.”

Sandra Doyle, sales manager of CBS Outdoor Ireland added: “This campaign demonstrates the influence of interactive out of home advertising and is a great opportunity for us to showcase the power of our digital pods.

“Our ‘Interactive Europe’ study delivered insights into the willingness of audiences to engage and interact with brands while out of home. The Renault Clio interactive campaign sees the research project come alive.”

The Renault Ireland Clio campaign was developed by Webfactory in association with Publicis D. The media was planned by OMD and co-ordinated by Kinetic Ireland.

Source: CBS Outdoor Ireland

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