Saturday, September 23, 2023

Lipton taps in to new technology

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Unilever has partnered with EYE and Tapit to launch their latest campaign to students at Sydney University. The simple, yet eye-catching ad features a uniquely coded near field communication (NFC) tag that enables students to ‘Like’ the Lipton Ice Tea Facebook page by tapping their NFC enabled phones against the Eyelite.

Lipton Ice Tea is the first advertiser to use ‘Tapit’ technology such as this across EYE’s products. This technology offers advertiser the opportunity to immediately connect with their customers by receiving content and offers, follow social networks, complete a survey or even make a purchase through their mobile phone, simply by tapping their phone to the panel.

Karl Wells, Strategy Director, Mindshare comments: “We want to be at the forefront of new technology for Lipton and are looking forward to seeing how this test goes.”

“It’s exciting to see our premium advertisers using innovative techniques to really bring their Out-of-Home campaigns to life,” says Leonie Collins, General Manager – Marketing, ANZ and Group, EYE.

Research shows that advertising campaigns which include special builds and innovation have a lasting effect, with 25 per Eyecorpcent of respondents still aware of the execution up to six weeks after the campaign period. The integration of special builds can increase the awareness of a static campaign by 38 per cent.

Source: Eyecorp

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