Monday, May 20, 2024

En Route Media a Indian Company introduced Digital Ads in Taxicabs

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Mumbai-based En Route Media, the innovators behind Flo, India’s first in-taxi advertising and entertainment network, have announced partnerships with several major brands, including Garnier, ET Now, Tata Docomo, and McDonald’s. These brands are leveraging Flo’s unique platform, which integrates high-tech, sound-enabled touchscreen devices behind passenger headrests in radio taxis, to engage consumers in a novel and effective way.

Flo represents a significant advancement in the DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) advertising space with its strategic placement and interactive capabilities. The screens not only display dynamic advertisements such as TV commercials and side banners but also offer passengers quality content from reputable partners like CNBC TV18, Fox Traveler, and Red Bull.

The impact of Flo’s technology is evident in the caliber of advertisers it attracts. The latest additions to its portfolio underline the platform’s growing reputation as a potent advertising medium. “Digital in-taxi media is a proven dynamic media abroad, and introducing it in India allows for creative, brand-relevant communication in a captive, in-transit environment,” said Nabendu Bhattacharya, Founder of Milestone Brandcom, India’s leading Out-Of-Home agency.

One of Flo’s key features is its advanced backend servers that monitor every interaction, ensuring advertisers can accurately track the exposure their campaigns receive. This accountability addresses a long-standing issue in the Indian Out-Of-Home Advertising industry, providing advertisers with a clear measure of their investment’s impact.

Varun Jain, Co-founder of En Route Media, emphasized the strategic importance of Flo’s technology. “Our platform is designed to deliver strong ROI by ensuring low wastage and high impact. The inclusion of leading advertisers on our roster is a testament to the effectiveness of our medium and our technology’s ability to engage target audiences in a meaningful way,” he explained.

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