Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Singlewire Unveils New Plugin for Enhanced Notification on Cisco Devices

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Singlewire Software, a pioneer in voice applications and mass notification systems, has introduced the Singlewire Digital Media Manager (DMM) plugin for InformaCast. This innovative enhancement aims to broaden the reach of InformaCast broadcasts by enabling messages to be sent directly to Cisco Digital Media Players (DMPs). This feature represents a significant leap in the capabilities of emergency communication systems, particularly in public spaces and large buildings.

The DMM plugin operates by connecting InformaCast broadcast systems with Cisco DMPs, allowing text messages to be displayed on Cisco monitors. For functionality, users will require InformaCast 8.0 or later, alongside a fully configured Cisco DMM server and Cisco Digital Media Players. This integration highlights Singlewire’s commitment to versatility in emergency communications, providing clients with a tool that ensures quick and efficient message delivery in critical situations.

Ken Bywaters, Executive Vice President of Product Development at Singlewire Software, emphasized the value added by the new plugin, stating, “A growing number of customers are using the Cisco Digital Media Manager and Players for displaying important, day-to-day information in their buildings. This plugin enables users to easily reach these Cisco monitor displays with a message in the event of an emergency and clear the message when the emergency passes.”

The launch of the DMM plugin is part of Singlewire’s ongoing efforts to enhance and expand its product offerings, ensuring better security and communication capabilities for its users. The plugin is available to users of InformaCast 8.0 with an active Singlewire maintenance contract, making it an accessible upgrade for current clients seeking to enhance their existing systems.

Singlewire’s InformaCast platform, renowned for its robust notification and emergency communication system, has been a trusted solution for over 3,000 organizations in 45 countries. Developed in response to the 9/11 attacks, InformaCast’s ability to perform rapid mass notifications has made it an essential tool for safety and operational efficiency.

For those interested in learning more about the DMM plugin or other Singlewire products, additional information can be accessed through Singlewire’s dedicated pages for each product at their official website,

About Singlewire Software

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Singlewire Software specializes in the development and support of innovative voice applications. Their product suite, including InformaCast, PushToTalk, and RemotePhoneControl, focuses on providing secure, fast, and reliable mass notification capabilities.

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