Monday, April 22, 2024

Instillo reveals Digital Signage Solution perfected for Android

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Instillo Android digital signage solutionInstillo Ltd., based in the west of Ireland and supported by Enterprise Ireland, announces the official launch of its cutting edge, digital marketing platform: which was developed to allow business owners to unlock the potential of digital signage by removing high setup and management costs.

Instillo’s native, signage software has been crafted and perfected to run on any Android hardware like tablets, touch screens, media player boxes etc. Instillo’s cloud-based Content Management Server (Instillo CMS) is scalable and so enables it to manage 1000’s of displays in real-time, creating layouts with multiple screen regions, using a variety of media types like HD video, images, YouTube, streaming videos, RSS etc.

Shankar Jayagopi, CEO of Instillo, gave an insight into the merits of quality, Android based digital signage solutions:
“Building a rich, native android application from the ground up has given us the capability to leverage the performance of low-cost hardware. We have seen considerable performance benefits compared with other flash and HTML based-player-software running on Android, out there in the market. One of the key features these low-cost, Android media-players lack is remote management control for administrators, such as remote diagnosis when an issue occurs”. To address this, Instillo has built a state-of-the-art, cloud-based dashboard which allows comprehensive access to these players, under customer’s firewall, with the ability to:

o    view a remote screen and control it via keyboard and mouse,
o    diagnose using command line access without affecting playback,
o    access a file system and perform software updates, and
o    run health reports and send violation notifications via email.

Instillo’s focus for the future lies in honing its core competencies so that its signage solutions make a seamless transition into interactive kiosks with touch support. Targeted advertising and customer metrics feature strongly in the future of digital signage and Instillo is eager to add these marketing-must-haves to its portfolio.

Instillo is committed to putting the “sparkle” back in to customer engagement.

Source: Instillo

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