Friday, December 1, 2023

London 2012 Olympics Digital Signage Solution Manufactured by DOOH Limited

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DOOH Limited undoubtedly are a leading producer of outdoor LCD enclosures, their experience was called upon from one of the London 2012 Olympic sponsors to fabricate a tailor-made solution that would both enlighten and entertain.

The Olympic digital signage solution had to provide an animated presentation on the 47” portrait screens, whilst a fixed printed poster was on the rear side of the outdoor portrait LCD enclosures. One of the sides of the kiosk had LED’s that seem to dance engaging passers-by to take a peek at the video and printed posters. The lights and content was synchronised through the media player so the stories rolled from screen to screen.

The ads were stored on a network enabled marketing player that was up graded and monitored through an internet connection. As part of the presentation, the video had audio accompanying it that was fed through 2 x 100 watt speakers by an amp that was inside each of the outdoor digital signage kiosks.

The portrait screen enclosures (9 in total) were configured to thanking the public for their support from the sponsor, they exhibited personal stories from the athletes who had received funding and how they had overcome personal issues to be the best in their class.

The outdoor digital signage totems were flush finished and provided an atheistically pleasing, sleek solution and the project came in on time and under budget.

DOOH Limited have added this win to their other wins this year including providing World wide leading hotel chain International Hotel Group (IHG) with an indoor floor standing digital sign solution for their hotel chain in April 2012. In February 2012 they secured a project for San Francisco Transit Department for protective LCD enlosures that shielded the LCD monitors outdoors that displayed passenger information and have been implemented in many areas throughout San Francisco including Fisherman’s Wharf.

June and July 2012 saw successes in the aviation industry, providing London Heathrow and Charles De Gaulle France airports with a range of digital posters from 32” and 46”.

Not limiting their solutions to inside the airports, DOOH Limited secured a project furnishing Hawaiian Airlines with outdoor LCD enclosures that are used airside at airports all over the USA to display the correct carousel for the arriving aeroplane’s.

International and domestic educational institutions have also been another successful customer to DOOH Limited as they have supplied a range of indoor TV enclosures, to safeguard the displays from accidental damage from footballs and basketballs etc.

Company details

You can view DOOH Limited’s UK website at or alternatively you can contact them at their UK office on 44 (0) 844 3574902 or their US toll free numbers 866-948-0859. Their successes and product reviews can be seen on their blog at and can also be viewed on their mobile website at

Source: DOOH Limited

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