Monday, April 22, 2024

VSI 2.1 Release: Users Can Now Build Custom Templates in Seconds

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Visible Spectrum logoVisible Spectrum, Inc. (“VSI”) located in Burr Ridge, IL, with today’s release of  version 2.1 software, enables users to create their own custom templates in real time on VSI’s web-based platform.

VSI 2.1 also allows users to transform image, video or text elements via the common practice of clicking and dragging a corner to resize; or, clicking and dragging the entire element to a new location on screen.

Sam Melton, VSI CIO, stated:  “This advance allows even untrained users to create fully-customized compositions without requiring any special skill beyond knowing what you want and what looks good. Nonetheless, the resulting composition is a state-of-the-art, full motion graphic video of any length containing any or all graphic elements.”

The new release allows users to set a background timeline that contains a color, image or video; and then drag ‘elements’ onto that timeline.  These elements can be another color board; a color with an image or video inset; or a video with an image or video inset, etc.  Text may also be added and placed in the user’s desired location.

Anyone with an internet connection can utilize VSI’s tool at Additional capabilities are provided to those holding a White Label or Enterprise License, including the ability to store client-owned assets securely in VSI’s cloud; and the ability for the White Label Licensee to provide VSI’s functionality on their own web site, wrapped in their own branding.  Licensees also are provided with direct placement of video files into their Content Management Software (CMS) via an API.  For other users, VSI provides seamless upload to YouTube or Brightcove; and, direct file download or access via an FTP site.

About Visible Spectrum

Founded in 2011, Visible Spectrum, Inc. provides a web-based platform for creating custom HD video for any digital platform – Internet, TV, DOOH or Mobile platforms.  At VSI, you always get to see it before you buy it.  Only when the user is satisfied with the final result is the composition purchased – at a low cost usually between $125 and $250.  Customized copies of any master composition may be produced for only $15.

Source: Visible Spectrum

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