June 1, 2023


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Van Wagner Chooses Ayuda Platform for New York Digital Rollout

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Ayuda Media System LogoVan Wagner chooses Splash™, Juice™, and Finance from the Ayuda Platform to Power its Digital New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Billboards

Ayuda Media Systems announced at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo today that Van Wagner Communications has selected Ayuda’s Splash™, Juice™, and Finance products to manage the entire media sales workflow for their newest digital billboards in New York.  Van Wagner is one of America’s largest, premium Outdoor Out-of-Home media operators.

Jordan Schaps, President of Van Wagner East Coast commented: “We were looking for an single platform that could handle our entire workflow which spans sales checking digital avails, generating proposals, contract management, digital scheduling, digital playback, proof of play, invoicing, leasing and financial reporting. Were it not for Ayuda, we would have had to go with three software vendors to do get this done which would have slowed us down. With their one single platform, our account executives use Juice™ to generate proposals, our schedulers use Splash™ to schedule and upload creative and get proof of play reports, and our finance team uses their Finance product to generate invoices and calculate lease payouts.” Schaps went out to especially note “And Ayuda came through for us and implemented this project within 30 days.”

The high profile digital billboards are part of Van Wagner’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) network and are seen by millions of commuters every day. The network is entirely managed by Ayuda’s platform and allows Van Wagner to propose, sell, schedule, and even invoice for these panels from a single integrated platform. Splash™ is Ayuda’s sales CRM product and includes digital avails and digital proposal generation. Splash™ is Ayuda’s digital content management system and works with Ayuda’s Splash™ Player. The Finance product from Ayuda includes functionality such as billing schedules, invoice generation, lease agreement management, lease payout calculations, and financial reporting. All of these products are part of the single, integrated Ayuda Platform.

Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda’s CEO, enthusiastically states that “We are thrilled to be providing the unified technology that proposes, plays, and invoices ads in these high profile digital locations for Van Wagner. I respectfully challenge any of our competitors to do all of this from a single platform: manage CRM leads, sales proposals, schedule, play digital content, invoice, lease payout, and transfer to a GL. Software vendors in this space have historically come in three flavors. Some are CRM vendors, some are media workflow management vendors, while others are digital signage vendors that concentrate on technology to push content to screens. To my knowledge, we are the only vendor that does it all from one platform. And I’m especially delighted to be able to do this for a company like Van Wagner that is known for its excellence in out-of-home.”

About Van Wagner Communications

Since posting its first imprint in Times Square in the 1970s, Van Wagner Communications has been recognized as one of the most innovative industry leaders in the development of outdoor advertising. Van Wagner Outdoor, a subsidiary of Van Wagner Communications, offers prominent signage across diverse formats in major metropolitan areas. They are the market leader in New York City (large format and street furniture), hold leading positions in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and have a significant (and fast growing) presence in Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Toronto, Canada.

About Ayuda

Ayuda Media Systems (Ayuda) has been providing the D/OOH industry with the world’s most sophisticated media operations management platform for 9 years.  As the developers of The Ayuda Platform (which notably includes Juice™, Splash™, Zest™, and BMS™), the Ayuda Platform has invoiced over a billion dollars in OOH billing and provided media management functions for more than 300,000 advertising faces globally.  The Ayuda Platform is cloud-based, and includes functionality for D/OOH networks such as avails and proposal generation, invoicing, lease payouts, financial reporting, inventory management, scheduling, content management, mapping, network monitoring, business intelligence, a free software player, proof of play and the world’s only D/OOH vendor focused CRM. Ayuda was founded in 2003 by ex-Microsoft employees with the mission of empowering the D/OOH industry with state-of-the-art tools that make D/OOH easier to manage and buy.

For more information about Ayuda, visit www.ayudasystems.com

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