Friday, June 21, 2024

Singlewire Introduces Conference Call Plugin for Emergency Coordination via InformaCast

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Singlewire Software, a leading developer of voice applications that enhance secure and reliable mass notifications, has launched a new Conference Call plugin for its InformaCast system. This innovative feature is designed to streamline the process of emergency response by automatically initiating conference calls among key personnel during critical situations.

With the Conference Call plugin, as soon as an emergency is declared and an InformaCast broadcast is sent, it can trigger an immediate conference call with all necessary public safety managers. This capability ensures that members of the emergency response team can quickly join a call to coordinate actions and share information without delay. The plugin also allows participants to listen to the broadcast message before joining the call, ensuring that all members are fully informed.

Ken Bywaters, Executive Vice President of Product Development at Singlewire Software, highlighted the benefits of the new plugin, stating, “With the Conference Call Plugin, organizations can react much more quickly to an emergency situation. With one action, a security administrator can trigger an InformaCast broadcast and reach all managers, even if they’re off-site, to coordinate a response.”

This tool is available for a nominal fee to users of InformaCast 8.0 who have a valid Singlewire maintenance contract. Singlewire plans to continue enhancing its InformaCast system with more plugins throughout the year to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

InformaCast by Singlewire is a comprehensive mass notification and emergency communication system that supports a wide range of communication methods, including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, digital signage, and social media platforms. Developed after the 9/11 attacks, InformaCast aims to facilitate rapid communication to ensure safety and operational continuity in times of crisis. The system is used by over 3,000 organizations across 45 countries.

For more detailed information visit Singlewire’s website at

About Singlewire Software

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Singlewire Software specializes in developing and supporting advanced voice applications for secure, fast, and reliable mass notification. Its key products include InformaCast, PushToTalk, and RemotePhoneControl.

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