Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Clear Channel launches digital street furniture network in Singapore

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Clear Channel launches digital street furniture network in Singapore

The digital product, vivacity, features 30 high-definition 72-inch screens located at bus shelters along the Orchard shopping belt and the Central Business District.

Clear Channel said vivacity, which was launched on Friday, marks Singapore’s first digital street furniture network.

Warner Brothers and Fox are among the initial advertisers, followed by H&M and Emirates in the second burst and then Coca-Cola.

Adam Butterworth, CEO, Clear Channel Singapore, said digital out-of-home allows brands to story-tell and engage with consumers to build a “creative richness” around the message and the brand.

He added that there is also flexibility around digital that cannot be achieved through traditional out-of-home, including the ability to run messages according to the time of day, environment, location or the day of the week.

Butterworth added, “While it is a first in Singapore, we have leant heavily on other markets….We have taken the good things that have worked and taken the things that didn’t work so well and learnt from that to deliver the products that we see on the streets today.”

Source: Clear Channel Singapore

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