Thursday, April 18, 2024

First body motion recognition trial hits the UK capturing consumer behaviour as never seen before

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Clear Channel body motion recognitionToday sees the launch of the UK’s first ever body motion recognition research in out-of-home using ground breaking technology at an interactive panel in London.  The premise of the trial devised by Clear Channel and Kinetic in conjunction with 3D Exposure, is to understand optimum consumer interaction with environments and advertising when out-of-home. The research will result in unique, informative and dynamic content not yet used by an advertiser in this environment.

State of the art content embracing the full repertoire of consumer interaction including body motion, facial recognition, touchscreen, social media as well as the more recognisable SMS texting, QR and NFC codes, has been designed to monitor consumer behaviour and interactivity. Participants will be able to complete different tasks enabling us to observe the preferred way of interaction resulting in the first insights into consumer behaviour with technology of this kind.

Matthew Dearden, CEO, Clear Channel said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Kinetic in this pioneering study. People are spending more time out of home, and technology is enabling new ways for brands to engage with them. So this ground-breaking research will show how people react to new technology-enabled out of home advertising, and what works for them and for brands. We’re very proud to be leading the industry in deploying and understanding the potential of these new media.”

Nick Mawditt, Global Director Marketing and Insight, Kinetic said: “This ground breaking project will offer the first insights into the full range of interactive consumer preferences and help brands understand dynamic consumer interaction. It could change the face of advertising moving forward.”

This ground breaking research will offer brands unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour and preferences. It will also unlock great creative potential and will help transform the way advertisers communicate and connect with their audience. Results will be unveiled at a briefing to be announced. The trial starts on Tuesday 20th March for a two week period at an interactive screen opposite South Kensington Underground station, Cromwell Road in London.

Source: Clear Channel

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