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LSIS Beacon Award winner for the efficient use of technology, Preston College puts communications first with digital signage solution from Dynamax and Chamber TV

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digital wall Dynamax Chamber TV
Digital Wall powered by Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET and installed by Chamber TV


The latest joint project of the two companies consists in installing a digital wall made of 9 thin framed LCD screens in the reception area of Preston College, powered by Dynamax’s cloud- based digital signage application, digitalsignage.NET and fitted by Chamber TV. The project was launched to inaugurate the £5m Visual and Performing Arts building of the Lancashire-based college that prides itself on offering modern facilities to its students for enhancing their study experience.

The digital wall shows images and videos of recent plays and drama nights, RSS feeds and local traffic information. The content can be managed by several members of the staff that can be granted different levels of access to the system, giving the college full control over its messaging.

TimeCapsule display Dynamax ChamberTV
Preston College Time Capsule powered by Dynamax and installed by Chamber TV

Preston College’s Time Capsule is also presented in an original manner- with photos displayed on a 21’’ digital poster located outside the building to raise public awareness about the institution’s rich history and outstanding achievements.

Chris Dawson, Head of Corporate Marketing at Preston College said: ‘’We are delighted with the installation of our new high impact LCD screens, and increasing our reputation as a College that is leading the way in the use of visual technology (the College was recently given the LSIS Beacon Award for Efficiency through the Effective Use of Technology in FE Skills). The software allows us to be extremely responsive in uploading new content to the screens.

Preston College announces plans to continue its collaboration with Dynamax and Chamber TV, envisaging to expand the system by adding kiosks and LED’s to its current digital signage installation.

The mutual partnership between Dynamax and Chamber TV is aimed at enabling colleges to develop their digital communication and marketing strategies and to increase their media portfolio and sales via unique products and services. Educational institutions throughout the UK benefit from bespoke video content created by Chamber TV and delivered to the screens by Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET.


About Dynamax Technologies
Dynamax Technologies is one of the first and longest standing digital signage providers in the world. Their enterprise digital signage application reaches over 30 million consumers around the world every week by delivering customised and highly targeted news, advertising, and informational content to thousands of networked screens.

About Chamber TV
Chamber TV is a leading audio-visual company with more than 11 years’ experience in the AV, digital media, IPTV and digital signage industries. Chamber TV owns its own in-house IPTV platform and mobile applications, enabling it to offer an integrated online, on-mobile, on screen digital communication solution. The company was nominated for the BBC Royal Television Awards for ‘’Best Digital Innovation’’ in 2009.

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Source: Dynamax Technologies

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