June 6, 2023


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Net Display Systems releases enterprise signage solution

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Net Display SystemsPADS4 signage software suite offers warranted uptime and peace of mind

Net Display Systems (NDS), a leading developer of award-winning digital signage software, is proud to announce PADS4 release 2. With this new release, PADS4 now offers sub-server functionality, LDAP/AD integration and proof-of-play.

“Digital signage is rapidly becoming an instrumental communication tool for our customers around the world”, says Sjoerd van Leeuwen, CCO at NDS. “Our customers demand warranted uptimes for their mission critical communication”, he adds.

PADS4 release 2 features an intelligent sub-server system, which replicates content and has fully automated routing capabilities to ensure that the system keeps running all the time. The sub-server system also adds system load balancing to minimize network traffic, perfect for (larger) enterprise environments.

Managing user-accounts has never been easier.  The Active Directory integration not only manages users and their rights and roles within an organization, it also adopts the Active Directory organizational structure. LDAP ensures logon validation without any system administrator intervention.

In the advertising industry it is all about exposure. With the new, powerful proof-of-play feature, PADS4 offers a flexible mechanism to record, view and process logs about advertising and other content that has played. Logs can simply be converted to detailed reports for billing purposes.

PADS4 is available as a 30 day trial.  Go to www.nds.eu and discover why PADS4 is the most effective and integrated digital signage solution in the world.

About Net Display Systems

Since their establishment in 1994 Net Display Systems has evolved into a recognized worldwide player for digital signage software. Their core-business is developing digital signage software called PADS.

With an extensive partner network the company is proactive in more than 75 countries. Their partners are dedicated and specialized professionals providing installation, training and support of their products. Net Display Systems has thousands of installations in multiple market sectors from transportation, corporate and government to hospitality and retail.

One in four of the hundred world’s most recognized brands have chosen PADS as their digital signage platform.

Every day millions of people all over the world see displays running the PADS software of Net Display Systems. Installations vary from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage solutions.

Source: Net Display Systems