May 30, 2023

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CAYIN to Demonstrate New Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2013

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CAYIN Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2013CAYIN Technology will showcase a new generation of digital signage players and servers for both high-end and entry-level users along with the social media integration at booth 10P116, Integrated Systems Europe 2013.

CAYIN will present the continuing development of digital signage solutions and the social media integration at booth 10P116, Integrated Systems Europe 2013, from January 29 to 31.

In ISE 2013, CAYIN will showcase a new generation of digital signage players and servers for both high-end and entry-level users. New media players are smaller, lighter, and energy-saving. The new server also largely upgrades hardware capabilities and notably increases operational efficiency. CAYIN continues to refine its existing product line and provides users with more choices in accordance with different project requirements.

The following products highlight the key theme of CAYIN’s exhibition during ISE:

Super Energy-Saving Digital Signage Player – SMP-200

SMP-200, the smallest media player within CAYIN’s product portfolio, weights only 655g for users to facilitate installation in different venues. It is also extremely energy-saving with the maximum 6W power consumption.

SMP-200 inherits all the core features of CAYIN’s zone-type digital signage player and can playback videos, images, tickers, and clock in seven zones. In addition to updating content via USB flash drive, FTP, and Network Neighborhood, the new player provides users with another choice to update content by a SD card, which comes in handy especially in case of environments without any network access.

Dual Display Web-based Digital Signage Player – SMP-WEBDUO

SMP-WEBDUO features its capability to playback 1080p Full HD video and control two screens simultaneously. Compared to the old model, new SMP-WEBDUO goes smaller and lighter. It reduces the size by one quarter and sheds half of the weight as well to facilitate installation in different venues. The new player also adds an HDMI connector and the video-in function to increase your enjoyment.

Digital Signage Player with Superior Price/Performance Value – SMP-WEB4

SMP-WEB4 supports most popular web languages and HD content. It features the video-in function, and thus enabling users to play real-time video by directly connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, or other multimedia devices. It can also be extended to integrate with databases, web servers, RFID devices, barcode scanners, and touch screens and develops more interactive applications.

Digital Signage Content Management Server – CMS-40

CAYIN CMS-40 content management server is the full-featured, web-based digital signage server. It is bundled with hardware and software for player management, content update, live streaming video, and central scheduling. The new server upgrades its processor and can control twice the amount of media players, a maximum of 80 SMP players, simultaneously. It truly offers an optimum solution for users to manage a self-hosted digital signage network.

CAYIN’s digital signage system has been widely used in diversified industries and some famous places, such as Suvarnabhumi Airport, Novotel hotels, FamilyMart, GNC, Carrefour, Nestlé Nespresso and MacDonald’s in Taiwan.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2013, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from January 29 to 31, is the largest professional AV and system integration trade show in Europe. It brings together over 750 exhibitors and AV professionals from over 100 countries worldwide. It is also the most important exhibition for CAYIN to introduce new products and innovative digital signage applications to partners and customers in the region.

You are more than welcome to visit CAYIN at booth 10P116.

About CAYIN Technology

CAYIN Technology offers a complete portfolio of digital signage solutions including media players, servers, and software which are applicable to various industries, such as education, retail, hospitality, corporate, financial, and public institutions. CAYIN is dedicated to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.

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