Sunday, May 26, 2024

Eye switch-on world’s largest mobile enabled OOH

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EyecorpEye is pleased to announce the launch and immediate activation of Amplify, the world’s largest mobile enabled digital Out-of-Home network.

Amplify is a technology-agnostic platform that enables advertisers to extend traditional Out-of-Home campaigns onto mobile phones using QR (Quick Response codes), NFC (Near Field Communications), SMS and AR (Augmented Reality). In the US, this complements their existing Mobile Proximity Marketing offering (Bluetooth and WiFi) which is powered by Mobiquity Networks.

Gerry Thorley, Eye’s CEO said, “The conventional approach the industry often takes is to push whatever the latest technology happens to be which quickly becomes outmoded and doesn’t start from a client’s perspective. The Amplify proposition means that we can always start with the client challenge and recommend an appropriate solution using whichever technology platform is most appropriate rather than pushing the latest widget”.

Eye has developed a single Amplify platform which incorporates an NFC chip, QR code display and SMS response mechanic. The installation of the devices is beginning to be rolled out across 8,300 of their existing Out-of-Home sites across Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK.

Jeremy Corfield, Global Director – Commercial at Eye added, “With the exponential growth in smartphone penetration, advertisers recognise the power of mobile but the technology itself can often be the barrier to trial. With Amplify, we have removed that perceived complexity. Whether it’s mobile coupons to drive product trial, movie trailers to encourage viewing, loyalty programs for ongoing connections, augmented reality for creative amplification or simply a call to action to drive web traffic, our Amplify solution delivers all in one. The scale of our investment opens up the opportunity for major advertises to create meaningful campaigns.”

The Amplify network operates across airports, shopping centres and universities enabling advertisers to create mobile enabled conversations in environments with heightened dwell time. The network will be progressively activated from June 1st with launch clients currently being confirmed in each market.

Source: Eyecorp

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