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Zoom Media moves to third-party performance measurement with Nielsen

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Zoom Media logo–Focus on selling impressions will drive “place-based” advertising industry in new direction–

Zoom Media Group Inc. (Zoom) – the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada – is pleased to announce its new relationship with media measurement agency, Nielsen.  The Nielsen measurement data provides Zoom Media advertisers with third-party, verified impressions of advertising performance as well as detailed audience data.  This move supports Zoom’s move to selling by CPM, which is the way TV and on-line media buyers buy media and could change the way the out-of-home “place-based” advertising industry markets itself.

“Nielsen provides verifiable measurements of exactly what audiences were delivered rather than simply the number of boards or digital screens on which messages are displayed,” says Paul Lindstrom, senior vice-president, custom research, Nielsen.  “This is a significant improvement as broadcast and digital media planners can use the Zoom network to extend their reach outside of the home, to specific audiences with measureable results,” he explains.

“Nielsen is one of the most trusted media measurement companies in the world,” notes Cathy Fernandes, president and chief operating officer, Zoom Media.  “Nielsen digital measurement, along with our COMB measurement for static, and our industry-leading proof of performance system, is just one more way in which we are working to demonstrate our transparency and accountability with advertisers.  We want to drive this fundamental change in this industry, thereby creating a legitimate reach proposition for broadcast and digital planners alike,” she concludes.

Making meaningful impressions

The move to Nielsen measurement comes on the heels of Zoom Media’s decision last fall to move away from a rate card based on the number of boards or spots purchased, to a cost per thousand (CPM) rate card, which is based on the number of audience impressions delivered.  Impressions refer to the number of times an ad is seen.

Evolving from selling boards and spots to selling audience means advertisers pay only for the audience who has seen and noted the advertising, creating a more efficient use of advertising dollars.

“Selling impressions moves the focus to where it needs to be, to the true value that our clients receive, namely, our audience,” says Carole Alalouf, vice-president, strategic marketing and research, Zoom Media.  “Basing rates on the impressions delivered makes us simpler to plan and buy, since our clients already buy broadcast and online this way.  It provides a common currency.  Our advertisers are not wasting their investment trying to reach people who are completely oblivious to their ads.  What they receive is an audience that notices and engages with their advertising,” she adds.

To measure impressions, Nielsen starts with the traffic to Zoom Media venues, and then qualifies that traffic to include only the people who have noticed the Zoom digital and static displays and have spent time in the zones where they are located.

About Zoom Media

Zoom Media Inc. is the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada, comprising more than 30,000 billboards in over 4,000 establishments across 30 markets, including Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  Zoom Media reaches specific target audiences through eight complementary networks that include resto-bars, college and university campuses, and fitness centers.  Research, event marketing, creative production and media integration services are also provided.  Zoom Media is a member of COMB and provides audited circulation of its advertising panels.  Zoom Media is also a founding member of OMAC and a board member of CODA.  Overall, Zoom Media Group Inc. owns and operates over 80,000 billboards across North America and Europe, of which more than 26,000 are digital.

Source: Zoom Media

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