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Digital Out-of-Home – it’s how Telstra connects

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Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, Telstra, and leading out-of-home operator, Eye, have teamed up to deliver a EyecorpSamsung GALAXY campaign across Eye’s digital network at Melbourne Airport. Fittingly, the GALAXY Tab 8.9, as the first tablet to take advantage of Telstra’s 4G LTE – enabled network is also the first campaign to feature on Eye’s new Digital Gantry screen at Melbourne Airport which was launched this month.

Telstra and OMD worked with Eye to secure a full media schedule across their digital network at Melbourne Airport, inclusive of the new LED gantry site. The digital site, connected to Eye’s Australia-wide digital network has the ability to offer day parting schedules for time sensitive messaging.

Mark Fairhurst, General Manager, Sales at EYE, sums up the enthusiasm felt at EYE about the campaign.

“Telstra is one of our most valued clients. The digital network at Melbourne Airport gives Telstra the opportunity to connect with premium audiences on a visual platform that echoes the digital quality that Telstra provides its customers.”
To date, EYE has inve

sted over $5m at Melbourne Airport to ensure its media is world class and of market leading quality. Robbie Dery, General Manager – Commercial at Eye, explains the motivation behind the installation of new media at the airport.

“The market has told us they want greater digital capability and we’re delivering that. Our latest LED gantry site is one example of the ongoing transformation of our airport media nationwide. The highest quality opportunities for advertisers, continued audience growth1 and traveler’s propensity to try new products2, positions this as a valuable environment for brands.”

Source: Eyecorp

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